Another store which has a selection of maternity clothes

I had written about That’s Cute in Ambi Mall as an option for finding maternity clothes. While we did buy clothes from the store, there was only so much selection available. And of course as is human nature, we would love choice. One of our readers (thanks Manika) pointed out a store in DT Mega Mall called Dezine Kids, so we decided to visit it over the weekend.

Let me just say, we didn’t come back disappointed.

This place (like That’s Cute) is also a kids store with kids wear, accessories, toys, etc. which also carries Maternity Clothes. The store itself is located on the Upper Ground (UG) level in DT Mega Mall.

My wife didn’t find a huge variety of clothes, but she did have a number of selections to choose from. We ended up buying some tops for her. The main point is that even at full price, this place was cheaper than the discounted (on sale) prices we paid for stuff we bought at That’s Cute.

The store owner said that they get fresh stocks every couple of weeks, so we will check it out again. They do have a website, but its pathetic and non-functional. Not sure why they bothered to even put it up. So, to actually see what they offer, you will have to visit.

Even though now we know of two places where we can shop for clothes for my growing wife, it is sad that there are no big stores specializing in this type of apparel.

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  1. Hi,
    I have recently moved from UK to Gurgaon, during my 2nd trimester.

    I am currently visiting Dr Preety Aggarwal (had 1 appointment so far). She didnt ask too many questions but offered me to ask, if any questions/concerns.

    How’s she? Approachable? Reachable/Responsive, esp if urgent issue/qustions?

  2. Hello.. I am5 weeks pregnant and my antenatal reports show that i hv little low thyroid level.. Now i am confused between Dr.Geeta Bharua Nath anf Dr.renu raina Sehgal..both in artemis only..pls suggest who is better..

  3. Please tell me about Dr Geeta barua Nath I visited her , she recommended many tests for for first pregnancy , she is genuine or money making ?

  4. Before I used to wear frumpy clothes and feel ugly. But ever since I found Morphmaternity online and started wearing their maternity wear, I feel beautiful and so much more confident about my pregnant self.

  5. Hi, I am 18 weeks pregnant and consulting Dr Vijay Wali at Cradle. Can anyone give feedback about her as i am new to gurgoan hospitals and docs.

    1. Hi, my experience with Dr Renu Raina Sehgal at Artemis hospital has been exemplery. I would recommend her to all. She lays a lot of stress on normal delivery.

  6. Hi Guys,

    I have visited Dr. Geeta Baruah Nath at Artemis hospital. She has asked us to undergo a series of test in the first visit such as: cbc, bs f&pp, vdrl, hiv, hbsag, rubella igg&igm, tsh, hb electrophoresis, urine r/e abo & rh grp.

    Can you please suggest/share feedback regarding her ? Should I continue with her or not and are these tests normal ?

    Many thanks in advance.

      1. I completely disagree. I swear by her competence and empathy towards her patients. All credit goes to her for diagnosing a very complicated condition that I was suffering from and holding my hand during those painful months and treating me. Today I am alive ONLY because of her. She is like a family to her patients……always available for them 25×7. Pooja, Gurgaon.

  7. Hi,

    My wife is expecting in next 3 months, i recently shifted to Gurgaon and been advised to visit cradle, but someone told me Cradle believes in cesarean deliveries
    Please advise!!!

  8. Hi…I am in my 1st trimester, currently visiting Dr. Anjali Bugga at umkal hospital, would like somebody to share her exp. regarding normal delivery by Dr. anjali. Is she a recommended one for vaginal delivery.

    Also, please suggest who is more exp. among Deepa dewan, nirmala krishnan, anjali bugga, and Kaushiki dewedi


    1. would not recommend Dr. Nirmala Krishnan.. I found the woman extremley rude and not ready to listen. completely lacks patience

      1. I know…I also went for check up this mnth and bloody she was so rude…thankfully we are planning baby …one of our relatives recommended her …pls do nt go to this doc….ii was reading her reviews on my smart phone after she asked me to wait…to my sheer surprise this lady is also sues by a customer for negligence n death of patient….she is an old lady and very rude….

    2. I am 31 weeks pregnant and under Dr. Deepa Dewan supervision. I recommend her as she is very straight forward. She puts more weight on natural delievery.

  9. Hi !!

    Who is the best gynecologist in gurgaon ?? I’m new to the place would want to know a really good doctor, who can handle hi risk pregnancies. Been reading through it seems everyone recomends Dr Deepa Deewan

    1. I had consulted Dr Preety Aggarwal for my first pregnancy. She was recommended by a close friend’s mother who herself has been a distinguished doctor (HOD at Safdarjung, MAMC and Max Saket). She was traveling and was not going to be present for my delivery. Dr Preety was trained by her.
      My experience with Dr Preety has been very good. Although I had a C section, it was due to my baby being stuck in the cord. I am expecting my second child now and going back to her. She is very patient and always available.

      1. Hi,

        I wanted to know more details about Dr Prreti…in case u may share ur phone will be of great help …

        I would really appreciate your quick response.. Thanks a lot

    2. I have read very strong remarks about Dr Manvita Mahajan, request of any body can elaborate in detail experience with her as my wife is in 5th month under her consultation and our experience with her is ok till now but we are more concerned about the final delivery time and wish to have normal delivery.

      Request suggestion on the best doctor having track of normal deliveries.

    3. Hi Swats,

      To you also I would recommend to shortlist a few of them.Meet them personally and continue with the one you ultimately like.3 years back I shortlisted Dr Veena Bhat and Dr Dwivedee.Infact told both of them that for initial few visits I will consult both of you and they should not have problem as I was getting the invoice made for both of them.After my 3rd or 4th visit I decided to continue with Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee for various reasons.Not that Dr Veena Bhat is not good but Dr Dwivedee seemed better to me.

  10. Hi,

    I have just moved to gurgaon.And i am in my first trimester of pregnancy.
    Please let me know of good gynae in gurgaon who prefers normal delivery.

    Any help will be really appreciated.

    Thanks ,

    1. I will suggest that you visit my gynae in max hospital.She is really good with her patients , she takes good care and encourages you for a normal delivery also. I went to her in my 2nd pregnancy on the recommendation of a freind and I really thank my freind today for her true advice. I had some problem in my pregnancy- I had lot of itching and the doctor had done some tests and controlled it with medicines.She handled it very well for me.At time of delivery I had asked her to do caeser for me but she encoureged me to have a normal delivery.She really supported me well.I would recommend her to all my freinds so that they also thank me as i thank my freind for guiding me.

    2. Hi! I had a baby boy 3 months ago.. My doctor was dr Dwivedee. Mine was a normal delivery and so was the woman’s in the labor room next to mine who was also under dr Dwivedee. So go for her- she is very pro normal delivery and has a high rate of successful normal deliveries too. I’m super happy and satisfied with her!

  11. I am also in my 1st trimiser and looking for good gyn in Gurgaon. Read a lot on internet abt Dr Deepa Dewan. Does anyone know how much experience she have and does she really prefer C-section delivery ?

  12. Hi,Any reviews about Dr.Manvita Mahajan? I have just started seeing her for my prenatal consultancy. I am in my 1st trimester.

    1. Be careful!! I had visited her and was very dissatisfied….I went for a check tewice in my first trimester and she neither bothered to check my weight or pulse or even check my stomach….even when i told her that i had taken a home pregnancy test….I was advised a full somach ultrasound…for some minor deviations in the huge no of tests she had asked me to get done….She also gave me vaginal tablets which are actually used for a vaginal infection….Don’t get misled by the head of gynae tag. I then visited another doc in sitaram bhartia and was told that those tests were absolutely not reuired….thank god i walked out on her….i believe docs in max get a %age of the tests they ask patients to get done….no wonder she prescribed tests left right and centre….the height of commercialism!!

  13. I am seeing Dr Chetna Jain at Columbia Asia Hospital.
    I stay a lil far in sector 56 but dont mind going all the way because once i see her my worries are over. Shes very qualified and down to earth.

  14. hi pls my concern is this i want to know who is the best dr amongst these in gurgaon or any other if i m missing out dr chetna jain (columbia asia/apollo),dr priti aggarwal(apollo),dr anjali bagga(apollo),dr nirmalakrishnan (privat),dr deepa dewan (max). plss help as i ll b cming in my third trimester from mumbai to gurgaon and has to hunt really experienced knowlegeable ,compassionate who prefers vaginal delivery

    1. HI Neha

      I am in my first trimester and i am showing to Dr.Chetna.She is a great practioner with good experience.
      You can visit her once and if you feel comfortable you can follow her up.

  15. Hi all,
    i would recommend Dr. Anjali Bagga in gurgaon. She is avaialble in Cradle and Umkal hospitals. She is a senior and experienced doctor and is very competent.
    She is known for her competence in vaginal deliveries in majorty of cases.

  16. Hi i just came across a shop called Mums N Munchkins in Galleria market ( phase 4) in gurgaon that has maternity clothes! some nice tops and skirts too..

    1. Hello Smita,

      Nopes, we don’t have a personal experience with either of these two doctors, however there are other posts on this site where people have commented about and recommended Dr. Kaushiki.

      Dr. Nirmala Krishnan is a very popular and experienced Gyne. And the one my wife goes to (and who also delivered our baby) is Dr. Deepa Deewan – we really found her to be very competent.

    2. You should visit Dr. Preety Aggarwal (Galleria market). We go there & find her very composed & helpful. Most of my friends in Gurgaon visited her during their pregnancies!

      1. Hi ,

        Will you tell me some contact info of your friends who visited Dr Preeti. I am also seeing her so wanted to know how safe are the deliveries in her hand

        Your quick response can surely help me.


  17. Will be greatful if you could answer this question of mine too.Have feedback from friends that Dr Deepa dewan,recommended by your site, has a very high rate of c – sections?Is it true?

    1. I do not agree with this feedback at all because my experience with Dr Deepa Dewan has been totally different. I have had both my babies delivered by her and she encouraged me to have normal delivery . She was very helpful in both my pregnancies and helped me deliver my babies vaginally.

  18. @shweta – while we don’t know about any new born specific shops, we think that the kids shops (such as liliput) should sell them. Try Megamall, there are a bunch of kid shops in there.

  19. @Nidhi, another great place that is suitable to find clothes for maternity is Fab India. Not only do you get dedicated maternity clothes, you would also find anarkali suits (according to a friend who is pregnant) which are great to wear during this time.

    GK N Block has the biggest Fab India, but there are three that I know of in Gurgaon – Ambi mall, Mega mall, and sector 15 market.

  20. Hi! I am also searching for some clothes but am not able to get any good ones….I work here in Gurgaon….Will check Dezine Kids today but could you suggest me some more stores I could possibly visit which is not too expensive…

    Thanks for your help in advance…

  21. Well not all doctors are open to such suggestions. Usually, if you insist, they agree. I know about Dr. Krishnan, because a colleague of mine had their baby in Cradle, and the baby was delivered by Dr. Krishnan.

    1. Hi

      My wife is due in next few weeks and we are thinking about having Dr E Joseph as gynac. Any good/bad reviews about the doc? Does she go to cradle?

      Any help is highly appreciated


      1. Hi there,

        Unfortunately, I have never heard of this doctor, which means that I cannot comment about her.

        Whether she goes to cradle or not, you can simply ask her.


      2. Thanks for prompt reply “Gurgaon Resident”.

        Can you please tell me if you have had any experience with Dr Nirmala Krishnan? Does she prefer normal or c-sec delivery?

        Appreciate your help.


      3. Dr. Nirmala Krishnan is a very competent doctor, and a number of my friends have had their babies delivered through her.

        I don’t think that she prefers any method as such. A friend of mine got delivered by her normally, and another through C-section.

        My wife has been treated by her in the past, and we are overall satisfied with her.

        Yes, she comes as a very highly recommended doctor.


  22. Oh ok, I had no idea the procedure was such here. I had my first child in Mumbai and the gynae I went to I had to visit at the nursing home I wanted to deliver at. We have been in Singapore last few years and there too I had to visit the doc at the hospital I wanted to deliver at.

    This solves my problem. Thanks a lot. Will keep you posted on my visit to Dr Krishnan. BTW, when is your wife due ???? Wish her all the best.


  23. You don’t need to go to Cradle at the early stages of your pregnancy. A lot of doctors are affiliated. For example, you can keep visiting Dr. Nirmala Krishnan, and then go to Cradle for delivery. Dr. Krishnan will do the delivery at Cradle.

  24. Thanks a lot Vaibhav. I have heard a lot about the facilities of Apollo Cradle and quite keen on that hospital. Would you happen to know of any good gynae there who i could go to.

  25. Hi Leena, there are many good doctors for your needs in Gurgaon. A couple that we have had good experience with are:
    1. Dr. Deepa Dewan – she sits in Max hospital. She also operates out of a couple of clinics of her own.
    2. Dr. Nirmala Krishnan – she visits a number of hospitals (including Privat Hospital). she is also available in her own clinic.

    Both are senior doctors (with Dr. Krishna being more senior).

    As for hospitals:
    1. Max is good.
    2. Artemis is good.
    3. Apollo Cradle is very delivery friendly. Better facilities for visitors.

  26. Hi

    We have just moved to Gurgaon. I am six months pregnant and looking for a good ob-gyn. Can you’ll make any suggestions – both for hospital and gynae. Thanks in advance.

  27. Hey….was searching for some shop I could visit too…..I need clothes…man!!!!!!!! I need clothes
    Would check out DT first over the weekend and then ambi…pls post in case you come accross any other good store….so would I if I come accross any 🙂

    Thanks guys!!!!

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