FresCo Restaurante in Ambi Mall

Fresco literally means “fresh” in Italian. And that is one thing that is true of the salad bar available in this great little restaurant in Ambi mall. One of the biggest complaints I always have when ordering salads (in restaurants around Gurgaon) is that the salad leaves are usually pretty tired looking and not so fresh. But in this place, I couldn’t have asked for better salad when we decided to enjoy their buffet for lunch.

But, I am jumping all over the place here. Let me introduce this place first. The restaurant is called FresCo. It is located towards the backend of the Ambience mall food court (a little behind the McDonalds).

They have both A La Carte and Buffet menus, and I have enjoyed both, and liked them both. A friend of mine however would differ as she didn’t like the soup that they served her (but she is vegetarian).

The staff is very polite and is always watching out for you, and makes you feel very much at home. There are two seating areas, open and closed. The benefit of the closed area is that you don’t feel like you are in the middle of a mall with people passing by all the time.

They have a decent wine list as well, so you should be able to order good accompaniment to the largely Italian/Med cuisine that the place serves. We enjoyed their desserts as well when we tried the buffet. However, if you are really a dessert buff, then you may want to check out IndiJoe’s which is a couple of restaurants down (once we ate at FresCo’s and then walked to IndiJoe’s for dessert).

Overall, the place is recommended. Do try it out, and leave your comments here on whether you liked it or not.

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  1. I went to dine at this restaurant called fresco at ambience mall vas ant kunj on Tuesday 1 st may 2012. There was a one inch metal nail found in my penne pasta. Which I had odereded . I felt the nail in the first bite of the pasta and luckily I didn’t swallow it . pls don’t dine in this restaurant it can kill you plsss don’t dine here

  2. I had a meal at Fresco, Ambience Mall on 14th August( Dinner). We were a party of four persons and paid under bill No 0043858.
    The dinner seemed to be the left over of the lunch of same day( buffet). It was a hopeless meal as compared to lunches that I usually take there on weekends.

  3. We were dying to savour some conti cuisine and our search led us to Fresco in Ambience mall Gurgaon. It is an amazing place. The buffet spread is unending and actually one dish is different from the other. Loved the array of salads and the thin crust pizzas are to die for. And hats off to Greg who made the place a memorable experience. He is not just another crooner with a guitar in a restaurant. He is an entertainer, and we found him enjoying his performances a lot.

  4. I agree with your article on Fresco,completely.Great place to be there.Thogh not too fond of the italian cuisine,i end up going there just for the ambience and the Live music (weekend nights).The singer Greg ( i guess) is too good.
    Dont forget to ask for a MJ no,towards the end of the evening.You would not be disappointed.
    Like your info on Gurgaon,do keep writing in .

  5. Great site..ample information..i keep coming here for reviews..a great help for gurgaon residents esp. since gurgaon facilities are usually not enlisted properly anywhere on the net. cheers to u!

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