A nice place to host a (birthday) party

Cafe RedThere are so many options in the city when you want to host a birthday party for your kids. We used to do them at Stellar museum, but that has since closed down. You can do them at party halls, but they are always so claustrophobic – no natural lighting in most cases. We found a place this year which offers semi-outdoor seating, has a big lawn, and provides good service and prices. The place is called Cafe Red Garden Kitchen.

The Cafe is not very large, but they have a decent-sized lawn attached to it. You can book the cafe for both their covered space and the lawn and they provide the catering for your event. For our child’s birthday party, we simply planned some activities in the lawn for the kids (balloon toy maker, tattoo artist, science experiments, etc.) and the adults simply sat back and relaxed while the kids had a nice large lawn to have fun.

This place is a really good option when the weather has cooled down a little, and I highly recommend it. The food was good, the service was slightly slow in the beginning but they caught up very quickly. They are not really known as a party place and more as a cafe where people hang out. Which is what makes it different from other choices. They also have a covered area which is co-working space. You can just rent it and work out of there.

I am pretty sure that we will strongly consider Cafe Red as our venue for the next party as well.

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  1. Loved this review. Infact we have been looking for a place like this for our child’s birthday and will definitely pay a visit next week!!!
    Just wanted to know your opinion of hosting a party there in mid April in terms of the lawn for kids’ activities!

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