A report on Aroma Thai foot spa in Ambi mall

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Yesterday I found myself really yearning for a foot massage. And I then happened to find myself in the Ambience mall in Gurgaon. Well, it just so happens that there is a foot spa (whatever that is) in Ambience mall – Aroma Thai Foot Spa. Off I went to check out the place. First thing first – I am not sure why they call themselves a foot spa. They offer the full range of body massages as well other than the foot massages and reflexology treatments. Anyway, as I said, I was in the mood for a foot massage – so that’s what I asked for.

The bad first

Let me point out the things I didn’t like first, and then I will talk about the things that I did like.

  • The first thing I didn’t like is that the guy at the reception, as nice as he was, kept trying to sell me a body massage service instead of a foot massage.
  • Second thing I didn’t like is that they don’t have a 30 minute foot massage option. The shortest is 45 minutes, and that’s what I ended up asking for.
  • The third thing that I didn’t like is the price for that option, which was Rs. 1,050 – I find this kind of steep, but I am guessing its the location that drives up the price there.
  • And finally, what I really hated was the hard sell on trying to get me into buying a package when I mentioned very clearly that I am not interested when asked the first time.

Now the good part

The good thing is that despite the parts I didn’t like, I really enjoyed myself and would repeat. Here are the good things about the place:

  • Great attitude for the therapist (better courtesy training than most places I have seen).
  • I was given a clean pair of loose slacks to change in – it would have been pretty difficult to get a foot massage done in my jeans as they wouldn’t have rolled up to my knees.
  • The massage was very good and relaxing – I fell off to sleep for a while (thanks to the very comfortable sofas and the good work being carried out on my feet).
  • The noise control – their room where the massage is carried out is behind a separate inner door – there is zero mall noise penetrating the room – that in itself was very relaxing.
  • The location – the mall is the perfect place – you go their often, and your feet get tired. So it is very conveniently located.

So overall it is a good place.

4 thoughts on “A report on Aroma Thai foot spa in Ambi mall”

  1. Extremely bad.ill trained staff…..other than a serene ambience inside , massage was awful…inconsistent pressure, incorrect steps n twisting of feet..would never go back

  2. I had a very bad experience in this Aroma Thai Foot Spa at Gurgaon Ambience Mall, and I will never go back to this massage center again!

    On 28th Oct 2011, I specially went there 2 hours earlier to make an appointment (4.30pm) for a body massage before my gym near by, so that they will have advance notice to do the necessary preparations and to ensure a slot for my massage.

    I respect other’s time, and understand that if I were to be late for the appointment, it will mess up their schedule and will cause inconvenience to the management; and the subsequence customers may have to wait for rooms or masseur etc. It is unfair to them. Therefore I purposefully made sure I am on time for the massage. I literally rushed and was there on the dot at 4.30pm.

    However when I arrived, the branch manager told me that the masseur just walked out and would be back soon, the usual Indian saying – ‘5 mins’. In the next twenty minutes, the branch manager lied to me with various foolish reasons and excuses why masseur was not available, “ …. the masseur is now crossing the road… just walked out…. reaching in two mins…. “ Etc and etc. However later I found out that actually he did not even have the masseur’s mobile number.

    My conclusion is either he did not do the necessary arrangement or he did not able to control his staff and mismanaged the branch.

    I waited for 25 mins and finally the masseur arrived. But by that time I had already lost my mood for the massage. The expectation of having a good massage after gym ended with such great frustration!

    I will not recommend any one to this massage spa and will tell all my friends not to try this place.


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