Kids in Gurgaon are getting together to celebrate Earth Day

A lot of us in India have a tendency to be sarcastic about initiatives such as the Earth Day (here’s one rant about this very issue). We tend to think that with all the shortage of water, electricity, etc., we already have a very low impact on the Environment.

This is wrong of course. Every global citizen on the planet carries the responsibility of conserving the planet for future generations. We need ensure that we don’t pollute the planet; we don’t overuse it’s resources; we don’t destroy its natural abundance and wildlife. And as with almost every large problem, the solution lies in baby steps. We need to start small and at home.

KidsForGurgaon, is an initiative by IamGurgaon (a citizen’s group hell bent on improving Gurgaon). And they are putting together a drive to spread awareness on Earth Day.

They will be visiting shopkeepers in various markets around Gurgaon to talk to shoppers about the importance of minimizing the use of plastic bags. They will talk about how to implement the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. You are all invited to join them in their endeavor and make a difference.

Please visit the link above to find details of their activities and ways to contact them if you would like to participate.

Remember, over a billion plastic bags are discarded every day. Even a small step will make a huge difference to the environment and the planet.

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  1. My grandson (4 years old)is having vacations these days. What kind of activities you can suggest for him. He lives in Vatika City on Sohna Road (Near Badshahpur).

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