A couple of Spas on Sohna Road

As I have mentioned before, I live on Sohna road. This means that I am always trying to look for services which are available in this locality so that I don’t have to battle with Gurgaon traffic that much (though Sohna road is about as bad as it gets anywhere in Gurgaon). I like getting a massage from time to time to cope with the stressful work schedule I keep, and so a Spa right on Sohna road is a blessing.

It would be a blessing if the spa was good. As it happens, there are two Spas (at least) on Sohna road, and after having visited both, I only have a mixed review for both. Here it is.

Mystic Spa – this is a Spa in Ninex mall, and I think it is no longer called Mystic Spa – originally it was a franchise and the franchisee decided to reopen under their own brand name (I think it is called O2 Spa now, but I am not sure). For those who don’t know, Ninex Mall is the small shopping arcade near Fortune Select hotel. It has a couple of Salons, a couple of Cafes (including Costa Coffee), and some other miscellaneous stores (including a kids clothing store).

Anyway, back to the Spa. Now, this place is a Spa and a Salon – I have had a haircut here once, and it wasn’t bad at all. I have used the Spa services here multiple times (it is just too convenient since this place is walking distance of my house) despite the problems I have with this place.

So, what is the good part? The good part is that every once in a while, you get a masseuse who is really good. Twice, I have been assigned to someone named Nancy, and she is wonderful with her hands. Ask her to do some extra stretching routines, and you will come out feeling very refreshed and relaxed.

The bad part? The rooms are very small, the tables are not proper massage tables, the floor is always super oily, and the towels don’t feel so fresh. Their shower sometimes will have hot water, sometimes not. I have had times when there was no body wash and shampoo in the shower. There is not enough lighting in the shower. All of this would still be okay (because the massage is good mostly), if not for price – they charge as high as some of the better Spas in Gurgaon (even higher than some better ones). For a one hour massage, after some discount they apply, the price is Rs. 2000.

So, I only go here very sparingly. I would go more often if they were about half the price they are currently.

Asian Saga Spa – Now, this is the second spa I have visited on Sohna road. They have a website (http://asiansaga.co.in) as well. This spa is located in Omaxe Celebration Mall on Sohna road (this is the mall near the round about on Sohna road).

Facilities wise, this spa is a little better than the earlier one. The rooms are much bigger, and the shower stalls look very modern. They have separate cabinets to place your clothes (adding a touch of class). However, that is where it ends. I have been there only once and my first impression was not the best.

The massage was average (it was good in parts, but she just couldn’t manage to do my shoulders properly). She forgot that I had a 90 minute session, so was finished in 60 minutes. Then when she extended, she finished 10 minutes earlier. The shower stall had one of those hand showers, but the socket where you can hook it was broken. I waited for many minutes, but there was no hot water coming out. And when I stepped out of the shower I realized that the shower stall leaked (and leaked a lot) – there was water all over the entire floor.

Oh well. The one good thing is that they are priced right. For a 60 minute massage, the total is less than Rs. 1700. And when I went, they had a SnapDeal coupon available which saved me Rs. 500-600 (I don’t remember). I had a 90 minute session which cost me Rs. 1700 (including the cost of the Coupon).

Would I try this place again? Maybe. Not sure.

But, in any case, both these places are close by, so they are always options for me. Have you been to either of these? What are your experiences? Are there other spas on Sohna Road?

7 thoughts on “A couple of Spas on Sohna Road”

  1. Well, I paid 10000/- Rs in my first session,as membership for MOH SPA at ILD mall,Sohna road. After a month when I visit, I got to know its closed! All no.s mentioned are “wrong number dialed”.. don’t know what to do! Shall I assume its gone?

  2. Blue Terra Spa – Sohna Road (Do not go there Worst Ever)

    It was a worst experience ever I have experienced. Before going there I spoke with the spa manager he promised me 75 minutes massage and 30 minutes steam session for two in Rs.4000. I stated very clear that I will be coming after the work out so steam would be must. The manager promised me the excellent service. Finally we reached the spa, and before making the payment I asked them is steam working that would be the must for me. I was told yes sir not a problem. Before the massage began I asked the girls is the steam working. She replied sir steam is not working. I told her please re conform with the spa manager because he has promised me the same. After a while the came and did not give any answer and started the massage. During the massage she went out for 5 minutes (for what I don’t know) and the massage ended in 65 minutes. I must say massage was good but the attitude of the staff was highly un-professional. After the massage I asked them for steam and she said it’s not working. Then I asked the manager and he said sir there is some technical fault which has just happened so steam won’t be working. When I checked the steam control switch it displayed the massage “tank empty”. All five steam units in all rooms displayed the same massage. I asked him what is going on how come tanks are empty and how is it possible that all 5 units will fail at a same time. Then the spa manager starting apologizing and said it was his mistake he did not informed us. While this conversation was taking place the entire staff of Blue Terra Spa was laughing and we could hear them. Such acts are shameful and disgraceful, you guys portray your spa as a professional spa. Then I asked him to wright the incident on paper and sign it so that I can take action against them. Later he refused to do so after taking to somebody over the phone. After long argument finally the manager agreed for a refund.
    This is a classic example fraud and falsification of the information, the main intention is to drag the customer into the spa just make an unethical sale. Your staff cheats customers by ling to them in order to make money. I won’t be surprised to know how many customers go through this every day and leave without taking the refund and believing on your lame excuses. You charge people on timely basis what happens when you give your customer 10minuts less service, is there any realization. I came a long way and wasted lot of my important time going through your crap. On top you’re your staff is extremely rude and ill behaved. Let me add one more thing and this might shock you. You say your spas are clean and hygienic, your spa’s have mice’s and they roamed around every ware. This is wrong from health and safety standards.
    Let me be very clear this will not end here I will make everybody aware and show the real face Blue Terra Spa to people via social media so that they are not fooled by you.

    1. Thanks for your review. This is really surprising – Blue Terra (at least the one in Supermarket) used to offer a very high level of service and I used to consider it one of the better spas in Gurgaon. Looks like that may no longer be the case.

  3. Asian Saga is the last spa you would want to visit. The staff is indifferent, the spa is not clean. I had a horrible experience since the staff had a fight on who would attend the customers and I did not receive the entire treatment I had taken an appointment for. They do not have a proper bill book, their credit card machine wasn’t working and it looked like they were randomly charging the customer. I was told that if I wanted a bill for the amount paid, it would charge me extra and even when I agreed for the same, I wasn’t given a bill.
    In short, you would not wanna go there to relax or have a nice time.

    1. Actually, there is a much better option available on Sohna Road now. Blue Terra recently opened up here and it has been one of the best spas I have visited overall in Gurgaon (they have a branch in Supermarket 1).

      The one on Sohna road is in the same mall that has KFC and Bikaner (not sure what the name of the place is). Check it out.

  4. I have been to Blue Terra Spa at ILD Mall on Sohna Road. It was quite a wonderful experience. I tried a 75 min massage suggested by the manager, and I really liked it. The therapist was quite good and facility was neat and clean too. Will definitely recommend it.
    I had tried Mystic Spa in Ninex earlier but found their rooms to be very small and therapist also was not experienced.

  5. Asian Saga – the worst spa i have ever been to. The reception area is the only area which is good. The rooms are not very clean. They have wooden stairs and wooden floor for the upper floor. People walking makes so much noise its impossible to relex. The staff talk loudly, and play around making noises. The messeuse giving massage to me carried her mobile to the massage room. Although it was on vibration it still keep disturbing me. The staff is so indifferent when i mentioned in atmosphere like this one can’t relax they continued with the way they were. First and the last time.

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