Late night movie at Ambience Mall

I just got back from watching The Dark Knight. It was a late show which started at 11:30pm and since the movie was a long one, it ended at quarter past 2 am. The movie itself was fairly good and I recommend all batman fans to definitely check it out.batman

Let’s talk a bit about the overall experience (the movie itself was just one part of it). I got to the mall a little after 11:00pm. Here’s a very important tip: for this late movie get to the mall before 11:00, and here’s why.

The basement parking closes at 11:00pm. They won’t let you in. I don’t know about you, but I feel the most comfortable parking in the basement of a mall. I had to go all the way around to the back of the mall (it’s a huge mall) and then park in the open. It was chaos to park there. Since it was in the open, a lot of people chose to park their car not in the designated open parking area, but on the road side (to save 20 rupees? I saw some pretty expensive cars being parked that way).

In any case, parking in that open area is a pain because then you might be stuck in the mall if it’s raining because it’s a good 100 meter walk before the open marking starts from the mall gate, and so you will get drenched (as I almost did since it started raining about 2 minutes after I got in my car).

Other than this instance, the experience was good. It was crazy to see a mall as big as this completely empty (after the movie). I wish I had my camera with me, I would have certainly taken pictures.

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