Delhi-Gurgaon Toll Plaza Blues

I don’t need to cross the toll plaza too often as my life is centered around Gurgaon. However, there are times when I do need to go to Delhi, and for those times I had gotten a tag installed in my car a long time ago (for convenience’s sake). I thought that it would be nice since I won’t have to wait in long slow moving lines at the plaza. Or so I thought.

Lately I had to cross the plaza a number of times in a short period. Every single time I approached the tag lane a few cars in front of me were paying cash to the toll collector – IN THE TAG LANE. Yesterday, it was too much. There were 4 cars in front of me, and each one paid toll in cash.

I couldn’t help but stop a second and ask the guy collecting the money as to why they were accepting cash in the tag lane. He said: sir, ab hum kya kar sakte hain. That really got me mad, if you can’t enforce this, than who can? With all due respects to those who don’t carry tags, but such an attitude is SO UNFAIR to those who went through the trouble of getting tags installed in their cars.

There are many things that can be done to enforce this. Here’s one possibility: Impose a fine. Make it very clear through signs that anyone who crosses a tag lane without a tag will have to pay Rs. 100 fine. How hard is that? And, then go ahead and enforce it. Don’t bring the barrier up, till the fine is paid. Simple. And if someone gets stuck, the people behind will automatically make life hard for him.

There is always a PCR van standing next to the toll road. Coordinate with them ahead of the time for assistance in case there is someone making undue trouble.

I request everyone who uses the tag lane and notices that the teller at the window is collecting cash to stop and give him a mouthful (maybe that will prompt them to take action). And if you have any contacts who can cause action to be taken on this, then please go ahead and use them.

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