Artemis hospital cares more for its money than it cares for you

I always had the idea that Artemis is a little more professionally run than some of the other healthcare facilities in Gurgaon. I have even written some good things about it in the past. The past week has however taught me that such is not the case. At the bottom of it all, they are just trying to make a sale and will do anything to get a customer, even though it may not be in the best interest of a customer.

Two incidents happened which has almost ensured that I am never going back to Artemis.

They don’t care about the customer’s time

I have been having a pretty severe pain in my wrist and needed to visit an Orthopedic. I went to Artemis and sat at their OPD registration desk. They told me that Dr. Hegde is on call, and I can have an appointment with him. I said, that is fine. Then as he tried to book the appointment, he told me that Dr. Hegde will only be available after one hour, and so I had to wait. Since I didn’t have the time I told him not to bother and I will come back another day (as I can’t wait for an hour). Then he told me to wait while he got on the phone. Then he said, a doctor will see me now. He said another doctor who is an associate of Dr. Hegde’s will be able to see me. Since, I was only there for a preliminary diagnosis, I didn’t care and told him that it is alright. Incidentally, this doctor wasn’t even listed in their doctors’ database, and the appointment was made in the name of Dr. Hegde.

Never mind, I said to myself; I made the payment and off I went to look for this doctor. Now here’s the kicker. I still had to wait in this doctor’s office (there were no other patients) FOR ONE HOUR. This is after I told them that I had more important things to do and I can not wait for an hour. It all went downhill from there. I couldn’t leave as I had paid already and every visit to the registration desk yielded a he’s-just-coming response. I would have expected that after waiting for an hour, Dr. Hegde will show up; but no, it was his ‘associate’. If ever, a doctor has not looked like a doctor, it was this time. In any case, all this guy did was hold my wrists for a minute or two, move it around, and then told me to go get an MRI.

That’s it.

Getting an MRI and how incompetent these people are

I went back to the OPD to see if I could get an MRI right then (I was already late), but I guess I was overly optimistic. There was no chance of that, so I left thinking that I will take an appointment and then come.

Well, a couple of days later when I did have the time, I called them up for an appointment. I asked and they gave me an appointment for the same day, and asked me to come sharply at the appointment time. Well, good I thought. Since that would mean I wouldn’t have to waste my time.

I got to the hospital almost on time, and went to their diagnostics desk. For almost 10 minutes, nothing happened. This is a private hospital, they charge a lot of money for their services, and they are still understaffed? The guy who was holding the prescription just didn’t do anything about it for 10 minutes. He just kept yapping on one phone call after another.

In any case, when I got a little pissed, he started looking for my appointment details, and then told me that I don’t have an appointment. I said that’s impossible, since I had confirmed the appointment on phone. He then looked and found out that I had been given an appointment for the next day. Once again, this was a sheer waste of my time.

I told him to cancel my appointment for the next day and left. Of course, I still haven’t got an MRI done on my wrist, as it seems that there are not enough MRI machines in Gurgaon and too many people need to get an MRI done, so there’s always a queue.

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  1. If u guys ve somuch prob with doctors and hospitals then why do u go there.plz stop blaming everything.everything is not bad.u ppl think docs are soft targets.

    1. Artemis Hospital , a reputed hospital is also known for its medical malpractices.
      It happens to be among few hospitals where senior doctors- nephrologists enjoy their meals while patients are undergoing dialysis treatment.
      One can never expect head of nephrology- a lady doctor – to attend a patient as she is ever busy with her OPD duties.
      Contrary to claims made in patients charter, it is not uncommon to find her highhanded behavior.
      You can only interact with her coordinator ( nursing assistant ) who acts more as a sales representative for her.
      It is really sad, when such a known hospital hardly cross checks details about its staff.
      For example, this nephrologist has made tall claims about her medical practice. But, if one earnestly probes that she is simply manipulated facts.
      Patients can’t claim as they are either in middle of treatment or have limited resources to take on these indifferent and insensitive doctors.
      Without a proper mechanism, these callous doctors- a blot on medical profession- often go scot free !

  2. I went to artemis hospital suffering from fever.They quickly told me to take admission .Took my chest scanning for nothing .because I am on insurance they billed around 40000 rupees for simple fever.After 3 days they were not willing to discharge me telling to stay for 1day more .when I insist them that I was feeling ok and want go home, on my repeated telling they started my discharge . Hospital is a pathetic hospital with nurses are not trained properly.They will insert the needle wherever they want . when you press the button for nurse calling they will take 30 mins minimum to come.Doctors are also pathetic they will not check anything and they will only come and ask for more tests .

    After all the the payments done from my insurance when I asked for report they told me that they will courier all the report to insurance department. They told me that my city scan report they will courier to insurance .i asked them other hospitals are giving scan reports to patients when the payments are paid by insurance so why cannot artemis give me the scan report to me.They started a new story that artemis is different from others .The guy who sits in billing section told me a new story that he is from last 8 years in this hospital billing section and nobody provides scan report to patients with health insurance.

    I paid all my dues around 6pm and I waited till 10pm and paid 1000rupees more to take my scan report.

    This is a fake hospital .They are looters .Don’t go to this hospital. they will cheat

    you .Instead go to some other hospital in gurgaon.

    1. Regrefully, your views are right.
      Haryana government must act against it as it often conducts audit of its management.
      If such a known hospital is being mismanaged because of doctors then board of directors must act against them.

  3. I had visited Artemis Hospital Gurgaon OPD on 21/06/13 at 11 PM for a minor foreign body removal from my kids nostril and was charged 2300 which huge fee compared to other similar incidentcs at other hospitals. also the billing was done in some other unrleated procedure, can you please check and correct the billing and refund me the escess fee charged? amit (8826006630)
    billing ref no GNBOCH/14054307 (DATE 21/06/13) AMOUNT 2310.00

    Today morning Artemis called me and offered me a refund of 158 on my bill. Saying my bill was in error due to doctor prepared two bills and other was charged to me. I do not beleive this story from Artemis as there was only one patient and that was my kid that night. I pointed the billing issue to Doctor and billing clerk immediatly and they said the ‘Hemmorage ‘ is the medical term for Foreign body removal and assured me that the bill was correct, now Artemis is cooking up a new story and saying there two bills and wrong one was charged to me. Whereas the truth is they picked the costliest OPD procedure so as to inflate my bill and charged me 2310/- for a 2 minute foreign body removal which is done for anywhere between Rs 100 – Rs 500 anywhere in the world. They put the treatment as ‘stoppage of Hemmorrage…’ so that they can charge this hefty fee for the OPD treatment. This is a medical malpractice and I am going to raise this to the level possible if my money is not refunded and my billing is not corrected by Artemis.

  4. I have practiced medicine in India, UK and USA. I feel most of the doctors here in India are not updated, in other words not competent. Majority of the senior doctors are there just because of their seniority. Patients are treated by doctors and not the machines or expensive tests or fancy hospitals.

    Patients please do search on the doctors, discuss your case and choose the doctor who is clear and transparent, keeps positives and negatives of the treatment options to you on table and asks you to decide. Please take control of your health yourself and do not trust the doctor who does not share the plan with you.

  5. Idiots are sitting in the hospital. I called there contact no mentioned on their website for details/procedure on CT Angiography, but the person said that that he won’t tell and you have to come physically to the hospital and hanged the phone immediately.

    Seems like once you are in, they would extract as much money as they can and without worrying about what the patient has come for and what patient want to get diagnosed.

    Horrible !

    They should be banned from this business. I would never recommend anyone to go to this hospital.

  6. Took my mum-in law for knee pain visit to see Doc Hegde, he was unprofessional.
    He was on the phone before which he was chatted for a long time with some of his patient and made us wait.

    We had already waited 45 min to see him, this happened in 2008.

    Worse thing that followed was the x-ray. The person who was supposed to take x-ray made mum in law wait in the chill for more than an hour, we were waiting out not knowing what was happening and that idiot who was head chatted for long hours on the phone in the other passage,poor thing mom-in law’s wheezing problem began because she wore x-ray gown and lay there waiting for that idiot to come and finish taking back and knee x-ray.

    This was the second worst experience that happened 2 weeks after my unnecessary C-section by Dr Meena Naik, that day she had 5 C-sections in her account. Why? Because she was off for Diwali and I was due on Diwali. Cheap!! Doctor Meena Naik and Dr Hegde cheap doctors who have no moral and ethical values.
    Along with which is Dr Jyoti.
    I can write a book on the experience with Artemis doctors. They are misusing the trust we show upon them.

  7. I have been putting this off for a long time now. But i was so disappointed with Artemis. I would not even suggest my enemies to go there. Our experience has left us scarred for life.
    I was taking my 3 month old baby to Dr Sarika Raj as a regular pedi. The first time we met her we loved her. Spend so much time on us, chatted. Though even then she would do stuff like, “hmmm…. her one leg seems shorter – wat do u think ? Then would say no no all is ok. Being first time parents we were obviously scared by such comments.

    All hell broke loose wen my mere 3 mo baby got a UTI. Agreed the only medicines her body was sensitive were injectibles but the way she acted was so bizaare.
    She told us to get admitted immediately – actually as if it was a life n death situation, quoted n I am not exaggerating ” her situation is crital, she may have meningitus ! Or kidney damage !! she told us a few days ago wen we were suspecting UTI to get ultasound test n a test for the hip issue ( short leg) from a known doctor of hers. We could not get an appointment with that doctor so got it done from somewhere else – the reports were normal. When we went to her she was like ” oh no , u should have gone to my doctor – this one might have missed it ”
    Well the 2 days spent in artemis were hell. We were admitted in PICU ( believe it – wen all my daughter actually needed were IV injections twice a day )
    I was a complete wreck,Dr Sarika could not care less- listed a number of tests- would throw big words like MENINGITIS every time she came . By then we had started suspecting something was wrong. We had started consulting someone else – n the doctor told us -u dont need to get admitted in hospital, u can get ur daughter to the hospital just to get the injections – once in morning n once in evenings. That was a big surprise. I come from a doctors family – so my dad, who is in Punjab found a friend of his in Artemis n mentioned that we were admitted there. That doctor ( will not name him here ) talked to Sarika about us.
    She comes in to us a completely different doctor – “Oh ur daughter is fine, Just plain ol UTI, No meningitis – she is healthy – u guys dont need to worry” !
    That was it wat made me believe we were in wrong hands – That night the resident doctor pricked my 3 MO OLD BABY AT 6 PLACES to put in the candula – she was yelling non stop for 30 minutes!!! 6
    He told us that she can get muscular version of these injectibles, I called Sarikaa to ask her advice – she was NOT CONCERNED AT ALL ! Told me not to overreact !!! That was it – we moved out the next day with a bill of 25000 for 2 nights , moved to the other doctor n he was n still is our pedi . Money was not important but the mental torture n the physical pain my lil baby had to bear – I can never ever forgive Dr Sarika for that. Please Please never go to her – a doctor without empathy or sympathy does not deserve to be a doctor. I hate Artemis
    P.S her leg is perfectly fine !!

    1. iam a doc and not associated with any NCR hospital and just from reading this lady’s testimony on artemis Dr X ,Y whoever i can tell that that she is giving a gross misinterpretation of facts
      the doctor concerned examined her child and SUSPECTED that her one leg is short, suspecting a disease is how doctors make diagnoses if you dont suapect you cannot make a diagnosis. it turns out that on this occassion the suspicion was not confirmed and so the mother says that the the doctor scared her WRONG!! the doctor made an observation and asked to get an opinion from an expert of her choice , if she had missed the short leg she would have been called negligent by the same patient. so why did the doctor ask her to go to a spaecialist of her choice ? because she had prior experience with that expert and has has faith in his abilities and not because she was getting a commission from the expert as most pts assume without any reason
      next the baby was hospitalised in picu. this lady says that a family doctor said that the baby can be treated at home. i suspect her family doctor never examined the baby and gave advise on phone and since he advised against hospitalisation he becomes a good doctors( it saves money to br treated at home so pts love the idea) but it also implies that all doctors who advise hospitalisation to 3 month olds are demons incompetent doctors and are always wrong.
      the doctor incharge dropped names like meningitis implyinh she was one crazy woman who had sudden outbursts of fancy words to scare parents WRONG AGAIN!!!! menigitis is a known complication of UTI in small children . if that doctor had not informed the parents she wouid have been called NEGLIGENT
      some doctor pricked a 3 months ( oh MY GOd !!!) just 3 months old baby for samples and cannula . he was a cruel inhuman cold blooded vampire who enjoys torturing small babies. WRONG ONCE AGAIN!!!! hospitals are not holiday resorts people die in hospitals and so do 3 moth old babies(even if they are the only child born after 10 years of marriage) they die because of disease and not because of doctors and nurses for healthy people dont go to hospitals
      and lastly no matter how great the doctor we all have treated pts who eventually died in spite of treatment but that does not mean all who die in the hospital die of medical negligence and sending all doctor to prison will not solve the problem
      so folks what meets the eye is not always true and what this lady potrya must be quite opposite of what happened and such people are best ignored.

      1. Gaurav, not pointing at the doctor experiences these ladies had – there are doctors that make more bad diagnoses than good ones and the other way around. However, the point is that Artemis still remains one of the most unfriendly hospitals I have ever been to.

      2. Gaurav _ I am not sure if you are related/are the doctor I mentioned above. I am not stupid. You have chosen to misinterpret what I wrote “purposely”. First the doctor we asked was not asked on phone. He is our pedi now, he had checked my baby then. Also concerns about the leg as a doctor you clearly say ‘ I am a lil concerned – lets get it tested’. Not things like ‘do you think her one leg is shorter?’ you are the doctor,not us – why are you asking us. Pricking a 3 month baby for canula was not a big thing – “if it was required ” this concerned doctor when told that they could not find a vein after 6 pricks told me I was “over reacting ”
        Again I know what Meningitis is – I know the symptoms – when she is not showing ANY symptoms – why would you say that. ALso I forgot to add she asked us if we had insurance – If yes then she would add a few more tests. What does that mean. You either need the tests or dont.
        And let me tell you – the resident doctor that day – who pricked my daughter told me that he was not sure why she needed to be admitted n ASKED to confirm from doctor Sarika – but not mention his name.
        I can give you a lot more on this case – so its better you come out as who you are

    2. Artemis docs scare you to death, the way I had my first baby was terrible, first four days she was in NICU, I got to see her and take her home on the 4th day that too after a fight with the peditrician. She had water in her lungs, since she did not get breastfed from day one she stopped breastfed from 4th month, thanks to Sarika Raj who with her silly observation concluded she needed bottle milk.

      All this cause dr. Meena Naik wanted a diwali holiday, I was forced for c-section, foetal stress and all, they made a bill of 2 lakhs for NICU, husband had to check the charges out of which 60 thousand was a repeat and unnecessary. We got the bills corrected.
      But these docs will not die in peace, i’m a mother and all my curses go to them for making my litte one go this hell. She still has those marks on her legs and hands where they had injected saline or IV or whatever shit it was. My curses to Dr meena naik and her silly assistant all my life.

  8. I agree that Artemis is killer hospital and you know that in Gurgaon you don’t need licenses to open the Hospital like Artemis.
    My son is in COMA he was in Artemis for 1 month and nothing helps us, one Dr. Praveen Gupta (Neurology) treating him, he does EEG almost always till date he has done 15 EEG of my son to find whether he is getting fits or not… one EEG cost 1900/- and he never checks this properly and always no change in treatment after EEG. He is just trying to get return on investment on EEG machine of Artemis hospital.
    Please be careful do not go to this Doctor.

  9. I have visited many times in Paras hospital Gurgaon. This is a good hospital. I met there to Dr D.K. Jhamb and Dr Sanjay Yadav both are God for me. I am taking medicine under their consultance. Thanks a lot. May God bless them a long and healthy life.

    1. Hi Vijay
      I am not sure what was your ailment which took you to Dr. Jhamb, but for me he is there to make money for the hospital. My grandfather, was having serious heart problems, and he was so old and weak to bear a surgery. He told me to go for surgery, because I will get all reimbursment from my office. However when I consulted his junior Dr’s they told me that we are not sure if your grandpa will survive after this operation. Open heart surgery is a very big deal for a person who is 75+ years old and bearing a wieght of no more than 45kgs!!

    Least bother about the patient.They onylcare for the money by overcharging. TheY dont care for time. Most mismanaged and unprofessional .
    Even the doctors will also first give the shock by declearing the cost of treatment before prescribing any medicine.The front staff is just like hawkers. I dont find worth going to Artmis .it is always better to visit any govt. hospital then the least you will not get hurt even after paying a lot you are not treated well.


  11. hi all
    i have read all the bad things about artemis but i have worked from the day one when arteis started in apri2007,its not like waht u said this is a very good hospital having verygood set up but i have left artemis for family problem but i am still proud tobe associated with artemis .all good docs have resigned for money ya dr sarika was proud of her uk& us conections burt shetreats her patients very wel .it seems sumit has got some psychological problems

  12. my bad experience mother was shifted to artemis in emergency from dehradun with uncontrolled very high bp and many other complications, infections in the legs and arms, irregular pulse, asthma, all caused by greedy , incompetent docs at CMI in artemis in that severe infective and high bp state they did invasive coronary angiography which was not required and after a week of hospitalisation, gave such drugs-cordorone, which was causing overactive thyroid, and they pushed her very close to death, sent her home saying that bp will remain200/110mmhg, nothing to worry!!!!
    when she came back to doon in that hperthyroid state and a heavy doses of sleeping /anxiety pills, she was still taking cordorone as prescribed and her thyroid was geting overactive day by day, then I myself got her thyroid profile done and diagnosed hyperthyroidism and then contacted dr mishra at medicity gurgaon, he is a gem of a person and a very competent endocrinologist, he treated her with the anti thyroid medicines just for 15 days and my mother is today hail and hearty just because of him,all u guys out there, please see dr mishra for all hormone diseases like diabetes, thyroid, bone health/osteoporosois, polycystic ovaries, childhood obesity, infertility, just meet him once and the faith on doctors will come back again.

  13. It is the same thing every where. Some are 60% bad while some are 50%. Depends where and when you land up. If lucky of being on the better 40%/50% side of things, you will say gud things.

    However, we all know of the doctors’ nexus,undue tests and investigations, repeat tests etc etc. It is the same story every where by and large. Artemis is no different.

    There is this age old dictum/axiom which says `All people get the the govenment they DESERVE.’ Well, it applies to services equally,may be more so. We get shoddy treatment, get fleeced, waste time. Simply because we dont DEMAND BETTER. Or shall I say COMMAND BETTER.

    We EXPECT BETTER OR MORE THAN WHAT WE COMMAND. Sorry, its not philosophy.It is the fact. Reflect. We pay what they want. WE SHOULD GET WHAT WE PAY FOR.

  14. Gentlemen and Ladies, after reading this and having experience with paras hospital and few other hospitals in NCR area, I do have now conviction that there is something wrong in this area of country. I have got exposure to few hospitals in Mumbai e.g. Jaslok and Bangalore…but I tell you things are not as bad anywhere else in the country.

    It is said that legendory Shrawan Kumar left his blind parents and started shouting that why should he take all that problems of carrying them on his shoulders. His mother started crying but father asked which place they had come. Shrawan replied arrogantly that it was Indraprastha (today’s Delhi). Father requested to do them last favour of moving them out of the boundary of Indraprastha. The moment he did it, he was the same devoted, dedicated, courteous son!

    So friends, we all living in NCR have to live with these rude, corrupt, inhuman, moneyminded doctors and hospital staff (mostly speaking, there are gems too). And such people have always existed in this land. Does any one remember Dr Abbot, a renowned Orthopaedic surgeon in Daryagunj area………..who… my God…his rudeness!

  15. Dear Mrs. Suman,

    I can under stand your anxiety rearding the pregnancy. In terms of infrastructure i.e nursery and Labor & Delivery Room it is good. However, doctor still remains a concern baring a few that can be vcounted on the finger tips. I dont know which doctor you r following up with but DR. Mukta Kapila at Artemis is one good Gynaecologist that I know well and Dr. Rajiv Chhabra is a very good Paediatrician whom you can trust.

  16. Hi All..
    The stories mentioned here really scare me.. I’m 7 months pregnant and my Gynae has suggested the name of this hospital for delivery. She is a visiting Doc der and have been seeing her since I was 7 weeks pregnant & I’m really happy with her but these reviews have actually made me think hard..
    Can anyone suggest as to what shud I do?? How are the Anesthesiologist?? How are the Pre-Nantal n Post-Natal services?? How is the Nursery n the Nursing staff??
    Plz help out..

    1. My wife was visiting Dr. Veena malik and i would say she is one of the Best Gynae Doctors in the City.

      If i talk about the LDR and their Nursery. All in all; I was Happy.

  17. I had taken an appointment via phone wid doctor neeraj yadav . The appointment was taken on 16th sept 2010 @ 6.30 pm for my mother, it was confirmed by hospital call center staff. when we reached there, there was no doctor to attend us and staff behaviour was very rude and was not ready to cooperate. we were infomed that no doctor was avaliable due to emergency. they have not informed us.

  18. I have my 2 kids under Dr Sarika Raj for the last few years.

    As a father, I had visited all doctors for relief for my son in Delhi but came back with no improvements.

    After the 1st meeting with Dr Sarika Raj, she has become the family paed for us and my kids are much better. I would thank her for bringing sanity in my family.

    And she does not give antiboitics. She does not give medicines unless it is a must. We were surprised when after diagnosis , she changed the diet plan, clothes plan for the kids but no medicines.

    We will firmly have her as our pead for our kids



  20. Guys…Dr.Katariya is no more with Artemis..Now I hope Artemis to be in flying colors…Gud bye Dr.KK..we will not miss you.

    1. Yeah Vinod! Now you can steal as much s you can from Artemis till your next boss finds out!! Good luck with your job and life!!!

  21. This is one hospital which has made the complete profession of Doctors a Joke, Salute for Haryana Goverment for not taking any serious actions and Corporate Identity like Apollo Tyres for spoiling its repute day after another.
    Artemis Hospital Gurgaon which says itself to be best cancer hospital is now launching artemis cancer institute while all their good cancer doctors are already in Medanta Medicity, than who is going to run this institute just one Doctor and he too for how long no one knows.
    WARNING ! please consider valuable comments above before considering them.

  22. Hi,

    My father has just been diagnosed with Kidney cancer. The doctor back home recommended Artemis so i thought i would check it out, given that i have been told they are appox 50% more expensive than Apollo, Max etc. But i must confess after reading the horror stories above i am having second thoughts.

    I understand that you cant please all, all the time. Some people are just grumpy by nature and would always find faults with everything but some of the stories posted are defies belief. How can any health care hospital, let alone one that is super expensive and prides itself on world class facility be such incompetent and unprofessional.

    Why are so many reputed doctor leaving the hospital. Can anyone from Artemis answer that for me ?

  23. i am a american citizen, had heard good stories about artemis, unfortunately not from the right place. they were so good showing concern at first. all that changed when myself and my daugter were admitted. my husband was in the other room taking care of our daughter me who does not speak english was taken advantage of running all sorts of tests, without anyones concent they ran a ct scan without even doing a ultra sound they were so concerned about my well being that they waited till next day to do a ct scan and not rather do a ultra sound they also did a endeoscopy. the end result they themselves did not what was wrong with me. they wanted to keep my daughter in the hospital too. it is all about benjamin for this hospital not about any human life. The best part is that they have incompitent doctors like Dr Ashotosh. My aim is to call all embassey’s and let them know never recomend this hospital i am also sending doctors finding over here which is a joke to US for evaluation.
    please do not take your loved ones here if you want them to get better. find a good hospital or a good doctor.
    Artemis is a incompitent hospital.

  24. I have been oing to Artemis from the day it has opened and believe it or not over the years have experienced most depts courtesy old parents. My father was treated from cancer to pancreatic probs and I would like to say that the hospital cooperated at all levels wih us making the most trying time of lives bearable. Hospital like fortis told us he was having a heart attack when it was a panceatic infection. He was in the emergency for 5 hr without any solid course of acion once it was established after 2 hrs it was not a heart attack. When we wanted to leave as they were not doing anything they started behaving difficult. The minute we reahed artemis within 1 hr he was diagnosed and on his treatment.
    I think sometimes its just bad luck and totally doc dependent he ensures the quality of service which is incorrect and that is what artemis needs to look into as all have u have said. But trust me compared to the horror stories of apollo this is heaven they take bribes to release bodies.

    I have been under tejinder and Dr Vaid they are great docs but again they moved on for more money its just business as usual. Medanta has taken away depts from Ganga Ram, Escorts so I guess thisprofession is just like the others we have to remember that they also hop jbs

  25. HI!!

    I am a placement consultant and was not here to write a blog, infact I was asked by my Sr. Manager to find out about Artemis Health Institute Gurgaon as a working avenue. I just strated searching on google about Artemis and got to this page. After going through the above blogs I went back and clarified with my Manager the reason for this inquistiveness about Artemis and then he told me that they are getting more than 20-25 CV’s on daily basis from people working at Artemis from various departments like Marketing, Sales, Patient Care Services, Administration etc and we have the policy if we get an average of more than 5 CV’s from a particular company then as a value add to our clients we do a research on the company to find out the reason. Generally the reasons may be company is going on a major lay off, finacial unstability,job insecurity or going bankrupt…However after having a look at the above blogs its pretty clear that the problem is with the management and the environment of the company and on doing further reserach one of the old reasons have also surfaced up i.e selling of majority stake of the company…Hence, in my report candidates from Artemis have been put under the Red category if not black…so I am sory guys you might face problems in changing job now…not because you have committed something wrong but because the image of the company with the consultant because of the poor management and especially CEO as mentioned above, is going from bad to worse. If the management doesnt take the toll of the situation then it might get into the black category, which would be circulated amongst the association of placement consultants make it even worse…. All the Best

    1. Thank you for this – question, what is a CV ? and have you heard anything about Medanta/Medicity ? I am an American looking for plastic surgery in India and was considering Artemis until I found this page ! Any assistance is greatly appreciated !

  26. Why malign only Artemis. They might be doing too many bad things and overcharging but there are many other hospitals around which are doing worst things. Before the healthcare of Gurgaon developed we had small nursing homes and one such nursing home in Sushant Lok was fleecing people. Illegally constructed in a residential area they were charging more for most of the procedures than most of the big hospitals today. They have now opened a so called cardiac hospital in Palam Vihar again illegally and are fleecing people without having any doctors worth their name. They will admit you and then will search for a doctor. Most of the times the right specialty doctor will not come and somebody junior will continue to treat you. There should ideally a body like IRDA which should certify a hospital before they are allowed to function. After all it is the matter of human lives.

    1. I fully agree with this. I had taken my father to Umkal Metro hospital in Palam Vihar with chest pain. They did an ECG and told us that his condition is very critical and advised us to go for emergency angiography. When we asked who is the doctor and they said that Dr. Manish Sharma from Metro Hospital will do it. I asked to meet the doctor but they said that the doctor will come from Delhi and will be at the hospital in 1 hour. We waited for 4 hours but the doctor didn’t come. When we consulted our family physician he told us about all the horror stories about the Metro hospital. He told us that they will do an angiography and then force us to go for angioplasty. I shifted my father to nearby columbia asia hospital. The doctor at Columbia Asia told me that there was no need for angiography. I think that action should be taken against such hospitals which indulge in such practices. I will never go back to this hospital and will strongly advise every other patient to desist from doing so

      1. When any one talks about Artemis, I can say that they are market leaders atleast in exhorbiant pricing against their claim of being leaders in technology. Recently I have done a comparision of 3 of the major hospitals in Gurgaon over the period of 6 month and to my surprise Artemis has increased their prices twice within last 6 months, first by 30% and again by 10% (approx) in most of the categories. If I look at the comparision Artemis is 40% more expensive than Paras and 28% more expensive than Medanta Medicity which is having a better set up, a better technology and ofcourse much better lot of doctors . A simple comparision is a plain MRI that costs Rs. 5500 on the same machine at Medanta, costs Rs. 6600 at Artemis, reason – unknown!! Rediculous….If they say that they have a better recall in the market, I am sorry to state again that, but my research has better results for a small hospital like Kalyani. Its high time that Artemis relook at that their pricing else it wont be too far that their market share is wiped out with the enterance of a player like Fortis.

  27. This is the worst kind of comment that I have ever heard in my entire life of healthcare. Any doctor who is working with Artemis is good but the moment he or she is not working with them they are termed as “bad doctors” SRP has gone out of his mind. Decorated doctors like Dr.Ashok Vaid, Dr. Madhukar Shahi, Dr. Harsha Hegde, Dr.Rakesh Sapra, Dr. Ashok Goel, Dr. Tejinder Kataria have all left Artemis and gone on to bigger and better healthcare facilities like Medanta, Fortis etc. Artemis has to introspect why all the big names have left them and now the hospital has no good name to boast off. Rather than looking at their own follies they are attacking the doctors and putting the blame on them for their shortcomings. I have never seen an organization which has lost so many brilliant people in such a short time. It has to do with the policies of the organization or the insecurity of the people at the top. The hospital is fast losing market share and reputation and the time is not far when this whispering campaign will become a roar and Artemis will become a thing of the past

  28. see i m someone who know a little about d hospitals and their working,….so some suggestions for you all.
    1patients should not think of their doctors as Gods,they are humans and can make mistakes. doctor thinks bad for his patients,afterall they are his source of livelihood.
    3.patients should remember that there is a difference between wikipedia and medical text books.
    4.pts shud choose their doctors wisely.
    5.if u think dat a doc is not gud enough,dont visit him.
    6if u think u know more than d doc,treat ur patient urself. is easy to criticise doctorsbecause they r so easy targets,any gud for nothing guy can post anything against them.
    8.when u hv a look at hospitals like Artemis.Medicity,Max,u know ther gonna b costly,so stop complaining about this or isit a govt hospital.
    9.”ksi ko criticise karne se pehle apne gireban me jhank lena chahiye”.

  29. I would believe in whatever is written in absolute. But I have an amazing feedback which ratifies the HR theories.
    I am a HR person and it is my profession to look into employee behaviour. I have been in and out of the hospitals because of my old parents.
    I use to go to Artemis atleast once in a quater and trust me they were difficult times. Unfriendly atmosphere. Running pillar to post to get the bills updated and cleared from my insurance. None of the employees at Artemis would help and I had to sort things on my own. Instead they would rather diappear often. Never the discharge would take less than 4 hours. I would go there because of my doctor friend who now works no more there.
    I recently tried a new hospital in Palam Vihar and amazingly I found one of the same guys there handling the same stuf. But this time he was almost a different professional.
    On talking to him he confided that most of the employees at Artemis are unhappy which is making an effect on their behaviour. All of his friends were looking out!!
    I spoke to my doctor friend and he agrees. To his misfortune, Artemis has not processed his clearances for last 6 months and the same is due till now. He also tells the same has been the fate of many employees.
    Being from HR Back ground, I could not agree more to the theory – Unhappy employees produce unhappy customers!
    All those seeking an employment in Artemis watch out.

  30. This message is for all those people who have written their “Bad Experiences” with Artemis as well as to those who have been there and came out with smiling faces.

    I read each of the above articles written by various “Victims” and I could conclude that when so many people have written such things about Artemis, then probably it may have some truth in it. But I believe this is not the complete truth.

    From a professional point of view, each organization goes through some lows and highs during its growth stage. Sachin Tendulkar & Amitabh Bachchan are the living examples for the same. But let’s not talk about them rather let me share my experience with Artemis and its staff.

    I am a football player and very active mo-bike adventure rider. I got my left knee ligament ruptured since 3 years while playing. I consulted numerous doctors in good hospitals but none of them were able to give me confidence if I could play again or even ride my bike back. One of my friends suggested the name of Artemis. I got my appointment done with Dr. Ashok Goel and was asked to be on time. On the appointed day I got caught up in the traffic and reached half an hour late. To my amazement my doctor was waiting for me and still attended me with a smile. He did a thorough check up and explained me every small bit about my injury in layman’s language. By his jovial nature and straight conversation, he made me friends with him. He told me that I can continue with my exercises and spend my life the way it is but if I want to play football again he need to perform a surgery on my knee. I was moved by the confidence he showed in his treatment as well as on my enthusiasm & vigor to play. I agreed for the surgery. At the registration counter, I hardly had to wait when I was given a clean and tidy room. Next 3 days were bliss for me. The ever smiling & courteous attendants & the nursing staff, the friendly & caring visiting doctors have made my stay a memorable one. Trust me friends, I felt as if I have come to a 5 star hotel. The only difference being I could not go out as my leg had been operated. Dr. Ashok Goel himself used to visit me at least twice a day, sometime even more often. The dietitian and the physiotherapist were very well trained and caring. During the change of duty hours, the attendant used to introduce me with his or her replacement. I haven’t got such care at my house after the discharge.

    Today after 6 months of surgery, I am able to jog every day, I am able to ride my bike and I can perform my duties at work very comfortably. I do see myself playing football again in another 3 months of time.

    I thank Artemis for all the care and especially to Dr. Ashok Goel for his friendship and wonderful treatment.

    Greetings & Wishes.
    Ratul Moitra

    1. Hello Ratul,

      Glad to see that you are better.

      I am not denying that excellent medical care can be had at Artemis, and nor am I saying that the doctors are not good.

      My point is to bring out that one expects a lot of professionalism when one visits a private healthcare facility of this caliber. And that was just not up to par in my experience.


    2. Ratul, u were lucky as your brother was an employee of Artemis at that time, that too in a senior position. Everybody does not have that fotune, mate.

  31. i went for Physiotherapy on saturday.that female knows nothing.she gave me a high intensity and i had a CURRENT-SHOCK kind of feeling in my leg.she tried to teach me Anatomy and Physiology.Dr geeta,so called senior,absconded from there.that female the one who was attending me,does not know anything about nerves and muscles.IS ANYBODY LISTENING AND CAN DO ABOUT IT OR WE JUST KEEP WASTING OUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND THROWING THE SAME IN THE DRAIN…………….

  32. My experience is also not good, i opted for Artemis over Max, Paras and Umkal which are right next door to me…but it was a big mistake…and my last too.
    I thought it will be better, transparent and professional but i failed and was cheated heavily. I thought i will save some money. I was not opting for a delivery package and they told me economy room will be available only if i opt for economy package and i had to go for it.
    then every thing went well and both baby and my wife were fine. the doctors did not discharge my baby even after she was normal and i was charged unwanted consultations and room charges which were totally unjustified.
    I could not save anything as my budget was for 25-30K and i ended up paying 40-45K.
    I was not at all happy with the services. the only thing good about this hospital was the infrastructure is excellent.
    but i will never recommend this hospital to anybody in life neither i will visit this hospital again.

    1. Rakesh Life of baby and mother is more important than extra expenses you incurred.

      You yourself say that delivery was good and infrastructure was good too.

      Sometimes doctors have to do through diagnosis to rule out any missing link and we have to trust them.

      We should not form opinion just on this basis as they are more qualified to have say in matter.

      In spite of my repeated goggling, I have found doctors did whatever was right in my case.

      They try to solve complex puzzles and need all evidence to support their claims.

  33. So apt Reema,

    its 3 in morning.. i am at hospital .. my dad is admitted here… frustrations with so called the best hospital is keeping me up. yes, bigges problem is waiting.. processes..
    good: great infrastructure.. hygenic..
    BAD: worse nursing station ever.. they just dont bother.. 2 hours back.. my dad diabeties went down to 55.. he was sweating badly.. they wont give anything to drink.. cause CANTEEN is closed.. i cant get anything from outside.. took them 25 min and lots of screaming on my behalf to get one glass of juice.. and they wanted money before hand , in cash to give biscuits.. everybody seems to be busy filling some papers.. he was sweating.. and no reaction from any of nursing staf.. i cant even describe support staff.. they look and behave like its a govt hospital.
    noise levels.. extremly high.. had to request nurses to keep their phones on low ring.. and you will find most of support/ security/nurses busy on phones.. with that smile that they are talking to somebody important.. and in between as an afterthought they will look at attending the emergrncy call from patients somebody not that important.. not just my case.. i had.. lots of them running around in galleries.. lost.. frustrated.. it looked more like a police thana thn a private hospital..
    nurses keep changing.. doctors keep changing.. though their mission is “patient care” and one of patient right is know how.. i have yet to meet a doctor.. after two days in hospital.. ( being a weekend .. only time we me doctor was wn we got him in emergency two days back ) i was sitting here.. wondering.. what can we do to get this one thing right in this country.. how much more money we need to give to doctors.. who charge per visit.. and loads.. of it.. and seems to be busy counting.. somebody mentioned six sigma processes.. why not ?
    maybe they say its just a job… people die everday.. we cant let go of our lives.. sure.. their perspective.. but wasnt doctor.. as a profession something else.. dont we call them sir.. doctor.. dont we listen to them.. look up to them.. pray to them.. even after being educated and able.. we look at them to share some information with us.. like we are from some village.. why why .. why cant even money be enough? how much .. will be enough.. cahrge more.. double.. triple.. why cant somebody make a super hospital.. charge as hell.. but atleast give some decent care.. why is no business empire.. doing serious business.. CARE is serious business.. why is nobody learning from google.. give quality to cutomer and money will follow.. i have spent my life defending Indians to all firangs and NRI’s .. and i know medical services is one place i always give up.. one reason.. everytime i am in hospital.. i want to leave this country.. somehow.. something tells me.. nothing will change.. congress.. bjp.. appolo.. MAx.. nobody.. Indian life is cheap.. doctors are businessman.. and care cant be bought..
    you know that feeling.. i should call up somebody.. or use my linkedin to find a known doctor.. otherwise it wont work.. you know delhi/NCR.. if you dont know them .. it just doesnt work.. why .. doctors claim to be professinal.. why cant we have best treatment just because we are paying customers.. and to imagine all this wn i can afford.. these expansive places.. if you cant.. well… god help you.
    one day.. someday.. something will change… it has to.. somebody will bring them out.. i am so sure it will happen over internet.. India will rise to concept of customer care… no doubt we rank 150 something in standard of living. shame on us.

    1. Iam really sad to see all these frustrating comments , However I’ll be joining this health care system. I am an Indian citizen, having done my medical school here in India and my post graduation abroad …….I would like start having these inputs so that I can really serve my people better. Anyway , as of now I just joined the system ….pls feel free to contact me via email with your compliants …..which I notice that Its mostly related with time / waiting issues ……I deeply apoligise on the behalf of the the current state of affairs. There must be a solution to this frustrations…..I’ll start with the current complaints as waiting and a 24hr caffeteria, so that I make this a better place. AND PLS LIFE IS NOT CHEAP ……I TRULY WANT THE BEST FOR MY PEOPLE …..YOU DESERVE IT AND I’LL DO WHAT I CAN WITH THE BEST OF MY ABILITY .

      1. Hi Emmanuel,

        Thanks for leaving this comment. I don’t think that the problem is with the capability of doctors.

        The problem is with the treatment of patients (and by treatment I don’t mean medical treatment).

        For a facility such as Artemis, which is state of the art, and also relatively more expensive, one expects very professional treatment from the staff.

        And it is sad, but that is totally lacking. I don’t think that they even get it.

  34. Artemis hospital was opened with the right amount of infrastructure and looked promising initially and the panel of doctors looked promising. However over a period of few years nothing seems to work out in artemis. The most prominent thing observed in artemis is that everyone has to wait for the doctor or be it anything. u utter a word and ask for help and u have to wait so be prepared to wait wait and just wait for everything and anything be it any department and at times the wait can be endless into hours. Local people who create a scene by raising a voice at all the helpdesks are a sincere witness to this. Waiting for a doctor is not a crime however the hospital management team needs to carefully conduct a Six Sigma study on the no.of hours wasted for each patient and the wait time involved if they really wish to cut operational costs and deliver world class customer care service and carve a niche for themselves in the sector of hospital management and day care. I am sure if Greek God Artemis would come down on earth and in this hospital he would surely have to wait and no doubt with the waiting time he too would faint and would land up in some dept of artemis with a huge bill forcing him to conclude that HEAVEN IS WHERE HE IS SAFE AND FOR SURE ARTEMIS PATIENTS TRULY BECOME PATIENT AFTER HAVING LOST THEIR PATIENCE AND ALSO NOT TO FORGET THE FACT THAT THIS NOBLE PROFESSION OF DOCTORS IS TRULY TURNING OUT INTO A MONEY MINTING BUSINESS…RELATIONSHIP MANAGERS OF ALL MNC BANKS ARE YOU GUYS LISTENING..ARTEMIS DOCTORS ARE GOOD BAKHRAS FOR FULFILLING YOUR MONETARY TARGETS AND ENSURING THAT U GO UP THE CORPORATE LADDER. NOW TELL ME WHO SAYS ARTEMIS IS A BAD HOSPITAL..ITS HELPING ALL OUR MNC BANKS TO GENERATE THEIR REVENUES WHICH IN TURN HELPS TO KEEP INDIAN ECONOMY FLOATING…LONG LIVE ARTEMIS..

  35. HE ALL,




  36. hello all! i am a doc who previously worked in Artemis hospital, gurgaon. i am amazed to see that how could any of you fallen in their trap. This whole hospital is shit and i am a witness to everything that they do. i worked for 5 months there, the whole hospital is run by a bunch of shitheads!! The CEO, a so called CV surgeon ..just ask him about his success rate in OT. Look at pediatrics….Dr Sarika Raj……even a dumb ass resident in India would know more than her. she knows nothing more than vaccination that too i am not sure. all others in her department are crap!!no resident stays there for more than 2 months. the only thing they care for is money….and dont get fooled by these docs foreign degrees they know nothing!!
    take care..

    1. Dear Sumit,

      Please come out with your true name. You will be fired if you almost killed a baby in NICU, under the assumption that you know too much!!If you need anger management
      I can suggest you name of people who can help you out!

      Dr Sarika

      1. I would strongly back Sumit on this. I read this post before visiting the doctor for the first time and chose to ignore (rather believed doctor’s comments assuming it to be a case of sour ex-employee).

        I however regret my decision. Dr Sarika Raj would do a great job by assisting a senior doctor in the job, but not a competent doctor by herself.

        Few observations:

        1) She is more inclined to prescribe antibiotics (even for common cold, viral etc.)

        2) She usually prescribes very high doses of medicine

        3) Lack of confidence in her own diagnosis and treatment

        4) Something not directly related to her competence but I found very annoying. She talks a lot about her US stint and how other doctors who do not have the ‘US experience’ lack the basics… lol

        She comes across a very decent professional at first, spends a lot of time with the parents and talks a lot. She lacks where it matters the most, her expertise at paediatrics.

        This might just be a personal experience. I thought of sharing my exp for the benefit of fellow first time parents and new to city.

        All the best.


      2. I m not a big fan of Dr Sarika but this guy Sumit(whatever his real identity is a blot on d medical profession).See man if u got anything against Dr Sarika,dis is not d forum to discuss it.period.

    2. This is in response to all those, including Sumit, who wish to wash dirty linen in public….we have all had bad experiences at various places, but when we express our views, we must consider this – Your freedom ends where my nose begins!!!! Our opinions – good or bad must be based on facts and not perceptions….the whole point of sharing experiences is to give an honest view..remember a bias is a bias is a bias.
      I have been visiting Dr. Sarika Raj for the past 4 yrs and never have i ever come back dis-satisfied, contrary to sumit’s claim, she is a professional and delivers 100 percent correct diagnosis. I must have referred abt 30 to 40 people to her and not one of them came back with a complaint.

      1. Shikha, I’d like to second you on this. We’ve never had a less than great experience with Dr. Sarika Raj. Contrary to what someone above said, she does NOT prescribe antibiotics too much; in our case, she even once suggested we hold off antibiotics unless symptoms worsen, which turned out to be the correct approach.

        We really like her open discussion and logical breaking down of a problem, which gives us enough confidence because after reading so much on the internet one needs a structured way to think rather than proclaiming a diagnosis. For some people that might not work, or come across as incompetance, but remember that we all must be open to learning no matter how knowledgeable we are.

        Yes, we need open, intelligent discussion. But we must hear from both sides. If any of you’d like to speak with me, deepakshenoy at gmail will work.

  37. Our case has been much worse……. a family friend had gone there for a laproscopic operation for removal of gall bladder stones. The surgeon who operated (don’t know if he was adequately certified also) on him messed it all up and punctured some other rogans as well. As a result 3 days later , while he was still in ICU, he had to go for another surgery where they removed 9 inches from his intestines as it was perforated and the body waste was not getting excreted. later they came back saying he has had multiple organ failure and neede dialysis. after 3 sessions of that and when he kept getting recurrent infections, they took him again (a week later) for another exploratory operation to fin what is causing all these infections as they were not able to ascertain anything from scans and tests. I hate to say this but going by there utterly disgusting commercial and inhumane approach towards such a noble profession, they have almost killed my friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. sadly your experiences though unfortunate do occur in medicine just like any other field. and believe me they happen in western world also. what u have just mentioned is a rare but known complication. a part of the blame goes to patients also in that a conversion of laparoscopic procedure to an open surgery due to unavoidable difficulty is considered to be a failure of surgeon . what is important is early recognition of a complication and its satisfactory treatment. no doctor worth his salt tries to harm a patient

  38. I completely agree! I had a harrowing time at Artemis myself. Had taken my mom-in law to the same orthopaedic doc( Dr. Hegde) . He actually did not spend even a minute examining her and asked for an MRI to be done!!! i am amazed that these days a simple diagnosis by a doctor needs n number of tests to be done. I miss my old docs so much!!!

    1. I am a 42 Yrs old Senior Nurse worked with Artemis Hospital Gurgaon since its started its operation till last year. I have left this profession now but inner conscious asked me to post something here
      There are different people with different assumptions and anger, In my experience of many years of serving patients I have experienced be it any place or any room of the hospital, I always see people in frustration and Anger because Hospital is the place where no one wishes to come of his own. In my whole span of working with hospitals except a Maternity Wards and Cafeteria I merely see people in good mood that’s human tendency.
      A very interesting thing which I experienced about this profession is every patients and his family member is always in a requesting mode when he enters the hospital, Doctor is like god to him till the family member is showing improvements and soon when they are discharged they say they are robbed by the same God. That’s true !
      A real example of this truth is above, I merely seen patient going dissatisfactory from the Artemis Hospital and this I am not saying in anyone’s favor I left this profession already but It’s a bad luck of this profession that none of those satisfied patients which we serve like our own family member day in and day out would comes back once they get discharged to say a word of thanks, rather you will still see many of them coming out with their angers and frustration because they met with a medical problem.
      As a retired Health Staff, I would like to say I am a great witness to say this is one those Hospitals which actually values patient care and his values. Many small issues just concerning to a single patient were addressed personally by the CEO and I have seen many happy faces and experienced warm hugs of all those patients who went happily back home !
      So as you believe in God, believe those professionals who mean God to us when our loved ones are treated by them.

    2. Hi, All

      I would like to tell you all Dr. Hegde is no more with Artemis Hospital. So Please feel free to come to Artemis all Bad Docs are Out now!

      1. Hi SRP, now even CEO Dr. Kushagra Katariya is no more with Artemis. How was he as a doc? bad, worse or worst? U have to be the most optimistic person on earth to trust Artemis Hospital. They treat like shit with their patients as well as employees (u know better SRP..).

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