A review of Spa Evanthe in Gurgaon

A number of reviews from readers on this site prompted me to finally pay Spa Evanthe a visit. Of course, a tired body helped make the journey too. This is a short review of my experience with the place. If I was to summarize my experience in two words, then they would be: I recommend.

But, let me clarify a bit more.

Location: This place is located in MGF Mega City Mall (you know, where Spencer is). Easy to get to, and plenty of parking space since this is not a super busy mall.

Facilities: Nice modern, well decorated place. Good shower room; clean; good flowing hot water.

Therapist: I was attended by someone named Naro. She spoke good English, was attentive, did good work on the muscles, and put me right to sleep when she got working on my head.

Services: although I went in for some Swedish massage, they offer a number of beauty treatments too.

Experience: Okay, with the basics out of the way, let me quickly talk about my visit. When I got there, it looked like a popular place (not crowded) but there were plenty of clients already there, and enough traffic on a weekday to make me believe that they already have a lot of loyal customers.

Anyway, my total wait time before being moved to a room was less than 5 minutes. This is where the experience started going bad for a while. After I had disrobed, and put on a bath robe, I was asked by the therapist to wait for 5 minutes – I said okay. And I kept waiting for almost 15 minutes, and was just about to start putting my clothes back on and getting out of there, when in she walked, with a smile, and an apology, and a plate full of Christmas cake.

Apparently, just as I had got in, the staff was about to get together to cut a Christmas cake, and hence the wait. Well, the cake was delicious, and so I quickly forgot my wait time.

One thing I want to point out is that I was asked if I wanted water many times – right in the beginning, after the cake, post treatment (along with various options of tea). It is very important that you have plenty of water when getting a massage (and specially before a massage), and I have been to a number of places where they don’t even ask you for water.

The only other bad thing for me was that he bathing robe that was provided in the room looked to be previously worn (I am not saying it was, but it looked as if it was).

Go ahead and ask for Naro when you are there because she did very well while attending to me.

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  1. well went for he first time the experience was great…. reached there early but was accommodated even then waiting time was hardly 5 min. the room was clean so were the sheets and towels and Rita took gud care and she knows he job well and friendly too was offered water and tea which was refreshing….. would recommend this place do visit its worth spending your money

  2. I think how good or bad a spa experience is boils down to the individual attending you. Sure ambiance, music, lighting, clean towels, warm shower etc have a role to play, but the key lies in the hands of the masseur. In 6-7 experiences with different masseurs in Evanthe (Melody, Maria, Rosy, Thelma), the hands have not let me down.

  3. I got a pedicure and manicure done, uncomfortable chairs, peculiar smell in the room and bad service..I will never go back again

    1. I’m regular at TT-Foot care in Galleria, much better value for money. One of these days I thought of trying SPA-EVANTE. I went for foot massage and it took me almost 20 minutes to park the car, as it was raining & there was a queue of cars entering the mall parking. My appointment was for 6PM and I must have reached by 6:15PM. The receptionist simply refused me the service as I was late by 15 minutes. They also have a rule to deny foot massage after 6 PM and preffer full body massage customers. Which is not written on any of their hording etc. But the receptionist at the reception said its a rule and she can deny the service. I escalated to the owner who said they can not help it, receptionist is the best judge of the situation. Well, I was forced to decide to never bother them ever again.

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