Get fresh beer at Ambi Mall in Gurgaon

A friend of mine who runs the awesome cartoon blog Brainstuck, was in town a couple of weeks ago and we decided to catch a movie at the Ambience mall. After the movie, we pondered on some place to go and eat. He wanted to try out the brand new joint called Rockmans’s Beer Island (located on the top floor of Ambi mall).

Here follows a review of the place.

The place serves beer of course (the name kind of gives it away, doesn’t it). But its no ordinary bar. They have their own brewery inside the restaurant and all the beer is fermented fresh. Now, that makes it different (if not unique, as this is not the only micro-brewery in town).

The Beer – I don’t normally like beer. However, I did develop a taste for a particular type of beer which is common in Germany (its called wheat beer or Weizen). And surprise, surprise, they offer wheat beer at Rockman’s. And it was pretty good as well. They do offer a number of other brews, and you can choose to order a large glass or the regular ones (the photo shows the regular ones).

We were joined by a couple of other friends and all of these beer-drinking guys said that the beer was good (remember that I am not too big on beers).

The Food – the food was nice. We ordered a variety of starters and dishes, and there were no complaints with the food quality. The menu is varied, though it is heavily biased towards the non-veg variety of food. So, you vegetarians will have only a handful of options to choose from.

The Ambience – the environment in the restaurant (I call it a restaurant) was pretty bright and cheerful. They have this little booths which look like barrels/kegs (call it whatever you want), in which you can sit 4-6 people. But you can only use them if you are only going to have some beer, as the tables in them are tiny. Other than that, there are normal tables and of course a bar space where you can sit if you happen to be alone or with a friend.

The Price – the place is very expensive. That’s all I can say.

Conclusion – nice place but very pricey. Will probably go back though.

Have you been to Rockman’s? If yes, please leave your impression of the place in the comments.

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    1. Rockman Beer Island to be shut down and sealed after Delhi High Court orders winding up of parent company Rockman Breweries (TNK) Ltd. on 2.5.2013

  1. i have enjoyed beer at ur place lot. I want to set up fresh beer pub at durgapur west bengal can you help me in this way.

  2. i wz at rockmann’s on 25th dec,2011 christmas day. .it wz real fun n i felt lyk sum royalty dere. my mom treated us n so v ordered a gr8 variety of yummy food incuding lasagna n veg frankie(as v r vegetarians). .it ws a nice experience az d place wz vry colourful n pretty wid d name saying dt itz a island. .i luk forward on being at rockmann’s again bt well only on a treat (as d place iz very expensive :))

    1. I agree. I have enjoyed every time I have been there. It just so happens I have always gone there with good friends, so even if the food or drinks are okayish sometimes, you end up having a good time.

  3. I was at Rockman’s Beer Island on 13th July & was shock to see that few customers were beaten up my Rockman’s staff & bouncers, first inside the restaurant & then were taken out. Later it was learnt that these customer had ordered for a food item which wasn’t served, on being questioned many a times the Manager got furious & called in bouncers.

    However the restaurant manager named Shobhit Kumar was arrested by Gurgaon Police later but it shows a very poor staff quality & mistreatment of customer at Rockman’s Beer Island.

    – Rupali

  4. I have heard from many of my pals that the beer here is not that great and it is over priced!!! Other options are vapour (expensive) and howzatt(a bit cheaper)

  5. Went to this place last week and drank a glass of Weisse Beer for INR 375. That is grossly overpriced and I mean by global standards too.
    The beer wasn’t exceptional and had a weird aftertaste. And no, I’m not a novice drinker.
    These guys need to slash their prices by 40% and then it’ll be worth it.

    1. I have heard this a number of times (about the pricing being on the higher side). So, everyone, please be aware that this place charges a premium for no reason (except maybe the location)…

  6. I have visited there last month and want to visit with my friend again. I love beer cocktails. so i liked that place only for beer.

    the different taste of beer

    music is tooo loud
    food and other liq are ok.

    i would go more often if the cost is affordable – 120/150 per order

  7. Very inconsistent taste. The management / staff have no knowledge of beer or its making. They don’t even have any professional brewer. Every time you ask them something they keep saying its a micro brewery and keep pointing to the copper things… they might as well serve kingfisher or something… and the place is way too expensive… definitely not worth it

  8. Hallo!

    Just to clarify:

    Dark Beer: No way this Stout. FGor your info Stout is heavy, higher in alcohol content and more creamy! Dark ber that you get in Rockman Beer Island is variety of Lager segment and has alcohol content as in any lager, that you would know? This is a typican German – Bavarian beer with a difference!

    More on Beer Varients!

    At the Rockman Beer Island:
    WE serve beer – for the first time in India – all the beer varients “Unfilltered” – very Rich in minerals, protiens, and vitamins. This is true German style of producing beer!

    We produvce beer adhering to German Purity Law and German emmissioms standards. If you any wuerries? pls. do not hesitate to write to us. Pleasure would be ours, to share more on breweing…….that is Our Religion!!!!

    Enjoy! Cheers…what we address i German …Prost!!

    1. Verma Ji… have you ever been to the Oktoberfest? Beer is your religion – is it? What qualifications do you have to claim something like that? Have you ever had anything other than kingfisher or haywards before opening this restaurant? Please stop plagerizing from google and showing your ignorance!

  9. I went to this place again and this time they were serving more variety of beers than they did last time. Other than pricey food, the servers and the waiters of this place have no knowledge of what they are serving. The server was unable to explain me the difference between the dark and the strong lager beer. It was only after we got the dark beer to taste(yes, you can taste different beers before ordering) we realized that it is a stout beer.

    This time the food wasn’t great either. I recommend this place only if one wants to drink and enjoy freshly brewed beer esp. wheat (Weizen) or dark(stout) beer.

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