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imageDo you live in Gurgaon and own a Honda car? Well, if yes then you know that it is a pain to get your car serviced as there is only one authorized service provider from Honda in Gurgaon: Ring Road Honda.  Or this was the case till 2-3 months ago.  I purchased my Civic from Ring Road Honda more than a year ago, and since then it has always been a pain to get servicing done because they are always so busy. You have to take appointments much in advance and then too, you are not assured of a timely service because they are so overbooked.

Finally, that has changed.

There is a new service center and showroom in Gurgaon by the name of Pearl Honda. And that is really helpful. While their showroom is near Signature Towers (when you towards Park Plaza from Signature Towers, their showroom can be seen on the left) Their service center and show room is deep in old Gurgaon somewhere (near about Hero Honda Chowk). This is not a problem though. While for Ring Road Honda, you have to go and drop your own car and pick it up yourself, Pearl Honda provides a pick up and drop-off facility from wherever you are in Gurgaon. I had my car picked up from home and dropped off at my office.

The people on the phone are very polite and are able to talk to you properly. I had a big complaint when I got my car back from servicing the last time. They had pasted a Pearl Honda sticker on the rear window (and I hate that sort of thing). When I called them, they were very apologetic about it, and immediately offered to take care of it. Fortunately, the sticker was very easy to remove, so I removed it myself.

Other than that, the experience was painless.

Another thing worth mentioning about Ring Road Honda is that my car was grounded for some reason (some problem with the electronics). I called up Ring Road Honda (this was before I knew about Pearl Honda) and they told me that they will send someone over. Their guy arrived (I had to take off from work, because they couldn’t send someone at a time when I was off work) and did a few checks, and then told me that he figure out what the problem is and the car will have to be taken to the servicing center.

Fair enough, I would say. What’s not fair is that he still charged me Rs. 600 (or was it Rs. 800) for making that visit. This I felt was fairly wrong.

In any case, with the arrival of Pearl Honda, the consumer in Gurgaon at least has a choice now.

Update: Be careful. One of our readers had a very bad experience at Pearl Honda Gurgaon. Please read comment by Satyendra below, and proceed with caution.

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  1. No words can explain when you have to pay your hard earned money for getting a service.. Pearl Honda Sector 52 has such low standards in service that you will not even get a feel that it has been serviced..Mr. Reddy the GM will keep on saying sorry every time you complain but there is no improvement in cleanliness.. The visible service particulars viz. Vacuum cleaning interiors, washing etc is so bad that you cannot trust what they have checked and fixed inside the car.. Have to tell and show them that there is lot of dust inside below the mats..even my daily car cleaning guy does it well..pearl Honda sector 52 service centre is substandard in terms of service quality…

  2. I got my honda city serviced from Pearl Honda Sec 52. I could see some serious damage to window rim (rubber). There were black hand prints inside the car as well. The dashboard was also not polished. Not sure when will I find a decent and responsible service centre in Gurgaon. Will try Ring Road Honda next time.

  3. I had bought a new Honda Amaze disel recently, i have experiance of both Ring road honda and Pearl honda gurgaon. Both has a pathetic service. There is not good Honda service center in gurgaon at all. Now thinking why did i bought honda car at all. based on last experiance our desi company maruti has much better services.

    RR experiance: Went for first service with booking, still has to wait 1 hour for advisior to attend vechicle, also i paid for surface protection and anti-rust on the day of sale itself at MG road. But sec 18 guys said as they dont have bills they cannot to any work releated to surface protection & anti-rust. Both are RR branches and it should be there responsbility to do the work in sync with each other. Finally i had first went to MG road branch and collected bills and then got it done. It took them to whole 8hrs to do such small work.

    Pearl Honda: I got some scratches on my rear left door, and this time i went to pearl thinking it will be better there..but had more bad experiance. The took 20+ days for the simple paint job. The advisior went on leave for 10 days and no one attentd the vechicle and on delivery day car was not ready. Then after 5 days of promised delievry the paint job was not done properly and it took more 5 days to finish the job.
    Both assigned advisor was such a care-less guys.

    Its really very bad attitude towards customer from both RR and pearl. It sucks to have honda car in gurgaon.

  4. Hi Guys,

    Can you please advice on which service station I can take my Honda City to. I live in Gurgaon but dont mind taking it to Delhi as well.

  5. I gave my Honda Accord car to Pearl Honda Gurgaon on Saturday, 11th May 2013 for routine servicing which included Servicing, Tuning, etc.

    The car when reached my home after servicing the following day, it was extremely overheated and fumes were emanating from its Engine. I suspected a major damage to it and started my communication with Pearl Honda on this issue.

    I was initially told that there is only damage to the Radiator, however, after fixing repaired Radiator at my place, they suspected major damage to the engine of car. I was told that car has to be towed back to workshop for checking and repairs, if any.

    Pearl Honda sent a tow vehicle to my place the following morning. When car was checked by Pearl at its workshop, they found head gasket to be damaged and proceeded for repairs, for which they took about 3 weeks, during which I had to make several phone calls, write Mails, send SMS’s, pay personal visits, to get the job done.

    During my visits and discussions with mechanical staff of Pearl Honda on possible reasons for overheating of the car, I was told that there is a possibility of fans switch being disengaged during washing, which resulted in chain reaction of damage to Radiator followed by damage to the head, during the drive of car to my home.

    During my communication with Pearl Honda, I had clearly stated to them that since these damages to Radiator and Head Gaskets have been caused by them, they will have to be responsible for the same and I will not pay any charges for repairs to them. Following are excerpts of my communication with them on costs attached to such repairs:

    May 13, 2013
    Please note that I will not be responsible for any costs over and above initial bill amount of Rs. 6,491.”

    May 16, 2013
    “I once again reiterate that Peral Honda must ensure to check the car thoroughly and restore it back to the condition in which it was given to them, at NO EXTRA cost to me.”

    May 18, 2013
    “I made it clear to him that since this damage is caused by actions of Pearl Honda, I will not be responsible for any cost attached to it.

    Hence, Pearl Honda was quite aware of the fact that any repair charges relating to Radiator and Head Gasket will not be borne by me and they proceeded with the repairs with this understanding.

    I was eventually advised by Pearl Honda that car has been fixed and I may collect it anytime on Sunday, June 2, 2013. I went to the workshop around 3 PM of that day and met Mr. Ashish Gupta, Service Manager. He confirmed that the car has been test driven and its functioning properly. However, I was asked to pay Rs. 25, 582 for repair of Radiator and Head of the car, which, based on preceding facts, I refused to pay. Mr. Gupta then spoke to GM Operations Mr.Om Dutt over the phone, who flatly refused to even hear us out. Consequently, I was sent back by Pearl Honda without giving delivery of the car.

    I took up this matter with Honda Car India on May 31, acknowledgement of which was received from their Public Relations on June 1. However, despite keeping them in loop over all communication and developments, they have not responded on this issue so far.

    In between my communication with Honda Cars India, I received a message from Pearl Honda on Tuesday, June 4, in which they though committed that the car came back in overheated condition to my place with damaged radiator, they clearly stated that the delivery of the car can be given only on making the payment for repairs to Radiator and Head Gasket.

    I am a physically challenged person who has been without the car for 27 days now and despite my sufferings during the period of repairs, neither Pearl Honda nor Honda Cars India has showed any concern for the same after the repairs have been done and have made no attempt to contact me or take any notice of my concerns about the issue and I am continuing to suffer mentally and physically because of their irresponsible and couldn’t care less attitude.

  6. Hi Guys,

    I purchased my Honda Brio (SMTO) 2 Months back from “Pearl Honda” near Suncity, Gurgaon . the experience was Horrible… this is the 1st time i planned to purchase Honda cars as i use to frive maruti stuffs (Swift, Ritz) and experience was awesome.I planned to go for finance/loan as it would be more esy for me pay monthly amount rather than Lumsum… but due to some paper issue i opted for Cash purchase after 2 months (Aug 2012). When i booked the car i was promised that my car will be delivered by 22nd of Aug as we indian believe in our best day purchase due to which i wiated for 4 extra days as i wanted to take delivery on wednesday only.
    Till Aug 22, i did not receive any call regarding my elivery so i assumed that’s the date and took an off from office to take delivery as i takes aroung 3-4 hours ( as per them)… my mom suggested to give atleast a call beforing going for delivery to confirm the timings… so i made a call and found i will be getting delivery before 29th aug … that was 1st shock.
    Some how after having a long week wait i went for delivery i was told if i pay my cash 4 days in advance i will be able to collect mt car in 1 hour, so i did the same paid during my last visit to showroom on Aug 22nd, irrespective of early payment i was asked to sit and wait for 6 hours in showroom for my car… i was given my key at 9.30 in the night….

    Another exp: when i took my car i was allotted a temp number plate and was asked to pay some money for RC so i paid Rs 700 extra for it. AI was assured to get New number plate and RC in 1 month … but till today oct 30th i have not received my Permanent number and RC… when i called the their GM – Jagit Singh i was told everyone – Leader, Salersperson have left after i purchase my car…( what a stupid reason) due to which all the procedures will be done now. When i went to showroom i saw few people who dealt with me and asked me to sign the docs were their and when asked they denied saying mam i donot know you…. what a f***.

  7. Thank you guys for providing the link to complain about the state of service in RR honda I also had bad experience of service to my civic.I intend to make a complain to parent company and the info provided by you will surely help.

  8. I had given my 20 days old City VMT for service to Ring Road Honda Gurgaon but they damaged my cars meter . It shows a range of 766 kms. The meter shows that the fuel is empty but only 29 ltrs of fuel is filled . The whiper liver was not working but no one bothered to tell me.The horn need to be replaced but according to them it was ok. Didnt expect these things to happen after paying 9.5+ lacs for a mid sized car. SO NEVER EVER GET UR CAR SERVICRD AT RING ROAD HONDA GURGAON

  9. I have owned a Honda City for the last 5 years. Had bought it from South End Honda in Delhi border near Faridabad.

    But, since last 3 years I have been getting my car serviced through Ring Road Honda.

    I agree with all of you that the service of RR Honda is pathetically bad.

    Some two years back, they really pissed me off for something which I don’t remember now. I made a complaint to Honda Siel, I think through the above link.

    Couple of days later, one guy after another from RR Honda starting calling and apologizing for the mistake and they rectified the problem.

    So, it definitely works when we complain directly to Honde Siel.

  10. Can someone tell me how and to whom to complain against Ring Road Honda. They have horrible service, terrible customer care mechanism. Iwould like their dealership to be taken away.

  11. Parvinder, I believe that there is a mechanism to send a complaint to Honda directly. I recently faced something similar with Pearl Honda as well. However they were nice enough to rectify everything to my satisfaction.

  12. I want to bring out bad state of affairs at service centre at Ring Road Honda Gurgaon.

    I gave my Honda City for servicing at Ring Road Honda in Gurgaon and when I collected it, it had scraches on bumper. This is because Ring Road Honda had such cramped up space on its NH8 service centre and their mecahnics parked cars with milimeters of gaps between cars.

    I was asked customer feedback and I lodged a complaint on this front.

    I was sent a letter by post regretting the inconvenience caused and told that I can take it to the service centre and get it corrected at any time of my convenience.

    I went for next service 19-Feb-09 at their new Sector 18 service centre. I showed the person making the service check sheet the scratches and he said he will get the touching up done but not the paint. But he did not note that task in sheet. I pointed out to him that he should write it and he said don’t worry, it will be done as it is such a minor and quick thing.

    Later in the day, when the driver from service centre dropped the car to me, there was no tocuhing/paint done !! I called service centre person and asked him why it is not done. He groped for few seconds and didn’t recall this task. After helping him recall, he said the paint is out of stock and I should again come on some other day to get it done !! He did even bother to inform me before car was sent that the task is not done.

    I never thought that a company like Honda has such service centres which are on their job to tarnish company’s reputation.

  13. I planned to purchase new HONDA CITY SMT for that after visiting both Ring Road Honda & Pearl Honda i decided to purchase it from Pearl Honda. I paid the full payment on 5th jan 2009 to them & on 5th evening their ex. Kamal told me that Sir we have recieved the payment & yuor vehicle will reach us by 6th jan. On 6th jan he gave me a call saying Sorry Sir we are unable to deliver the vehicle because by mistake we have recieved automatic version instead of your manual version order. Then he said your vehicle will come on 7th jan,2009 i said O.K. He gave me a call on 7th at 12.30p.m that your vehicle has come you can take delivery at any time,i told him that we will reach there at 4 p.m. & our vehicle should be ready by that time. He said SIR we will make you free in 30 minutes but it took more than 2 hours to get the vehicle.AFTER GIVING US THE KEYS THERE GENERAL MANAGER & EX KAMAL TOLD US THAT THEIR ACCOUNTANT HAS NOT RECIEVED OUR PAYMENT . My question to them is why they didnot checked the things in advance, on one side their ex told us two days before that they have recieved the whole payment& at delivery time after sitting in the car with my whole family they told us that they payment has not been recieved. IT WAS A CLEAR CASE OF NEGLIGENCE ON THEIR PART MY REQUEST TO HONDA IS THAT PLEASE APPOINT SUCH DEALERS WHO CARE ABOUT THIER CUSTOMERS OTHERWISE THEY WILL SPOIL THE WHOLE IMAGE OF COMPANY. BUT THE CAR IS REALLY FANTASTIC & FUN TO DRIVE. I HOPE HONDA WILL TAKE NECESSARY ACTION AGAINST THE DEALER SO THAT IT DOES NOT HAPPEN WITH ANY OTHER CUSTOMER.THANKS

  14. @Satyendra – Thanks for pointing this out. It is feedback like yours that helps make this site useful. Everyone, please note that you don’t foresee such a problem if you are buying from Pearl Honda. Obviously, someone there is a big idiot.

  15. I just bought a Honda car from Pearl Honda, Gurgaon.

    I have a horrible experience while buying the car from them, I wish it should not happen to others.

    Initially I planned to finance my car, so I applied for the loan through the dealer. There was some problem in loan processing, Dealer requested me to pay cash and told Loan will be stopped. I made some arrangement (with some cost), paid the cash to Pearl Honda.

    Now Pearl Honda says that the took the loan too. They can not cancel the loan. Whatever I spend to arrange the whole cash, they are asking me to forget.
    I feel, they intentionally provided wrong information and taken me for a ride. I request anybody buying a car from Pearl Honda to be careful about their communication.

  16. Yes its true that RR Honda in Gurgaon is the worst in terms of service and customer care.I didnt had much idea about Pearl Honda so again booked the date with RR Honda for my car servicing.I per the pre defined scheduled i reached their work shop in Udyog Vihar to drop the car but i was shocked when the Guard asked me to take car to Sector-18 Gurgaon , “Our workshop is now in Sect-18, you have take your car their”,one of the guard uttered.My temper boiled like anything ..Inspite of various talks with their service department(for bookig the slot for service) they never told me that car need to be delivered to Sect-18(new workshop).Nor they had any pick up facility to drop the car to their new workshop.I came back to office and looked for other service station-got Pearl honda..I called them and asked if they can pick the car and do the servicing today itself.The driver came in another 1hr and took the car for servicing.Car was delivered back well before the time commited and i was realy happy with their commitment and the service part.Hopefully they continue with same attitude…

    HONDA CUSTOMER have new option to explore and get rid off pathetic RR Honda

  17. Hi,

    Would you mind sharing the number of the Pearl Honda folks. It’s so great that finally someone can come and pick up and drop my car!


  18. @D, I think that was a silly mistake. I thought that the new show room must be that of Pearl Honda. Thanks for pointing that out. Post has been updated to reflect this.

  19. That showroom near Signature Tower is also Ring Road Honda’s… Pearl Honda guys have their showroom somewhere near to Hero Honda chowk.

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