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Over two years ago, I had written about an early learning center by the name of Intellitots – back then, I had good things to say about it. Back then, they had a nice little facility (which I had visited), and a very unique little program for parents and children. A lot of time has passed since then and Gurgaon now has a huge number of day cares, play schools, pre-schools, etc. A lot has also happened at Intellitots since then, and all of it looks very good.

Intellitots now caters to a much larger age group of children. They have programs from 6 months up to 13 years – covering parent child programs, preschool programs, music, art and drama clubs, speech, hands on learning, and fun camps. Recently, they have also moved to a newer, bigger, and better facility in DLF Phase IV with a lot of open and green area. The classrooms are air conditioned (which I prefer if it was for my kid).

The child to teacher ratio at Intellitots is 7:1 (that’s 1 teacher for every 7 children) – that sounds great to me (Intellitots claims that it’s the best in Gurgaon). They have live music in classrooms, specially trained staff for activities such as musical drama, story telling, baby yoga, and phonics instruction. They even allow parents to volunteer for conducting such activities, and to interact with teachers and watch assemblies.

According to Pooja Goyal (director at Intellitots):

Learning happens when there is an emotionally safe climate and a rich, stimulating environment. That is exactly what Intellitots attempts to provide through our trained educators and a playful, engaging environment conducive to learning.

One of my friends visited the facilities at Intellitots and she also had very good things to say about them. If there is anything wrong with Intellitots is that their courses are always filling out very quickly, so one needs to inquire well in advance when trying to enroll your kids with them.

Another good thing I like about them is the TotShop. The content for some of these are actually created by Intellitots themselves. My daughter (18 months) loves to listen to the audio track of the CD that is on sale on that link (Down in the Jungle).

Finally, I will leave with a quote from one of the parents whose child used to go to Intellitots:

July 2010 my husband and I brought a very disturbed child to intellitots….  He was afraid of the word “school’ because of a negative experience at another school…. By the end of the academic year, he was a confident and happy child. He danced with joy and spoke beautifully on his graduation day. He has now moved to a big school. Everyday when I see him coming home happy and excited, I thank Intellitots for the foundation they gave my son!

Anyone looking for a good learning place should definitely give Intellitots a try.

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