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Science and Psychology has long argued and proven that the earlier you stimulate your children the faster they learn, speak, walk, run, etc. However, how do you know what to say to your 6 month old, and what type of physical activities to engage in. You can either read and increase your knowledge, or trust the doctors (whose theories also differ from person to person), or listen to your mom or grand mom, whose ideas sometimes feel too arcane.

Here’s where an Early Learning Center such as Intellitots comes in. One of the readers of this blog left a comment about Intellitots and how happy she was after visiting them (thanks Anika for pointing them out). Because of her feedback, I decided to get in touch with Intellitots and get some more information about them.

Intellitots is an activity center which offers a number of parent-toddler and parent-infant programs to stimulate the development of young children. Learning Centers such as Intellitots are pretty common in places developed nations such as USA or Australia, but are only now picking up in India.

About the Team

Intellitots was founded by two moms (Pooja and Shivani) who are both ex-IITians who had gone on to work in MNCs like Adobe, Palm, and Infosys. They have both lived abroad during their working times. Recently, both of them have left their professional lives to devote their time to Intellitots. They are both proud mothers of two.

Pooja and Shivani have partnered with Jimmy Eappen who is a seasoned teacher who was trained at the Julia Gabriel Center for Learning at Singapore. Jimmy specializes in speech, drama, and early childhood education, and manages all the programs at the center.

Activities and Programs

They have a number of programs that are run throughout the week, and you can visit the following page to get a complete listing: Programs. By the looks of the photograph (click the image to get a larger version), all the children are very happy in whatever they are doing (looks to me like they are building a parachute).

Here’s a description provided by Intellitots about their programs (I couldn’t have worded it better):

We offer a variety of activity based learning classes for 0-5 yr olds, designed to foster intellectual, social and physical development.  Activities include learning through music, movement and storytelling. We use age appropriate equipment sourced globally and have a professionally developed international curriculum.

Location and Contact

Intellitots is conveniently located near Galleria, in DLF Phase IV (next to Gate 1 of Ridgewood Estate). They can be reached via sending an email to info@intellitots.in. They are a very responsive bunch of people, and are always very happy to invite you over to their facility.


Based on Anika’s recommendation, and my discussions with Pooja (from Intellitots) I feel that it is a nice place to take your children to. If anyone amongst you have had an experience with Intellitots (good or bad), please leave a comment.

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  1. Intelliotots has now moved to a bigger and better premises at Nursery site -4101, DLF IV, near Vipul square.The classrooms and outdoor play area are very spacious.They also have enrichment programms in the evening for children aged 3 years onwards . For more details pls check their website http://www.intellitots.in

  2. My daughter has been attending the Intellitots Summer Camp on ‘Around the World in 20 days’ for two years now and it is really an awesome experience for the kids. Very interestingly structured…nice fun activities for the kids…and different from the other programs one hears about. I would strongly recommend the summer camp program for kids between 2-4 years of age.

  3. Recently, Julia Gabriel Centre for learning recently launched its new branch at DLF place mall Saket in Delhi. I am preparing an article on how the kid’s learning center are looking at shopping malls as a venue. Comments from industry people are anticipated.


  4. My 20 month old son & I have been attending the Parent-Toddler Sessions since my son was about a year old. More than writing a comment, I strongly recommend parents to go through the experiance themselves. The program involves the parent as much as it involves the child. It is an absolute pleasure to sing & dance with your toddler shedding any inhibitions (if any!).

    The environment, the program structure, the attitude & the involvement of the teachers is excellant. If it is possible, I might make Intellitot clones all over India so as to help Indian kids & Parents experiance this program.

  5. Hi Arti, thanks for your feedback. It is through feedback such as this, that I got to know about Intellitots. I am glad that it has been good for your child there. I have had a chance to talk to one of the people behind Intellitots (Pooja) and I can tell that she is pretty passionate about this endeavor. And that is one of the main ingredients to offering exceptional service.

  6. I am really thankful to Intellitots for helping my child become more social and outgoing. My son started going for speech and drama program at Intellitots beginning Oct and I have seen a marked improvement in his social interactions. He is also more open to participating in stage performances in his school. I highly recommend the program because it enables kids to socialize and develop the critically important communication and public speaking skills.

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