Here’s a great recipe to cure Body Aches

I have always enjoyed a massage, and Gurgaon has a large number of options available that offer massage services. But most are expensive, or offer much more than a simple massage. This is what sets Oriental Senses apart from the rest of the bunch.

Oriental Senses is the latest massage service which has opened in Gurgaon. It is located on the second floor of DT Mega Mall on Golf Course Road (incidentally, the same mall also has an Ayurvedic Massage Center). Oriental Senses offers traditional Thai Massage, Shiatsu, and Foot Massage.

A one hour massage costs less than Rs. 1000. I think that is a great price.

The place itself is small. Once you get there, you are asked to change into soft tee-shirt and shorts which are provided. Then the therapist begins the massage in a very Thai style setup (a small mattress on a wooden floor). The entire setup is very Thai, with the next person only separated from you by a curtain (this is just how a lot of massage parlors in Thailand are setup).

As for the massage, it was great. The therapist who worked on me knew her stuff. She was able to increase or decrease pressure according to my needs. And after the massage I felt quite refreshed.

I think the only drawback is that the noises of the mall can penetrate into the massage area and so it is not as relaxing as it can be. But the quality of the massage more than makes up for this.

I recommend everyone who visits Mega Mall to take out this hour. Oh, and you should call ahead to book as they can only take three people at a time. Here are the phone numbers: +91 9818111433, +91 124 4307505.

Update (Sep 26, 2008): I visited Oriental Senses again today. And once again, I can safely say that I will continue to recommend the place to anyone and everyone.

This time it was a Foot Reflexology session that I tried and yes, even this was as good as the Shiatsu Massage. What is really good is that the therapists seem to be automatically tuned into your needs.

For example, today a group of people came in for their massage while I was having my massage, and they were (as is expected of us Indians) pretty loud while conversing amongst themselves and very chatty – with no regards to the quiet atmosphere in the facility. And it was actually quite disturbing, and my therapist must have read something on my face, because right as I was about to get up and request them to be quiet, she actually did it herself.

Have you tried Oriental Senses? Please leave a comment about your experience. Thanks.

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18 thoughts on “Here’s a great recipe to cure Body Aches”

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  2. Hi, I visited Oriental Senses last year after reading about them on google. I am a professional athlete and really needed a strong woman. and boy was i surprised!! Kim, the masseur, was ever so professional and strong. I paid 1800 rs for an hour and it was money well spent. cannot wait to go again!!!

  3. The prices shared are not Rs.1000 but as follows:

    Oil based – 1300, Monday to Friday happy hours between 11am to 2pm

    Otherwise 1800,

    foot massage – 1000 for one hour

    Dry base – 900 happy hours, 1300 otherwise.

    Now i am not sure which version is correct !

  4. My husband went to Oriental senses and was offered just a Thai Massage with clothes on. The Shiatsu was only for women. What kind of satisfying massage is this for men ?

  5. Are Body Spa & Oriental senses the only two spas in gurgaon where you can find cross-massage (girls giving massage to men)?

    Which are the better ones?

    Do the girls at Body Spa offer services beyond massage also?

  6. Hi XX,

    My name is Ahoi and I am the owner of Oriental Senses. First of all, I want to thank you for sharing your valuable feedback.
    And i am deeply sorry to hear that your experience at Oriental Senses did not meet your expectations. I would want to personally find out who the therapist was so that we could take corrective action.
    I personally take responsibilty for this bad experience of yours and this will not be repeated again, ever. It would be nice if you could drop me a mail at .

    Thank you Gurgaon Resident for giving us the platform where we could get feedback of how we are performing.

    Once again, on behalf of Oriental Senses, my sincere apologies.

    1. Folks Oriental(Esther n Lennie),
      You guys are doing a great job and what attracted me most was the ambiance and the customer care..not to forget the therapist Neona who was rock solid with her work… Anyone whoz looking to cool his or her heels off..This is the place where you can find a relaxed time…I would recommend traditional thai ..go for it….
      Cheer’s Nitin

  7. I am surprised that you had such an experience. All my experiences have been different. One thing to remember is that in most massages, if its been sometime since your last massage, you can experience a body ache.

    Well, I think this can serve as a warning to everyone else. Next time you go there, talk to the manager beforehand about these things.

  8. i went to oriental senses last month and came back with a very sore back…i was very disappinted with the not to hygeinic environment. I don’t think the ladies there understand our needs. I noticed that the girls there talk to themselves and gigle a lot. Also i noticed that the massger stepped out during the massage at least 3 times in 1 hour. I am disappinted and would rather recommend ayush – ayurvedic massage

  9. @Anika – thanks a lot for your comment, once again. I am going to write about this place using your experience. This way, others will benefit as well 🙂

  10. Thanks. A friend of mine referred me to a place called Intellitots that offers both parent toddler and parent infant programs. I went for their trial class yesterday and it was a great sesion with a good mix of art & craft, baby yoga, storytelling and music and movement. My son really enjoyed being there. It is not quiet like Gymboree but their trainers are mostly from Julia Gabriel Center of Learning which is apparently a very well known academy/center in Singapore. I was impressed. They are at 5217 near Galleria next to Ridgewood Estate. Their website is still rudimentary but has all the basic information on

  11. @Anika

    Not being a parent yet, I don’t know any. However, I am going to ask some of my friends who do have toddlers. In the meantime, if you do come across something on your own, it would be great if you can do a short write up about it (or I will do it for you) so that we can post it on this site.


  12. Hi, I was wondering if you are aware of any good parent toddler programs in Gurgaon. I have recently moved back from Sydney and I am looking for a ‘Gymboree’ like option for my 18 month old son.

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