Juassa – Just A Salon on Sohna Road

UPDATE: While this salon still exists, the name has changed a couple of times now. And I no longer use this as my standard place to go. Also, within this building itself there are multiple options now (as there are over the rest of Sohna road).

I have been living at Sohna Road for many years now, and the worst part about living here was that you would have to drive out to MG road, or DLF, or Ambi mall for the smallest things – such as a haircut. Well at least for a haircut, I will no longer have to look anywhere other than Sohna Road. It’s not that there were no facilities to get a hair cut before. There are a couple of nice salons in Malibu Towne and South City 2; however, a lot of people (such as me) like to go into a slightly more upscale place – good air-conditioning, nice lighting, polite and clean staff, etc.

This is where Juassa comes in.

Juassa is located in the brand new shopping complex at the corner of the road to South City 2 (next to Fortune hotel; in front of Vipul Greens). For me, it’s a convenient 10 minute walk (gives me an excuse to walk as well).

The salon itself is great. Large area, doesn’t look crowded (bigger than most of the salons I have been to). Well lit, clean, and shiny (it’s new). The chairs were comfortable.

The guy who cut my hair was competent (I was happy with my hair cut). I was offered bottled water the moment I sat down to get my hair cut.

The hair cut was Rs. 200 (for men), which I think is very reasonable. I went on a weekday, and there wasn’t any waiting, but I am told (by my wife) that weekends can be crowded.

About the only thing that I didn’t like was that before starting, the guy who was cutting my hair got my hair shampooed. It turns out that the shampoo was charged extra (Rs. 100) – now if it was a charge, then I should have been given an option to say no. The way he simply asked one of his helpers to shampoo my hair made me think that it’s part of their process (in fact, that’s how I am used to it – this is what the other salons I have been to do).

Anyway, I will definitely be a regular there – since it is so conveniently close to home. No parking hassles. No driving hassle.

BTW: they have a full menu of services for the ladies.

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  1. While I was surfing I just happen to found this site and am glad to have finally found something so helpful on all-about-Gurgaon. 🙂

    It’s been an year now that I shifted here. And am still struggling to find a good hairstylist. I need to get a haircut done like soon. Are the hair cutters really good in Juassa? If I can have the name of the cutter? or any other good salon I can go to? Kindly suggest.

    1. Hi. I just found this site today too so thought I will drop in a word. I think one of the best hair stylist is a guy called Mandeep. I’ve been getting a hair cut from him for years now and he’s pretty good and very knowleadgable. I always thought I was lucky to find him till I realized he’s got a huge clientele. He works at Eztelo salon in sushant lok -1 which is right behind Gold Souk. I have his no. 8588821669/70. Do see if it works for you.

  2. I would like to thank you to the management of JUASSA Salon for making such a nice parlor at Sohna Road. I am resident of Parasnath Sohna Road. I am so happy with the services of this Salon.Friendly and nice staff. KEEP IT UP !

  3. I am disagree with Bhavna’s comments as i am a regular customer of JUASSA and I visit regularly at the salon from last three months and i never found any problems, they are very professional. I am very satisfied with the services of JUASSA. I agree that peoples are vary and may have bad experience for the first time but I think we should always give another chance and then evaluate their services. I always gave reference to my family members and friends to visit this salon.
    At last I wish them all the very best for their future and many more customers with good experience.:-)

  4. A very very bad place for haircut…i went there to get myself a haircut and tld them this is my first time here so doa decent job….told him not to shorten the length of my hair more than 1 inch….he cut my hair almost half and then he just vanished and another guy came to do blow dry…he had no idea how to ever use a drier…i left the place in a jiffy threw Rs 500 on the counter when i reached home i saw my hair is half of its length….very bad experience

  5. Can someone give me the contact details of Juassa- Sohna Road? Have read and heard about it a zillion times. I think it is time to pay a visit and judge for myself. Thank you

    1. Keep going on sohna road till you see Ninex City mall on your left and you’ll spot Juassa. The mall is adjacent to Fortune Hotel.

  6. I didn’t have a great experience. Asked for a short cut, but the guy barely trimmed my hair. I have lived near Sohna Road for about 3 years now and am a fan of “The Barber” at B-block market, South City II. It’s just behind Ninex where Juassa is. It’s not a luxury salon at all, but its a neat and clean place. Arif, my favorite barber, is simply too good. Cut, shampoo + tips cost me a 100 bucks and I leave with a smile on my face. His ‘messy’ or ‘spiky’ cuts make me feel 10 years younger! Give “The Barber” a try and insist on Arif.

      1. Great! Please insist on Arif (he sports a french cut these days) – will be good to know if your experience was good/bad/ugly. He gave me a short and spiky look yesterday which was good. Cut + Shampoo + Gel for Rs. 70.

  7. i availed of a package for women at juassa…for Rs.1499/- when i arrived the salon a lady recommended i do not avail the facial mentioned in the package but take a higher value facial suitable to skin texture….i agreed .but noticed that they used very little of facial product on my face unlike other parlours where i have facials….the facial was less on the face and more on massage….which takes up more of the time….making one feel that the facial is incomplete….further the less quantity of product used on face was not adequate….the facial here are more of body massages than actual use of products on face…..the pedicure and manicure were good….facial not great.

    1. I agree to you u.. i experienced the same.. i went for O3 facial.. they used so less of cream on face and for neck area they did not even used O3 cream but instead used some local cream.. pathetic…moreover their rates are so exorbitant .. and the lady incharge over there is rude and impatient. does not have sense of talking to customer… i would say this place is absolutely un accommodative of ur needs…

      Customers dont just need to be pampered by words but also by service.. this salon should learn this

  8. @ All, Juassa is i Think so of Neu Saloon Group. They have one in MGF mall also. Shampoo Price is included in there rate list

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