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A haircut is one of those things that everyone needs. And everyone has a favorite salon that they visit. There are people like me who hardly have time (or are too lazy) to make a special visit to the barber, and so if there is a barber in the mall (which you visit anyway) then it really helps.

Almost all malls in Gurgaon have a salon – a lot have more than one. The mall that I most visit is Ambience Mall on NH8, and the salon present in this mall is called Hair n Shanti. I am a regular at this place, as is my wife, and this blog post is a quick review of our experience with Hair n Shanti.

If you are in a hurry, here’s the quick review: generally, you will be pleased with the outcome of your visit. There are no red flags in terms of services provided and the quality of service. So, I recommend this salon.

However, if you need a little more detail, read on.

The place is usually crowded, so either take an appointment, or be prepared to wait a little while you are adjusted in between appointments. I normally just walk in there the moment I enter the mall to see when the next slot is, and then adjust my other activities in the mall accordingly.

The services offered to the ladies are fairly good (as witnessed by my wife – she has never complained once, so it must be good).

For myself, I can vouch for the haircut and head massage which are always excellent. I have been nicked a couple of times while getting a shave, so I generally avoid that (but I think that is pretty much the norm anywhere). My wife forced me into getting a manicure once, but I didn’t like what they did and nor did she. However, there are always plenty of men getting a variety of face and hair treatments, so overall it should be good.

Most people seem to be regulars (as evidenced by the familiarity between the service providers and the customers). What this says is that they are happy with what they get and that is why they return.

The guy who I normally get catered by is named Sahil, and he is fairly good. You can ask for him by name.

Now the main negative – the place is expensive. A men’s haircut costs Rs. 400. So you can scale the other things accordingly. I guess that is the price you pay for the location and the convenience. But if that doesn’t bother you, this place is certainly recommended.

Have you had experiences at Hair n Shanti? Please leave comments.

9 thoughts on “Haircut in Ambi mall – Hair n Shanti”

  1. Well people!worst place i have ever seen for the hair services.first of all the people are very unprofessional,they are in hurry always,very smart in miscommunication.Before my hair cut i specially asked the receptionist about the hair wash being include in the cutting cost>very boldly they said said YES MAM.The girl,who does the hair cut,she is full of attitude.She hardly tuk 3 minutes to do the cut,and it was ridiculous,just a normal trim,gave me a wrong fringe.At the time of blow drying,two silly boys on top of that did wrong blow drying that totally spoiled the hair cut look.And when you try to talk to these people,they have nothing to answer back.In the end i was given a bill of 1000 bucks in which they tuk Rs 800 just for a trim And 100 for shampoo and 100 for just applying a silly conditioner for less than 10 seconds.And this was supposed to be included in the cut cost specially wen ur charging so much.
    People at hair n shanti!go n have a luk in the mirror!there is a lot u need to learn.
    I have almost tried all the professional salons.This one was the worst till now.

  2. hello everyone, i just want a good hair cut which will suit on my face and even which will go with my hair quality. Is Hair and Shanti at ambi is good. what do they charge for hair cut

  3. hi…i m one of the regular client of hair and shanti so is my family and i find this is one of the best place with best people….. i never had any complain bt sumtyms hav to adjust specially in weekends…the price are quite reasonable if you compare with the services….i will heartly welcome as much as my friends and family to this warm and friendly place…

  4. I have been going to Hair and Shanti at ambi mall for hair cut for quite sometime.I even recommended the same to my sister who is real fussy about her haircuts.
    Just yesterday ie 13Jan2010 at 1600 hrs,I went for my USUAL haircut and the girl at the reception called upon someone by the name of anu to give me my haircut.As i finished and went to pay for the services,the same receptionist charged me 500 bucks(no shampoo services),whereas a week back she was charging 400 bucks.(my sister paid).So when i asked her about the same,she very cattily(although i am tempted to use some other phrase to describe her)told me that the rates had been revised since last one year.When i told her about my sister’s visit,then she came up with an even better one.It seems that the rates there depend upon who cuts your hair.When asked that why this new policy or whim wasnt been told to customers,she said”you never asked”.
    I am so cut up with her that ive decided to not only change my hair stylist but also refer the same to all my friends who have been visiting this place in Ambi mall for hair work on my recommendations.
    Needless to say that I am mighty annoyed with their attitude.
    So all of you out there pl beware…..

    1. Thanks Shailja for your feedback. People please keep this in mind if you visit Hair n Shanti. In fact, if you are a regular visitor there, then you may even want to ask them about this practice, and maybe raise a fuss about it. If enough people do this, then they may improve their way of doing business.

    2. Dear Shailja,

      Sorry for my late reply, I was just checking the hair n Shanti status on Web found you all loyal person. I am really happy to have good and Bad Feedback, as one of the Top Management of Hair n Shanti I would like to say Sorry for being all the troubles, we are trying our best to provide excellent services but it may happen some thing unexpected…
      Uday Mishra

      1. Yeah! Even I agree…. Coz I’m a regular at hair n shanti n every month they charge different rates which are always hiked ones… My sons same haircut also keep fluctuating between 250 to 350. It’s a gud place to go but no one till date understands why the charge more n more for the same services every month. Lot of my friends have started going to geetanjali since they seem balanced with their rates. Especially the Nepali girl with bold streakes is very unpleasant n full of attitude…I ask for what are you showing it to us!!!! Keep mum n sit on ur seat n jus make bills.
        Someone give me a reply…

      2. I haven’t been going to them for a while now. But I visited them on Sunday – and I had a wonderful time. They remembered me and my wife and were very nice about taking care of us.

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