Beautiful handmade creations at Karmi Kreations

Recently, we were meeting some friends for a Christmas lunch and wanted to buy some gifts for their children. Now, the tough question always is what do buy which they do not already have. Something different (not just chocolates). So, going through Facebook, my wife came across Karmi Kreations. A small business run by a lady by the name of Shailza who makes these beautiful terracotta creations by hand. And she had a Christmas special going with Christmas inspired designs. We thought that these would make great gifts for the children (along with some nice chocolates).


Beautiful colors

When you are buying something with your hard earned money, first thing you want is quality. The quality of the things we bought were great. But great quality and beautiful designs in not what was special about Karmi Kreations. It was the entire interaction which was great.

As usual, we were pretty late on making this decision and called up Shailza late on Christmas eve. So, when my wife called her up we weren’t very hopeful if there will be availability of these on a short notice. As we feared she didn’t have any in stock. She then said that she will find out if any of her re-sellers have any in stock – they didn’t. So, she offered to make new ones for us and have them ready before noon the next day (we needed them before lunch). Then my wife asked if she could make a different design then what is displayed on her Facebook page, and she agreed.

To summarize, she agreed to do a rush order for us, and further agreed to customize it to our choice of design. But that is not where it ends. When we were picking up the items the next day, we forgot to take along wrapping paper with us to gift-wrap the gifts. So, she provided the wrapping paper and then proceeded to help us gift wrap all the different pots (also enlisting the help of her husband – also a nice guy).

We came back really impressed with her products but even more impressed with her attitude. It was a pleasure buying things from her (in today’s world, you can say this for very few interactions). I highly recommend checking out her Facebook page (that I have linked to in the beginning of the post). She has pictures of her creations – which IMO are priced quite reasonably.

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  1. Thank you for such nice words and compliments about my work. It feels so good to see that you made efforts to mention in on your blog with such details.

    Thanks again

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