Mother Care store in Ambi Mall

Dec 21

All those people who are preparing to have a baby, already have a new born, or know someone who does and are looking for a gift, here’s some good news: a Mother Care store just opened up in Ambi Mall.

Mother Care is a well known international brand for parenting and children needs. I have often blogged about how limited the choice of stores in Gurgaon is for maternity clothes (a couple of options here and here), and now there is another that you can add to the list. Here’s my quick fire review of the place based on one visit.

Maternity Clothes

This is certainly a focus for me right now, since my wife is 6 months in. And when we saw this store, we were very happy and went in straight away. Now, there is definitely a dedicated selection for maternity clothes, but it was overall disappointing – not enough daily wear options were there. However, it has better selection than any other store in Gurgaon.

Infant Clothes

Tons of options. You should find what you need. Having said that, we were looking for a gift for a 4 month old, and came back empty handed because we couldn’t find anything that we liked. Once again, the store is way better than anything else in Gurgaon, but still lacks a lot.

One instance pops out – we liked a pair of socks, which were available in green. We wanted the same pair in blue which was also available. But the blue option was only available if you buy it with a cap as well. I found this very frustrating.

Other stuff

There are many other things such as prams, cribs, shoes, etc. It can easily serve as a one stop shop for all your parenting needs.


We think that the lack of options right now is because the store is brand new, and the merchandise is still being setup with a lot of product still not unpacked. It is so new that the location is not even mentioned on their stores page on the Internet (at the time of writing this article).

Overall, a great place.


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  6. anandhi /

    hi.. wondering if u have any ideas on where one could get a reasonably priced crib/stroller for a baby in gurgaon? thanks

    • You need both a crib and a stroller? We bought ours at Mother care since other places don’t offer as much selection.

    • neeraj /

      buy Chicco or Hauck strollers. They are the best. go to and see Strollers and Prams. Both come in the price range from 6000 to 27000. However, rs. 10000 ranged stroller serves all purpose.

  7. abhijit /

    thanks i was looking for new born shop for my sis’s new born.
    new in gurgaon so ur post was very helpful..
    keep up the good work

  8. Amki /

    I would also suggest to have a look at MUMS N MUNCHKINS in Galleria market, I recently went there and was really happy to see the glamorous and yet decently priced clothes there. Infact the behavior of the staff was also much better than other shops.

  9. Kaushal /

    No doubt this place has great collection, but i find it to be bit expensive.
    If money no problem then u must visit.

  10. As an update, I can confirm that we have been to Mothercare in Ambi mall many times now since this post (we have a 3 month old), and even though this place is expensive, we always come out buying something.

    Its a good world wide brand, and is living up to it here in India.


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