Gurgaon Police has a Website

Till today, I didn’t know that the Gurgaon Police has an online presence. I suppose I should have assumed this, but somehow in India you don’t take progressiveness on the part of the government as granted.

The bright side of this is that you are always pleasantly surprised when you find out about something like this.

Anyway, the site looks pretty well organized, with a number of neatly arranged sections catering for various activities such as Complaints, Passport, Arms License, Driving License, etc.

There is even a section for filing online complaints though I doubt that it would amount to being an FIR. I would love to see how this online filing of the complaint works (but I wouldn’t want to use it myself for obvious reasons).

Here’s a look at what this online complaint form looks like:


As you can see, it allows you to send a complaint for just about anything. Anyone who has used this should leave a comment on their experience with this form.

To visit the Gurgaon Police Website, click here. As it turns out, Gurgaon Police is doing much more than just having a website. There is complain by SMS as well. See this post on Bruno’s Blog for more details on this topic (make sure to mute your computer because there are some irritating video ads on this page this has been fixed).

10 thoughts on “Gurgaon Police has a Website”

  1. To
    The Gurgaon Police

    We are running an outsourcing company which is involved into providing the Car Drivers all over in Delhi & NCR. A person Mr S******* called us for driver from their mobile phone no. 9*********. Our executive go to there place at Gurgaon (H.No-****/*, Sec-5, Gurgaon) than he has taken his mobile and give him assurance to come back after 5-minutes, but after waiting for 1/2 an hour he didn’t come back, then he tries his number & Mr S*******’s nos, both nos are not reachable. He called us in the office, then office staff advise him to come back.
    Next day he go to the Police Station for FIR against S*******, but Police Men declined to launch his complaint. Again he come back, We are dialing the both phone nos daily, but the both phone was switched off or not reachable. Today again we have dialed these nos. Any person received the phone calls, but he is talking with very misbehaviour. Pls do the needful
    Now we are very upset.
    Please adivce.
    Hope this step will definately help us.

    Executive Name & Phone No
    K****** S*****
    9******** (theafted phone)

    Robber / Theafter Name & Phone No

    Pls investigate this matter & inform us.

    With Best Regards,
    Harish Kumar Sharma
    New Delhi

    1. Hi Harish,

      This is not a Gurgaon Police website. Also, i have removed names and phone numbers of people from the comment, because I don’t think this is the right place to put this information. Please contact the Gugraon Police through their website or their Facebook group.


  2. On Monday, i,e,22.11.10, round about 7:30am,06 armed miscreants,robbed me of my mobile and other valuables, outside IFFCO metro station.
    They were having knives as well.
    All of a sudden they appeared and showd me knife and took away the valuables.
    I tried to find any PCR van but in vain.
    Within 15min i reached my office at Shankar Chowk and Dialed 100 No. to file my complain.
    Since i was having an urgent meeting with a client,so to avoid any loss to co. i reached sector-29 police station at 5:00pm to file my complaing formally.
    Inspite of such incidents in past in that area,which police personals were aware,they refused to file my case as robbery,nd forced me to wrire a misplace complaint, by which i was surprised nd shocked as well.
    My cOMPLAINT nO. IS 700 DATED 22.11.10.

    My greatest worry is that if they are allowed to scott free then it will only boost their confidence.
    I have noted the vehicle No. as well.
    Its a white scooter with No. UP710V.
    Kindly take some necessary action, as i’m really scared to travel from there anymore.

  3. Ok, great. 🙂 Sorry about that comment, but it really irritated me to suddenly hear the video ads (my speaker was on full)

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