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The sad fact of life is that like it or not, you will have to visit a doctor some day. And usually, its for reasons that you would rather avoid. So, if you are living in Gurgaon, then what are your options? Of course, it also depends on how much you can afford to spend on healthcare. In this post, I will describe my experiences with one of the Healthcare services in Gurgaon.

I have had many reasons to visit the doctor in the past 5 years that I have been in Gurgaon, and so I can talk a little bit about all the various places that I have been to. Almost all my visits have been to the bigger hospitals or clinics. Let me start with my most recent visit:

Artemis Health Institute

This is a new addition to the Gurgaon healthcare scene, and this is the one that I like the most so far. I have been here for dental work, and I know friends who have got eye surgery as well as radiation therapy done from here. And all of us are overall happy with the results.

caduceusWhat are the flip sides? It’s a little pricey. For example, a root canal would set you back about Rs. 3200 (and of course then you would need to pay out for the crowning).

However, with the price, you also get very good clinical standards. I once went to a private dental clinic near Sector 15 (I don’t want to name the doctor), and although the doctor seemed very competent, I was not comfortable going back there again. The doctor’s assistants were working in my mouth with the same hands that they had just used to clean up the table (no gloves, no washing, etc.). They were mixing stuff that had to go into my mouth with bare hands.

Compare this with Artemis, where a fresh sterilized set of instruments is used for every patient, and everyone wears a fresh pair of gloves before they even touch your mouth. I had one visit, where an assistant accidentally dropped his glove while trying to put it on, and immediately, the doctor asked him to get a new glove on.

Everything is not perfect

Parking: There are other small irregularities which I don’t like about the place. You have to pay to park. I have never been to another hospital where that was needed. And they only have designated parking for about 20 cars. Once those are full, you have to park in the driveways. I would call that very bad planning for a 500 bed hospital.

Reception: My wife summarized it perfectly: “The OPS registration is not very friendly”. Which doesn’t mean that they are impolite or rude. It’s just that it’s not very warm. Although I would say they are more efficient than other places that I have seen in the past.


Overall, I would say, it is a good place to go. The doctors look competent. The place looks clean and professional. And the overall atmosphere is good.

Here’s an added bonus. They have a 24 hour food court which includes a Subway counter. So, if you need to have a sandwich in the middle of the night, you can go there.

Their website:

2 thoughts on “Healthcare in Gurgaon – Artemis”

  1. On my first visit to Artemis, I also had same opinion on parking lot.
    On second visit the guard pointed me to other parking area which had enough parking lots.

    I know it pains to pay to park, but consider that if parking is free then chances of getting a slot will be difficult.
    Rs 20 for parking is not bad, in spite of this you would see huge cars parked outside the hospital on main road.

    I had visited Artemis for a test that was not available in many labs I visited. Overall the experience has been ok, nothing special to write about.

    One of the test costed 4000 full 1000 rs more than apollo clinic. So its costly if you see.

  2. Although you still need to pay to park, you no longer have a parking space crunch. They have a large parking behind the hospital now. Having said that, people still park alongside the driveways, and no-parking areas.

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