Go get pampered at a new restaurant called 361

It was my mom’s birthday yesterday and we decided to celebrate at some place nice. So I thought of trying out the new Oberoi’s hotel that has opened up a few months ago. They have a few options for dining, and one of these is a multi-cuisine restaurant called threesixtyone – I wish I knew the reason behind this strange name.

Here’s my review:

It started by my calling the hotel to see if reservations are available (you never know). As it is with 5 star hotels, I got a very helpful lady who talked me through the dining options they have, and then passed me on to 361 when I said that’s where I want to dine. I was handed over to an equally helpful guy in the restaurant. He asked me the usual details (when I am coming, how many, etc.). There were two things that stood out in this interaction – one, when I told him that we have an infant, he suggested that we take a booth instead of a table (the sofa would make it easier to manage); two, I mentioned that I would like a table with a nice view since I am treating my mom for her birthday and I want her to enjoy it as much as she can, and he said “birthday?” in a funny manner.

Three Sixty One

Well, we arrived at the hotel. I have to say one good thing about this hotel. It is different. Their reception is on the 5th floor and the rest of the hotel is below the reception. So, when you enter, you drive up a beautiful lane to get to the fifth floor. Anyway, to get to the restaurant, we took an elevator down to the first floor. The restaurant itself is very spacious, and can seat a lot of people. The tables are very far away from each other which gives it an even better feel of openness. It has a very nice view of the huge reflection pool that the hotel has. We had two tables waiting for us (a booth, and one with a nice view of the pool). We chose the booth.

The food

We ordered some Thai red curry, some dumplings, a tandoori starter, and some other dish that I don’t remember. The food was quite simply delicious. The drinks were well-mixed (we had ordered a mix of cocktails and mocktails). They served very fresh and very tasty bread (3 or 4 types) while we waited for our food.

The service

This was even better. I can easily say that this place had one of the best services that I have ever seen in a five star hotel. The people serving us were all very friendly, very confident, always smiling, and very good at conversation. We had 4-5 people serving us at all times. If I wanted something, I just had to look up and I would catch someone’s attention who would promptly come over to see what we needed. We felt very pampered.

Our daughter is 18 months old. She was being a little difficult just as our main course arrived. One of the servers just walked over and offered to take care of her while we ate. We accepted. He just took her (this was a busy restaurant with most of their tables filled) and started taking her around the restaurant, showing her different things, having her meet his different co-workers. It was great. As I said, we felt very pampered.

In fact, even as we had arrived (not even ordered our food), a chef came over (out of no where) and brought over a plate with 4 chocolate pieces on them for our daughter. He offered her the chocolate, which she loved because these were all different colors and shapes.

When we were done, and I called for the bill, they asked us to stay put – they had a cake ready for my mom. I always love it when a restaurant does that. And this being The Oberoi, the cake was right up to their standard – it was delicious – simply delicious.

I think their hospitality is their best offering by far.

The price

Food for 4 people, mix of drinks cost us around 5 grand.

For a 5 star hotel, the type of service they have, the kind of ambiance they offer, I think that is not too unreasonable – in fact, I think that’s a good price.

I will definitely return.

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  1. One update. We went there again, at night. They have seating outside the restaurant which is on a deck next to the large body of water they have in front of the hotel.

    It was very nice, so if you plan to visit on a coolish evening, do try it out.

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