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We are always looking for toys for our 5 month old. But as most modern parents tend to, we also want to make sure that we get the right toys for the baby; toys that contribute to her development as well as her fun; toys which are appropriate for her age group. It is not always easy to find the right toys in Gurgaon, so it was a great surprise when we saw a new store in Gurgaon: early learning center.


The Early Learning Center is a UK based company which sells toys for young children. Their toys are designed to develop and enhance various skills that are vital for children at different ages (motor skills, hand eye coordination, problem solving, imagination, reading, social skills, etc.). octopusThese toys are also grouped by age-groups, so you are sure to get the right toy for your child.

The ELC store in Gurgaon is located in Ambience Mall, on the same floor as MotherCare – a couple of shops apart from MotherCare (the ELC chain of stores is owned by MotherCare). Its a decent sized store as toy stores go in Gurgaon, and so you are sure to find something for your child. We have been there a few times and have always come back with a purchase (its great for buying gifts too).

beeAs I mentioned, these toys are great for developing various skill of your child. They are very attractive as you can see. I took the photos from the ELC UK website, but these are the actual toys we bought for our baby daughter from Ambi mall.

You can click on each photo to read description of that toy on the ELC website, and there are customer reviews there as well from people who have used them. Our daughter loves the toys, and spends a lot of time with them. The construction quality of the toys is pretty good, and the company claims to test them thoroughly before they arecaterpillar put in the market.

As is often the case of imported stuff, it is on the expensive side. There is a decent sized markup on the toys sold in the Gurgaon store from the prices on the UK website, however, IMO these toys are so nicely designed that we don’t have a problem in paying the price. So, the worth of the toys is a very subjective decision, though by no yardstick are these cheap. Additionally, I would expect that a store such as this should have knowledgeable sales staff, people who actually know about children and their needs. That is not the case, so if you are looking for advice on these toys, you won’t find people in the store very knowledgeable.

Bottomline: great toys which are on the expensive side. If you are looking for toys which you can be sure are safe for your kids, and fun too, the ELC store is one of the best bets in town.

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