Barbecue Nation – a treat for your palate

Both my wife and I enjoy eating out a lot. So, yesterday, we decided to try out a place we had never heard of. It is called Barbecue Nation. Let me give you the conclusion first: we are definitely going to go back whenever we can, and keep going back. With that out of the way, let’s concentrate on our impressions of the place in detail.

How to get there? Its not that straight forward, and so I put together a little picture (shown below):

Directions: So, basically, if you are coming from Sahara Mall towards DT City Center on MG road, right after the building of City Center ends, there is a cut which lets you enter Sushant Lok (through a big gate). Just go down to the end of that road, take a left, then take an immediate right, and you will see an entrance to your left to a big building (second gate) where the restaurant is situated on the Ground Floor.

You can arrive in style with their valet parking service. So, you can pull right up to the entrance of the restaurant, hop out of your car and walk right in. Once you are in there, immediately you are made to feel welcome. We had a smiling hostess at the entrance, and were escorted by a an equally ‘glad-to-see-you’ host who ushered us in.

Note: It’s always more useful to have reservations, because even on a weekday, the place was completely full. The number is +91 124 4044563.

Once you are seated, you have just two choices of meals: Veg or Everything. What they do next is that they will put a grill right on your table, and put a number of skewers on your grill with a variety of things ranging from potatoes to prawns. At the same time, they will keep serving you other kebabs and starters (until the time you get them to stop). So, you can cook the meats on your grill to your satisfaction, and enjoy already cooked starters alongside.

When you feel that you are done with kebabs, then you can hit the buffet. The buffet was good enough (not expansive, but enough). Well, I skipped the buffet, because I stuffed myself with starters, and went straight for double helpings of the dessert. You can choose how you like to do it.

Between 3 people with 3 soft drinks, we paid around Rs. 1800. I think that is a fairly okay price for the quality of food and the ambience of the restaurant.

Conclusion: No parking hassles, good food, moderate price, and good food. Did I mention good food?

3 thoughts on “Barbecue Nation – a treat for your palate”

  1. nice experience there for a lunch.
    we went and had the non-veg buffet menu option and had soo nice prawns. It was really nice foods, i don’t know about other options there as i visited only once, but want to go again with someone who love good food.

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