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I am a big fan of being able to do shopping online and have the stuff simply delivered to your home. This applies even more when it comes to getting this done in Gurgaon, because stepping out of your home means getting stuck in traffic, taking stress because of the way your fellow motorists drive, and so on.

So, I was really happy to see that there are online businesses that let you shop for fruits and veggies from the comfort of your computer. And so far, I have tried two of them, and I will talk a little bit about both.

Disclaimer: both these services will be charging you more than the market rate of the goods you buy. I think that is natural. The pros are that you can order late at night, or from your office – it’s one task off your list of to-do’s.

The first and my recommendation from the two choices:


Farm2Kitchen (www.farm2kitchen.com) has a decently designed website and carries a very decent selection of fruits and vegetables. While on their website they say that they deliver to a limited number of places (and my location was not one of them), when I placed the order, it arrived the next day (they also offer same day delivery under certain conditions).

Another thing that they offer, which is a good idea is “Automatic Orders” – it’s like buying fruits and vegetables through a subscription service – you basically get a pre-defined bouquet of goods every week at a designated time. This way you don’t have to remember to order your most commonly used things.

Pros: the following is what I liked about Farm2Kitchen:

  • Quality – the fruits that were delivered were of an excellent quality. Better than what we normally get from the local market.
  • On Time – I received the goods I purchased on their site the very next day.

Cons: the following is what is not the best about them:

  • Price – they are priced higher than the market and also their competitor.
  • Progress updates – I wish they were giving better updates on my order. For instance, I would have liked to be called before the order left for my house the next day (what if I wasn’t home).

All in all, I still like them better, and will repeat with them.

The second service looks to be a more established player in this area, but doesn’t get my vote:


MandiFresh (mandifresh.co.in) is also a nicely designed website, and offers a comparatively larger variety of things that you can buy. I placed an order on this website as well, and the same fruits that I ordered on Farm2Kitchen.

Their stuff is priced lower on average from Farm2Kitchen – however, when they arrived with my order, it was sent back. The chikoos were all squished. The best part about it all is that the guy never came back with the order, and I wasn’t called by them – no apology note, or anything.

To top it all off, I received an SMS saying “your order has been delivered” – or something similar.

Pros: here’s what I like:

  • Price – closer to market price, but looks like it represents the quality – or maybe it was a one-off chance with them.
  • Better established – they have a lot of good things on their site which makes me think that they have a better handle on things – just need to improve quality.

Cons: what I don’t like:

  • Quality – when I shop online, I expect that I will receive good quality since I am not physically present to inspect the purchase. They really need to improve this.
  • Customer service – like I said, no one got back to me about the non-delivery/non-acceptance of that order.

For me at least, I am not ordering from them unless I am desperate.

If you try either of these services, or have tried them in the past, please do leave a note here on how you liked or disliked them. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Home delivery of fruits and vegetables in Gurgaon”

  1. I visited a website http://www.greenvegi.com and ordererd fruits and vegetables from it. i could get it within 3 hours of my order infact they tend to inform you about everything related to order. their packaging is also wonderful. problem is finding the time slot if it is free its very good else you have to find a later time slot. otherwise GREENVEGI is great

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  3. hello,
    im new to gurgaon…i just wanted to find out how i can have The Hindu (newspaper) delivered to my home at sector 48. Im having alot of problems arranging for the newspaper delivery boy to get the the paper i have asked for as he claims it is not popular here. could u please suggest a way of dealing with this problem if you know of any way?
    thank you.

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