A nice place to host a (birthday) party

Cafe RedThere are so many options in the city when you want to host a birthday party for your kids. We used to do them at Stellar museum, but that has since closed down. You can do them at party halls, but they are always so claustrophobic – no natural lighting in most cases. We found a place this year which offers semi-outdoor seating, has a big lawn, and provides good service and prices. The place is called Cafe Red Garden Kitchen.

The Cafe is not very large, but they have a decent-sized lawn attached to it. You can book the cafe for both their covered space and the lawn and they provide the catering for your event. For our child’s birthday party, we simply planned some activities in the lawn for the kids (balloon toy maker, tattoo artist, science experiments, etc.) and the adults simply sat back and relaxed while the kids had a nice large lawn to have fun.

This place is a really good option when the weather has cooled down a little, and I highly recommend it. The food was good, the service was slightly slow in the beginning but they caught up very quickly. They are not really known as a party place and more as a cafe where people hang out. Which is what makes it different from other choices. They also have a covered area which is co-working space. You can just rent it and work out of there.

I am pretty sure that we will strongly consider Cafe Red as our venue for the next party as well.

The funkiest good food in Gurgaon

Or should I say, the best funky food in Gurgaon. Either way, the food at this place is really good. I am talking about Farzi Cafe at Cyberhub in Gurgaon. Even if you know nothing about molecular gastronomy (which this place applies to its dishes), you will still enjoy the sheer funkiness of the food presented at Farzi Cafe. Here, the food is not only about the taste or smell. For me it plays strongly on two other senses – your sight (the presentation makes you look twice) and your sense of what is normal – since nothing here is normal. Every dish is presented in a different format, something you are not familiar with, but every time you bite into it, it brings to you a strong sense of familiar flavors and memories – with a hint of something new.

Farzi Cafe

And the food tastes really good and looks really good (just check out photos on zomato or tons of other review sites). Now good food is one thing, but even the drinks that accompany them are a class apart (whether alcoholic or non). You will enjoy your time there. You must visit at least once (then you will be sure to return).

If you plan to take along children, make sure that you go for lunch and not dinner – friends tell me that the place is not children friendly in the evenings. If you plan to go in the evenings or in the peak of lunch hour then try to call ahead and make a reservation – else you may have to wait in a long line. This place gets busy and the clientele is generally pretty good (as is the case in most spots at Cyberhub). The cost is not what would be called cheap, but it is not very expensive either. For a couple, it should be in the Rs. 2000 range. Although if you have an American Express card, you can use the points on your card to pay for your food there.

farzi 2I have been to this place several times – its a perfect spot to hang out with friends; a great place to take customers (which I always do), even if it is not very formal. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. You can feel that they want you there. The ambiance is great. All in all, a great experience. You must visit.

This place has the best cocktails in gurgaon

The best cocktails in town

Or at least some of the best. I am talking about Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy in Sector 15, Gurgaon. Absolutely, my favorite place in Gurgaon these days. The cocktails are great (in Gurgaon, the bars in Oberoi are probably the only ones which can keep up, but these guys are better). They know their cocktails well (not so common in Gurgaon or in India in general). They sure look like they are having fun when working there – always adds that extra to your experience of a place.

It is a small place, located in the corner of the market in Sector 15. Not obvious at all (after all, it is called a speakeasy). Not too many tables, and the place gets busy. But if you get there early enough, you should be able to get in – although I have only been there on weekdays. The cocktails and the ambiance is great. However, what makes this place even better is that the food is awesome as well. Almost everything on the menu is awesome (though I am not a fan of their Cheesecake). Try the “pig in a blanket” or the “apple pie with custard” – they are great.

The music is wide ranging (one time, they only had Michael Learns To Rock playing song after song – brought back memories). Overall, great experience. You definitely want to have the option of a designated driver or a cab since chances are you will certainly have one too many at this place.

Of course, head over to Zomato for more varied reviews and location information. I strongly recommend that you visit at least once and take your friends along.