Good Tex-Mex at Ambi Mall

Whenever we are thinking of Mexican food, we think of Rodeo’s as destination. And that is not really a  bad thought. But since diversity is the spice of life, we need to know what other options are out there. So, I introduce to you IndiJoe – this is a “tex-mex” style restaurant, which also serves other styles of cuisine. We ate there a couple of weeks ago, and let me tell you up front – the conclusion is that we will definitely go back to it. But, here’s a little more detail about our experience:

The Look and Feel

The restaurant is nicely decorated (very American), with nice bright lights on top of the tables (but otherwise subdued lighting). The decor keeps you interested while you are waiting for the food to arrive. Of course, if you are with interesting company then you probably don’t need to be kept occupied by the decor. Its very reminiscent of Ruby Tuesday or Big Chill (of course, if I was a professional critic, I would know the actual word for such decor).

The people waiting on you are courteous and friendly – big smiles all around. Even the person who showed us in (the one standing at the door) was very professional and courteous. I love going to restaurants where the patrons and the staff are happy to see you – they make you welcome. It just adds another dimension to your dining experience and makes you want to go back.

The place was not crowded when we went there (it was a Sunday night) – this was a surprise because we found it to be quite a nice joint with good food. Of course, its not that old a restaurant, so it may take some time before it becomes popular.

To give you an idea on how to get there – Get to the food court and face McDonalds. There is a passage that is going further in from the left side of McDonalds. You will see Punjab Grill at the beginning of this passage. Just keep going along it all the way to the end (where there is a Chinese restaurant). IndiJoe is just before the Chinese joint.

The Food

Although we went for dinner, I have been told that they also have a buffet for lunch (no buffet at dinner time). That makes it a great place for working lunches. The menu is not huge, but not small either. There is enough variety. The best part about their menu is that they have a decently large Desert Menu, so make sure that whatever you are eating, you leave space for that.

Aside from the food, they have a pretty large drinks menu as well, and a well stocked bar. So if you are in the mood to knock back a few and relax, you won’t be disappointed. They have a large selection of cocktails that they will mix for you, if you don’t like your alcohol straight.

We ordered something called “The Maggie’s Farm” and I must tell you, it was delicious. It was the most succulent piece of chicken that I have ever had, and my wife agreed. Maybe we were just lucky or very hungry or both. But still, it tasted very good. And unless you are really hungry or you have a large appetite, that one dish is good for two people (we both had our tummies full in one order).

Value for Money: Given the fact that we only had to order one dish, and the drinks alone were for over 650 bucks, the food came out to be relatively cheap. Our entire bill of Rs. 1,100 meant that this is not an expensive place at all.

The Bad

Every place has some flaws – no place is perfect. The flaws at IndiJoe were not major though. Actually, we counted just 3 (and two are similar).

One – we ordered a Martini. They came back to us and said, sorry, we are not serving Martinis. I hate it when a restaurant has a flashy menu and they aren’t serving half the things that are on the menu.

I forgive them however as they are a new joint, and I know that until recently they didn’t have a bar license. So maybe they are still stocking up.

Two – we ordered a particular desert (don’t remember the name anymore, but it was a lot of fruits in chocolate, or something). They weren’t serving that either. Again, I hate that. The excuse for this one was that fruits are seasonal, so they didn’t have that dish.

What a silly excuse. There are some great fruits to go around during the winters in India.

Three – we ordered a frozen lime Margarita. I am pretty sure that the bar tender forgot to put Tequila in the Margarita (or he may have ran out of Tequila after putting a couple of drops). Or maybe it was just me.


All in all, we will definitely be going back to this place. I might even take some clients there from time to time as it was a very nice place.

2 thoughts on “Good Tex-Mex at Ambi Mall”

  1. If you are going there for lunch, Mexican foodies be forewarned, you will find only Indian cuisine on offer including butter chicken but no Tex Mex food!!

  2. Okay, although I had good things to say about this place, I visited again and this time I learned something else. If you plan to have an early dinner this is not the place to be. They apparently only open at around 7:30pm. What’s bad about that? Well, the main thing is that my friends ordered beer, and they didn’t have cold beer. That is what is bad about that. We had arrived there at around 7:30 pm.

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