Enjoy freshly brewed beer at Vapour

This is a guest review by Kriti Arora, a featured reviewer for a leading restaurant portal. She recently went to Vapour with her husband and graciously agreed to write a review for Gurgaon Watch. Below is her feedback on Vapour, which is a microbrewery that has opened up in MegaCity Mall (on MG road, situated between Sahara Mall and Grand Mall). And here is what Kriti thought of the place:

Vapour was recommended to us by some friends who are extremely fond of brewed beer. So, over the weekend, when my husband and I decided to watch the soccer world cup at a bar that served brewed beer, we decided to take up on the recommendation for Vapour!

Situated in MGF Megacity, where food court once was, Vapour immediately welcomes visitors with its hip, new design and ambience. An open-air like restaurant has been created outside the entrance for those who prefer this type of an ambience. As soon as we entered, several servers greeted us with large smiles; we were asked for our seating preferences, and were quickly seated. We were immediately served water, and upon giving us the menus, the servers left us alone to make up our mind. beerThis was refreshing because at a lot of places, severs are eager to take orders and more often than not, have to told multiple times for water to be served.

At Vapour, you have a choice of four different beer types, each costing Rs. 185 for 500 ml; this is ‘rather cheap’ as compared to other microbreweries in Gurgaon,which is a good thing. I am a big fan of lager, so I chose Vapour Light which had a mild and yummy taste and was not too strong on the tongue. During the course of the evening, we tried all the beers and I would recommend Vapour Light and Vapour Dark which are both refreshing and perfect for lager lovers. With the drinks, my husband ordered finger foods and pasta, which though a little less in terms of quantity, were seasoned well and tasted great! For the soccer match, the premises boasted a large projector screen and two large HD TVs. As the match time came around, we saw more people rolling in.

One of the only inconveniences of the place is that in order to use the restroom, patrons are required to walk one level up; Vapour makes up for this by keeping the bathrooms very clean and well kept. On the terrace is a lounge area with a large screen, a separate DJ, and comfortable seating.

Big screens, good beer, good food, good ambience – this place has the makings of a perfect sports bar. Gurgaon needs more such restaurants.

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