A review of LifeStyle Home Center in Gurgaon

My wife and I have always had a floor bed, and never felt the need to go out and buy a bed. That changed a few weeks ago when my wife became pregnant, and a low bed was too much of an effort. Apparently, that is not so simple as you may think. There is a dearth of good furniture stores in Gurgaon. Yes there is MG road, but the quality of workmanship there is often times suspect, or it is phenomenally expensive.

The closest to what we needed turned out to be LifeStyle Home Center in DLF Plaza Mall near IFFCO chowk. We had been there several times before, and had always found the selection good, but not what we wanted. After several weeks of not finding what we needed, we decided to just go and buy from Home Center whatever we find.

Here are the good things about this place:

  • Variety of furniture items: a very large selection of beds are available to choose from. So, you should find something that you like (unless you are super choosy like us). There are several options on dining tables, sofa sets, and wardrobes as well. They lack any office/home-office furniture, though.
  • Quality of goods: the workmanship is good because everything is produced through standardized processes, so you don’t see improper paint, or unpolished wood, etc. as you might see in some of the shops at MG road.
  • Professional servicing: the people who came to assemble the bed at home knew what they were doing, carried proper tools, and did a very efficient job of assembling the bed.

Here are the things that we didn’t like:

  • Discount policy: there was a discount being offered on the bed that we bought. When we made up our mind to buy, we were told that the discount is given in the form of vouchers for the store, which forces you to make another purchase from them.
  • Poor delivery service commitment: We were told that the bed will be delivered at our home the next day and it will be assembled at home. What NO ONE told us during the purchase process is that these two things can be very disconnected. The bed was delivered the next day, but they mentioned that the assembly team can take up to 48 hours (post delivery) before they come for assembling the bed (as per their policy). We found this to be utterly ridiculous. Why send the bed in pieces to us if no one was going to come over and assemble it for 2 days. After much fighting over the phone, they sent someone the next day (not even the same day, even though they promised over the phone that it will be the same day).
  • Poor inventory management: Earlier we had thought of buying a mattress separately, but since we now had to use those discount vouchers, we decided to purchase the mattress from the store itself. They were able to offer us the type of mattress that we wanted (pocketed spring). However, once we chose the mattress, we were told that the mattress will take 15 days to deliver. So, now we have a bed without a mattress, which will come in another 10 days or so. We think this is a major customer service failure.
  • Pricing: We think that there is a 15%-25% premium on their prices, but there is a lot of convenience in dealing with them, so maybe its worth it.

In conclusion, we think the place is worth shopping, if you are aware of the negatives before hand. What have your experiences been at this store?

7 thoughts on “A review of LifeStyle Home Center in Gurgaon”

  1. I recently picked up some furniture from Home Centre lifestyle in Gurgaon for my house and got some great deals.
    There are currently offerring upto 50% off on Furniture, Furnishings, Decoratives, Households, Modular Kitchens.

    1. Sure. In our case, there were not enough places in Gurgaon which would sell a cradle (which is what we wanted for the first few months). Only MotherCare in Ambi mall had a cradle, but just one model (as compared to cribs, for which it has many models). We ended up buying from MotherCare anyway. I even went to Kirti Nagar for the furniture, and over there as well, I couldn’t find cradles. I found one person who said they would make one to order (it was a nice shop on the main road which specialized in kiddie furniture), but I was in a hurry, and the price difference between his services and MotherCare’s stuff wasn’t large.

      1. Thanks! I have also checked at mothercare for cribs. They have 3-4 cribs available in 2 colors only. There is a website called sunbabyindia.com that deliver cribs and have tie-ups with different stores also like Thats cute, bibs and cribs etc. They have a wide range of cribs. Please let me know if you have any feedback about the quality of cribs etc?

      2. Hi S. Yeah, we were looking for cradle, and not a crib. They have only one choice for a cradle (white) in only one size.

        Quality is good in terms of finish, but not in terms of build quality. Some joints are already loose (in less than 2 months). I am too lazy to take it back to them.

        Thanks for the website link. Will check it out.

  2. hey,
    When i was hunting for furniture, I check the same store as well as few others in gurgaon and noida. I loved Home Store in MGF mall. They have very limited collection, but i ended up buying beds, sofa, dining table from them in solid wood. Their quality is lot better than few reputed ones as Lifestyle store.
    Though i had booked in advance, I got the delivery as requested by me and 2 guys assembled everything in 2 hours flat and even packed the packing material with no mess. I will recommend you to try Home store also.


    1. Hi Jimmy,

      Yes, I have been to THS at MGF Mall. The only problem is that the selection there is very limited.

      There used to be a THS near Qutab Minar sometime ago. That was a very awesome store. Overall, THS is great, as I have shopped there before.

      But this time around, they didn’t have what I needed.

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