Care for some Biryani at midnight?

If you are one of those people who get hungry as the clock strikes 12 in the night, then here’s a treat for you. There are many places in Gurgaon which serve food in the middle of the night, and this post describes just one of them (one of the better ones for sure).

Park Plaza Hotel (which is located in Sushant Lok, near Max Hospital) has a 24 hour restaurant, which serves an awesome Biryani Buffet at midnight. We have been there a million times, and it has never disappointed. The biryani is great and the price is not too expensive (don’t remember what it is exactly, but if someone does, please leave a comment).

They have of course both veg and nonveg stuff available. The restaurant (it is called New Town Cafe) also has a great buffet during normal meal times though that is on the expensive side. The staff is very courteous, the place has valet parking (being a hotel), and the crowd is usually good (yes the place can get crowded even at midnight).

It is a perfectly safe place to go even with your wife (as I do) and kids (though I think if you have kids, then you probably don’t get hungry at midnight).

Have you visited the place for the biryani buffet? What is your experience? Please do leave a comment.

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  1. Park Plaza is an OK place.. I am not really fond of the midnight biriyani there. I feel it is not value for money. they just serve you biryani and there is nothing else, except for dal and some salad. Just dal.I would recommend the midnight buffet at Bristol. Though it is slightly on the higher side (might be around 400 -450) it offers you better variety. You get soup, salads, good biriyani, breads, 2 non-veg dishes, a couple of veg dishes and dessert!! I would recommend this! And just for options sake, you could also check out Peppermint, next to hotel lemon tree. But I think they have a weekend midnight buffet.

  2. The Park Plaza Hotel in Sushant Lok-I offers a ’Midnight Biryani Buffet Unlimited’ from 12.30 am to 3 am for as low as Rs 299 plus taxes. The biryani buffet consists of one non-vegetarian biryani, one vegetarian biryani, dal, raita and salad as much as one can have.

    According to Simarjeet Singh, food and beverage manager with Park Plaza Hotel, the USP of the midnight buffet is sumptuous meals and authentic cuisines at affordable prices. “We also offer many variants of biryani on different days, that includes Awadhi Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani, Kachhe Gosht Ki Biryani, Kale Moti Ki Biryani, Zafrani Murg Biryani, Nawabi Tarkari Biryani and more,” informs Singh.

  3. Well there is also the Cafe at 32nd milestone

    Also I think there is a small hotel behind Sector 14 (on old Jaipur road) – its called Plaza Solitaire – which is open till midnight.

    You can always go in front of any call centers and there is always food available there.

  4. Hi,
    Its really great to know that Gurgaon has hotels that offers good food even at midnight. But I am looking for some different destinations on the same line. Plz let me know of 4 to 5 places in Gurgaon that are ‘not-so-popular’ yet offers quality (and variety also) food even at midnight! Plz shoot me a mail at
    Regards to all Gurgaon foodies

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