My experience with Max Hospital Gurgaon

I recently had to get my wife admitted to the Max Hospital in Gurgaon. Below is a review based on my experience of this facility. Overall, I am satisfied with the services, but there can be improvements. First a little bit about the facility itself. Max is a relatively large hospital with a large number of specialities and services. They have over 100 beds, 2 Operation Theatres and a 12 bed ICU (information courtesy Max Website); they also have a Emergency Response team.

By the looks of it, the hospital seems very modern and professionally managed. The staff at all desks are friendly and eager to help. It contains a 24 hour cafeteria and a 24 hour pharmacy (two things that I believe are a must for any decent hospital). It is located near Park Plaza hotel in Sushant Lok 1. Now I will talk about our experience.

The Emergency Ward

We started out in the emergency ward. The experience was positive enough. We had to wait for a long time (as my wife’s situation wasn’t life threatening at all, so the doctor had prioritized her accordingly). A battery of tests was ordered (and was required) as soon as the doctor had a chance to examine her. This is where the system disappointed me a little. I would expect these tests to be carried out in a process and I would expect the patient to be notified of the progress of steps in this process.

We had to wait for a long time before someone came to take blood samples and other measurements. We weren’t informed of how long this might take. We just had to wait wondering if they had forgotten about us. I actually had to walk over to a nurse to figure out if something is actually happening (something I didn’t want to do as I didn’t want to interrupt activities in an emergency ward). Furthermore, the on-duty doctor had forgotten to queue my wife for an Ultrasound (which the doctor who had checked my wife had asked for). It was only when the doctor came back to check again did she get queued for an Ultrasound.

The Admission Desk

So after a lot of waiting, the conclusion was to get my wife admitted. Here’s where things started getting a little better for us. I was asked to go to the admissions department to get things rolling. This was a very smooth and quick process where the person at the admission desk got us going very quickly and efficiently.

There was a small confusion where when I presented my Insurance Card, they first said that they do have a link and I will be able to do a TPA on this. Then they came back and said that there is no link up and I will have to go for a direct reimbursement on my own. I was ok with that, and placed a deposit (a requirement if you don’t have a TPA with clearance).

I chose a Single Room (instead of shared, and though they have deluxe rooms available, I was informed  that they haven’t starting using them yet). Anyway, the cost of a single room is Rs. 5000 per night, and if a doctor visits you in a single room then you are charged Rs. 800 per visit (which is more than you would be charged if it was a shared room, a logic that I don’t understand at all).

I was issued 2 passes, one a visitor pass and another an attendant pass. The guards posted at the elevators and stairs check for these passes when you move between the general hospital area and the area where the rooms are located.

After I had cleared the formalities, my wife was moved from the emergency ward to the room.

The Room and Room Services

First impression was that the room was disappointing. It was a small room, and for Rs. 500 more, you get a much bigger room in Artemis (and for much less you get a huge room in Privat Hospital, though that one is not as modern). There is barely room to move around in the room.

For a modern hospital, the bed was also a little disappointing (but maybe I expected too much). I would have expected (for the price I paid) to see a bed which would have electronically controlled bed adjustment. Instead if I needed to raise the back of my wife’s bed, it had to be cranked manually. Secondly, there was a small uncomfortable couch for me (the attendant) on which I was supposed to sleep or wait (even if they wanted to, they couldn’t put a big one for lack of space).

The problems however stopped here. The room service more than made up for these shortcomings. We had continuous attention by very polite people who would come and check on us. We had visits from the dietician and room services who checked whether the food and service was up to our satisfaction (this check was done daily). We received a daily visit from the housekeeping supervisor who wanted to check if the room is being cleaned regularly.

The food arrived on time, and was always brought by a well dressed person who would be wearing a hair net to prevent any hair falling into the food. They have a separate kitchen for the patients which serves all types of cuisines based on the preference of the patient. The food was generally tasty. They also have room service for attendants which brings food from two different cafeterias they have on premises.

The Nursing Staff

Very courteous nursing staff, well spoken, and always smiling; when you are sick, you really do want to be surrounded by such professionals. This is of course expected of any good caliber hospital.

Once again, the only thing missing was feedback. We asked a nurse to call my wife’s doctor to come and visit, and although we got the visit eventually, the nurse never came back to let us know if she has notified the doctor or not, and what time will the doctor be visiting us.

The Discharge

This is where things got a little harrowing. We were notified that my wife will be discharged in the morning (around 9 am). And we finally left the hospital around 5:30 pm. It took that long to get the discharged processed. And here’s why.

First up, since I was going to make a cash payment, I would have expected it to be very quick. Apparently, it takes up to 2 hours to even get to that stage (clearances, documentation, etc.). I was surprised to see that a lot of this process was being done manually. I would have expected a hospital of this size to have software automation which covers these aspects.

In any case, once this was done I was notified that my case is not a cash payment one but a TPA one (remember that I had been told that Max is not linked with my insurance company, as it turned out, this was not the case). Now while I was happy that I can would be able to do a Cashless transaction (and kudos to Max for tracking this down), this meant that the discharge process just got longer (as you need a clearance from the insurance company for the claim before you can discharge).


The overall impression is still good and I would recommend anyone to visit this hospital if they ever need one.

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  1. Hi All

    I had post 1year Back here, as I was in initial stage of pregnancy at that time and I was looking for good doctr in gurgaon.. And I had bad experience as I had miscarriage that time… Now I am trying to conceive from last 6months but not successful… Recently I visited a doctr in sec15 and she advised about of testing.. I am gone through with all the tests and thyroid is detected and I had strted. Medications for that… As per the doctr I have PCOD as well and also some issues with egg formation and hormonal imbalance… She called me every next day and advise alot more tests further…. And in every visit even if the visit is on next day she charged 1500rs. And within week I spend almost 20k still…

    Can anyone advise me a genuaine doctor in gurgaon?

    1. Hi Shaveta,

      Did you find any docter.I am going through same phase.i am done with teat and now reffered to gastero as they my liver is not normal and they can not start PCOD treatment till it get normal.Again i am supposed to so some test.I am bit confused what to whom are you consulting and are you able to any result.Please reply soon its very urgent.

      Thanks In advance

    2. Hi ,
      Even my family had a terrible experience in max gurgaon. My father had problem in walking, he was not able to balance his body and was little unconscious from 2-3 days. This was because he had hearing problem. My relative recommended neuro surgeon Dr. Arun saroha. On first visit he was very good , warm welcoming n all. He prescribed medicine and we went home.
      As soon my father started medicine his nervous system got so much active that he was ready to get out of house at night didn’t sleep for the whole night . illusions were happening with him. He could see people around him but we couldn’t see anything like that.
      We spoke to doctor and he suggested admission in max gurgaon. And then the horrifying things happened.
      Such long admission procedure
      Limited staff who were given 6-7 patients per nurse.
      Most imp. No chart sheet so that we never come to know what medicines are given to our patient.
      Several tests happened, my father was diagnosed with vertigo.
      The main problem was his hearing pblm for which they suggested operation but it was not quick.
      All sort of medicines were given but ENT was hardly interested to talk to us on the plan of action.
      It seemed they have just admitted dad for money.
      I asked them 100 times about my fathers MRI report but no replies.
      A day passed n my father behaved in the same way….illusions….his hands were tied with the bed as if he is a mental patient.
      Somehow we took discharge with no results

    3. Hi
      The best doc to visit is Dr Saptrishi Bhattacharya
      Im also his patient n able to conceive!!
      Hes gem of a person.

    4. My first deliver was with Dr. Vijay wali….she doesn’t believe in normal delivery….I was low on amniotic fluid ….she made us so scared and did the c section without giving any trial labour pain….
      I delivered my second child normally in pune….here Dr was so nice …I could clearly feel the difference. ..she was surprised that in my first delivery without giving any trial labour she did csection ….as par her only after giving trial labour pain it could be decided whether normal delivery would happen or not…

    5. Hi, I am not sure about who you are consulting with but you could try going to Dr. Preety Agarwal at the Cloud Nine Hospital. All the best!

    6. Same experience. I feel cheated, as at very last moment she made it C-Section. It was a clear normal delivery case. She lied and I could not do anything as my wife is suffering a lot. I could sense her intention, but I was helpless at that moment. I would say, Vijay wali is is not specialist. May be she is specialist in making money. It was a big mistake. I could see the difference, but it was very late for me.

  2. Folks
    We had a great experience in 2012 for our first child with Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee. There is a reason why all blogs are full of so many great reviews about her.
    Now we are ready for second one but Dr Kausihiki is in Australia. Would be helpful is you could suggest any good doctors in Gurgaon

      1. I also zeroed on Kaushiki first but couldnt get her appointment and so i visited Deepa Deewan and I am glad i did so. Dr. Deepa is one of the best and she made whole pregnancy and child birth a very nice and memorable experience for me.

  3. I had real horrible experience at Max hospital gurgaon which shake my faith on doctor community,

    I went to Max hospital OPD for as my wife was having stomach pain,she’ve been referred to 3 different doctors, in 3 hrs
    and after getting 7-8 tests, the gynecologist said that she need to be operated “right now” for overy cyst.
    i told them i need to consult my family, they bluntly replied you can go home at your own risk.she didn’t even prescribed even a single tablet for pain, just keep on saying operation is the only resort or she might bleed to death, I was so scared and almost ready for the operation. But shared the test reports to one of my doctor friend and came to know cyst size below 9-10 mm need not be operated. and her was only 5.7 mm.

    After paying almost 32000/ for 4hrs without any prescription we get away from that blood sucking monsters.

    After getting consultation at another hospital we came to know pain was cause of mild hiatus hernia
    which was wrongly diagnose as overy cyst problem, Now my wife all healthy after 15 days of medication.

    But I want warn all to stay away money making hospitals like max.

    1. That is really strange………..for anyone to suggest operation for 5 mm cyst as at 5mm it would be a follicle and not cyst.Was it 5 cms ??

  4. BULLSHIT. Money making Hospital.
    They are running below mentioned offer but they didn’t give below discount after delivery. They say it is only for expected mother not after the delivery. They didn’t mention this in their offer but they say it is understood.We will give discount only to expected mother.

    They are running offer which says
    Max Centre for women’s health
    celebrates your joy of motherhood.

    25% discount on consulation with Gynaecologist and Prenatal ultrasound.
    5000 worth of vaccinations free on booking of the delivery package.
    free dietician consultation for expectant mothers.

  5. Delivered our first baby in Max Gurgaon in Aug’2014.

    1. Very smooth and hassle free experience -from admission till discharge. Very professional staff.
    2. Doctors looked confident at what they were doing.
    3. Nursing staff superb – very courteous and caring.
    4. If you are covered under insurance, you’ll need to pay only a small amount from the pocket.

    1. During our 3 day stay more than 10 babies were delivered – 100% of the deliveries were caesarean. If you understand statistics, you’ll realize it is the intent of the doctors/hospital.
    2. During pregnancy, doctors will ask you to undergo lots of tests/ultrasounds. Actually there is no harm – they can take more informed decisions and there is no damage to the mother/baby. Only pinches your pocket – probably unnecessarily.
    3. Pre-booking for admission seemed a farce. If you turn up without pre-booking, they can never turn you down if your doc is there.

    Wanted to share my experience as had researched on Max through this webpage. Don’t want to name the doctor as I believe experience would have remained more or less the same with any of the doctors – especially in a non-complicated pregnancy.

    1. Congrats first of all.
      I am no longer a part of Max Healthcare or Indian health care but was once and I think there is an ever increasing misunderstanding between patients and doctors.Thus I felt the need to comment on this post.

      The hospital administration Never and I mean never forced me or any of the doctor for Caesarean.And doctors are also paid the same amount for both Vaginal or Caesarean.In my opinion it should be more for Vaginal deliveries for the amount of hours and hard work put by the doctor.Anyways………so Max Hospital administration doesn’t force for caesareans.Secondly the Booking isn’t a farce………Actually the idea behind it is to make the patients aware of all sort of delivery packages ( Low risk as well as High Risk) ,as the High risk deliveries aren’t
      covered in a huge difference in bill amount used to come as a shock to un suspecting patients at the time of billing.So the idea of booking was to make them aware at the time of booking itself if any such cost applies to them and they should not feel cheated.I know it as I was the one who insisted for it.I don’t know
      how it is being followed now.

  6. My experince with Dr. Dwiedi was not good at all. I was having some complications in my pregnency so i consulted her. she didn’t disucss anything in detail and told me that this pain is normal pain in pregnency. since i wasn’t impressed with her way of handling patients and their questions so i consulted dr. deepa deewan.. she immediatelly explained me eveything and aksed me to take this pain seriously. she asked me to go for ultra sound and we found that the baby is no more. It was a miscariage. I have become a great fan of dr. deepa. she is knowledgable, very patient, answers all your qustions very politely, and makes you feel that we are team. go for her guys…:)

    1. I would like to recommend Dr Deepa Diwan to all folks who are considering options. I had two normal deliveries under watchful and able doc like Deepa diwan and with the grace of god and doc both were fairly smooth.My first baby (boy) was born on 30 January 2012 and it was well advised and judged all through by Deepa Diwan, I had little bit of growth lag in between but with diet control and supplements it came back on track.My second baby was baby Girl born on 21 July 2014 again under the watchful eye of Dr. Deepa Diwan and it was again very smooth until baby turned and took the breach position 20 days before the delivery also amniotic fluid increased a bit, it was God’s grace that baby again changed the position and took occipito posterior position and with regular pains and well advice it came out to be normal delivery. All through my pregnancy Dr. Deepa Diwan was very kind, helpful and she treated me like a mother so I would strongly recommend her.

    2. Dear Su,

      Sorry that you had a bad experience with me.Though I am no longer a part of Gurgaon medical scenario but would like to say that till I tried to practice an ethical evidence based medicine till I practised .But at the same time I respect your point of view. Am happy that you found a good doctor in Dr Dewan and wish you all the best for future.Your feedback isn’t of relevance to me as a private practitioner any further but would try to use it to improve as a doctor in general.How do you think I could have done a better job?What did you find amiss in my way of talking or answering you?

      1. Hi Dr. Kaushiki,

        I tried to book your appointment last weekend and came to know that you have shifted to Australia for a year. I am really scared now since I am already in my 8th month. Would be great if you could suggest few good Gyanae in Gurgaon who prefers normal delivery so that I am in safe hands.

        Waiting for your reply and all the best for your future endeavor.


      2. Dear Roma,

        I hope you had a smooth delivery.The blog master was correct in saying that I might not see your post as I returned to this blog only today.


  7. hello people! Am new to gurgaon and am planning to start a family v soon. i have sjogrens syndrome and my rheumatologist treating me for this sits at Fortis Gurgaon. I have been v happy with the doctors and the facilities here. Was planning to consult Dr Suneeta Mitral at fortis for her seniority. Anybody been to her? which other doctors are good at fortis? please help 🙂

  8. Hi, I am looking for a feedback on Dr E Joseph.So far the experience is good for me .I am consulting her at her dlf clinic,thanks,

  9. Hi

    I am very new to gurgaon and I am into early stage of pregnancy… I had visit nearby hospital of my location (Dnt want to mention Hospital name) Doctor asks me for blood test and after seeing my reports adviced me for abort. I am looking for second opinion in my case. Could any one recommend me best gyne here in gurgaon. It would help me to take right decision.

    Advance thanks For your help.


      1. It was dr deepa diwan who mislead my case and i had a premature dead baby in 8 month. She could not diagnose simple jaundis. Never never cconsider her for your pregnancy

    1. Please connect with Dr. Veenu Aggarwal … she has been the best doctor i have ever met.. I am 9 months pregnant and she has been advising me well..
      She sits in Max gurgaon and also at svastyka clinic near Mc donalds opp. wembley estate

  10. Thanks to this blog..I was under lot of pressure today. mostly mental this era when u think of child birth u are traumatized and scared like hell..I almost thought what harm in not having a child.but this blog helped me and i think hope exits..

  11. I highly recommend Doctor Kaushiki Dwivedee at Max Gurgaon.I was new in this city and was looking for a good gynaecologist.At first I was a bit hesitant to go to her but after my first meeting with her I knew I was in safe hands…I personally consider her lucky for me as my twins were brought into this world by her. Through out my pregnancy she made me feel very comfortable and was always there to clarify all my doubts.She is highly experienced and very professional.Though she is a very busy doctor she always answered my calls /mails.I had a C-section as my babies were breech but she made the entire process very enjoyable.I was discharged in 3days as she doesn’t believe in keeping the patient in the hospital as long as everything is fine.She is one doctor who you can rely on completely.I highly recommend her as she is ‘THE BEST’.

    1. Thanks Shweta for sharing your experience. I am 7 month preg and looking for a good gynae nearby South City-II, Gurgaon. Many people advised personally for Artemis for delivery.Please advise with your personal experience.

      Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee, could you please reply for my query: What you think if First delivery was C-Section because of Breech position, any chances of normal delivery in second time? My first baby girl(now 6 years) was delivered with C-section in Pune because of Breech position. Please advise, Can I go for normal delivery without any risk or C-section is the only option for safety of baby.

      1. You have got 60 to 80 % chances of having vaginal delivery after one caesarean section for a non recurreing cause like breech.There is approximately 1 % chance of the previous CS scar giving way during the labour.
        ERCS or elective repeat caesarean section is when you opt for an alective caesarean with increased risk of a major surgery but at the same time almost 0% chance of rupture of uterus.
        None is a right or wrong option provided your doctor is trained to deal with the condition.Hope that helps.

      2. Thank you very much Dr Kaushiki. My doctor advised for a C-section this time also as it will be safe and CS scar may create problem during labour pains. I am really worried and would like to meet you. Please advise your convenient time and clinic address. Thanks!

      3. Dear Manasi,

        You can call on the number given on my website to take the appointment.Would not like to use someone else’s blog for my exchanging my contact details as it might come across as promoting myself on others blog.

    2. Confused between max/artemis/cradle.. have been hearing good things about Dr Deepa Dewan. Can anyone share her contact number?

  12. Can anyone suggest me the best ivf center in gurgaon delhi..We have tried for three years and now my doctor advised us to go for ICSI. So please tell me the bestIVF center and how much will the total procedure cost.

  13. Hi,
    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Deepa Dewan wrt PCOS and other such infertility related problems.

  14. HI
    Can anyone tell me what the consultation charges of Dr Deepa Dewan? Is it different if we go to her clinic in Sector 56 than going to Max?

      1. She charges Rs. 400 at her clinic near Sahara mall. Rs. 700 at her home in Sushant Lok and I think in Max also her fees is Rs. 700.

  15. Any Feed backs on Dr.Saguna Shukla? I find her reasonably ok.. But still good if somebody seconds with a genuine opinion..

  16. Hi,

    I am also looking for a good gynae doc in gurgaon. I have kind of shortlisted Dr. Dwivedi. But stil wondering, does a busy doctor have enough time to keep posting in these kind of blogs? I just want to confirm that the person who is posting in the name of Dr. Dwivedi is really Dr. Kaushiki Dwivedi only.
    Can anyone confirm this?

    1. Yes Dear,

      It it is me only……Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee who writes my blog.It is my way of destressing and my hobby.And you do find time for your hobby how much busy you are :-)).I can’t hire a intelligent Ghost writer.It would cost me a bomb!!

      And no one else can confirm it except me myself i.e Kaushiki Dwivedee!!

      1. Hi, Can anyone help me with my query of freezing my husbands sperm to be used for IUI later on since he travels extensively. Is it a good idea, chances of conceiving increased/ decreases etc

    2. And Dilip not that I need to prove it(though I take it as a compliment that you are impressed by my blog)if you scroll down and read few posts you will find comments from my patients on various posts.Just randomly pick one of them send them a mail or ask them for their contact number.Most of them would be kind enough to oblige you by confirming that it is they and me (kaushiki Dwivedee) have exchanged the comments with each other.
      Sorry Mr Vaibhav to use your blog to answer this question………no intention of self publicity but just didn’t want’ Mr Dilip’ to doubt my literary skills.

    3. hi, i highly recommend Dr kaushiki Dwivedee at max gurgaon to everyone. I’ve a month old daughter brought into this world by her ( need less to mention normal delivery as Thats wot she’s famous for ) and I’m always thankful to this doc for her cool and calm attitude for her patients and at the same time she knows her job pretty well.

      1. KaushikiDwivedee is an excellent laparoscopic surgeon.I know her as a friend from our UK days.In London I was given the option of open Hysterectomy as I had a big fibroid.I came to India to get it operated by Kaushiki.She did a wonderful job and that to by complete laparoscopy.I was home in 2 days and returened to UK in a week.It has been over an year since my operation.On my current visit to India I came across this blog and decided to share my experience.

  17. Hi, we have recently shifted to Gurgaon from mohali. We are putting up near south city 2. Was just checking for some good Gynecologist near south city or sohna road. I heard a few names, including dr deepa Maheshwari, dr jasmeet and dr deepika tiwari. Can anybody with a personal experience suggest who is good, and can be trusted?

    1. Lavleen, as I have mentioned elsewhere on this site, my wife visits Dr. Deepa Dewan (who practices out of Max hospital as well as her own clinic).

      She has been our gynecologist over the last 4 years and we have never had anything to complain about her. In fact, thanks to her follow up and diligence, my wife recently avoided a serious condition which could have been life threatening.

      Do try her out.

      Also, look elsewhere on this site – people have recommended a number of gynecologists so you can see which options you have.

      1. I had two successfully normal delivery in MAX and both were carried out by Dr Deepa Diwan. I would also STRONGLY LIKE TO RECOMMEND DR DEEPA DIWAN, for her knowledge, cool calm mind and ability to access the situation at right time.

    2. I think you are looking for Gynecologists near South City 2.The few good ones I know areDr Aruna Kalra,Dr Nupur Gupta,Dr Pooja Bhatnagar,Dr Kaushiki.
      I have found this site favouring Dr Deepa Dewan but my personal experience hasn’t been so great.
      In reply to your specific questions for Gynecologists near South city 2 a mention of De Deepa Dewan leaves me in a doubt if she has some kind of tie up with the site.Her clinic is in Sector 56 where I had met her for some problem related to my periods.

      1. AJ, regarding affiliation of Dr. Dewan with this site – the reason you always hear about her as our no.1 recommendation is that she is my wife’s gynecologist, and was the one who delivered our baby, and has always handled our case with complete satisfaction. That is the extent of her affiliation with this site.

    3. Hello friends, I am trying for baby from last 3 years. I am suffering from hormones problem. I had a pregnancy with help of clomid but it was ended to a ectopic pregnancy and left tube is removed. Now I have same issues that I am not getting my periods and excess weight gain. Please suggest me best gyn in Gurgaon.

  18. we had recently our first baby born at max gurgaon.

    Except some senior doctors ,I had very bad experience with Max Gurgaon recently…

    We found ,all Staff were rudly behave so iritating.

    wrost things was admission …they just charged any thing what they feel..

    it seems for every admission they have some target to achieve in terms of money and only money..

    I was very unhappy with max policy too..

    also do not opt for pre admision , it does not mean any thing for you.

    if u ask for single room , they will say not available , u will stay in general or lower cat room..
    say 2 days.. next day u change to single , they charge the new rate for previous 2 days also.

    all policy are for max benefit not for people and you.

    so be carefull with these cheaters.

    but we were happy with dr deepa.

    1. truly agree dear! similar experiences we faced in max when my child was hospitalized last year.
      We are moving to the private hospitals for the comfort and hoping for the proper care and facilities . their staff is , specially nursing one ,totally frustrated. no one can guide you properly in one take.

      Max policies are only for marketing , nothing else.

    2. My experience with Max has been kind of ok, bordering on the positive.We were there for the delivery of our baby under the supervision of Dr. Kaushiki Dwivedee. While we had a very smooth admission and exit, we were kind of disappointed with the promptness in their nursing services. Moreover, we would have wanted their pediatrician and their dietitian to be more communicative and informative. They said very less about postnatal care of the baby, which was a let-down for us, specially because we were first-time parents!
      But the best part of the entire experience was Dr. Kaushiki Dwivedee.

      We came across Dr. Kaushiki Dwivedee’s profile from the internet, while searching for a good doctor(obstetrician cum gynecologist) in Gurgaon. And good she definitely is. She far exceeded our expectation from her- has loads of time for her patients, is very patient, explains everything wonderfully, gets you prepared for what lies ahead in your pregnancy, is in tune with the latest developments in the medical field, and has an amazing air of calmness around her! Mind you, we did consult a few gynecologists in the initial stages of pregnancy, but after a few visits to her, finally decided that we should stick to Dr. Dwivedee. Some of the very positive points she has are:

      1) She explains the facts to you in details and answers all your queries to your heart’s satisfaction. In fact, she has this self-compiled dossier (in the form of an FAQ) that literally answers every question that you might have at different stages in your pregnancy. That dossier itself is worth its weight in gold!
      2) You can be confident that she is very much updated with the latest developments in the medical field (vaccinations, ultrasound analysis etc.). We had a few scares from some of our u/s reports, but after meeting her, she allayed our fears to a great extent.
      3) She does not ask you to go for unnecessary ultrasounds/tests- only the ones that is really needed for you
      4) She has NO tie-ups with any Ultrasound clinics/Labs etc. Infact, I did sms her once asking her where we should do the ultrasounds, and whether we should do it in Max (that is where she sits for her OPDs). She replied back saying it doesn’t matter where you do it! She even refused to recommend a stem-cell company for us. She simply said that we should do our own research and opt for the one that we feel is the best and cost-effective (after going through their respective presentations). 🙂
      5) She is a busy doc, but she has ALWAYS been available for us. She is literally one sms/call away. In the final delivery, she was there during the actual delivery process. What’s more- she was the one who actually did the delivery. She assured us that she would do the delivery, and sure enough, she stayed true to her commitment!
      7) Last, but not the least, she is highly highly recommended for normal delivery. Amongst my circle of friends, I am probably the only one whose baby had a normal delivery- all thanks to Dr. Dwivedee…. You can be assured that under her, if you do go for a C-sec, it would actually be a genuine C-sec case.

      And yes, this review would not have changed one bit even if we had a baby through C-sec… Dr. Kaushikee Dwivedee is confidence-inspiring, highly ethical and a gynecologist par excellence

      1. I also wrote a similar review in her blog.. Just wanted more and more people to be aware of quality docs! Have always respected the medical profession, and feel justified when I come across good, sincere professionals!

  19. Pls help me…I have to do HSG test.Some doctors say it is done from day 6 to day 10th from periods and some say that it is done on 9,10 & 11th day….pls can anyone tell me which is correct & whether it is done in empty stomach or i can eat…pls reply me soon as i have to do this week only….i will be greatfull if anyone answers this or even doctors can help me…

    1. To answer you query

      It should be done once your period blood has stopped and before your most fertile period starts so that if you conceive in that particular cycle the foetus is inadvertantly not harmed by the dye.
      So if someone has a 28 days cycle,it would be advisable to get between as soon as period stops and within 10th day od the LMP.You can eat.It is slightly painful procedure.Some hospitals do it under sedation or light general anaesthesia to make it painfree for you.Hope that helps.

      1. Hello Dr. KAUSHIKEE

        Just wanted to seek your opinion is it always a wise decision to consult a GYNAECOLOGIST before started planning to concieve, Thanks & Regards Ruchika

  20. It was really interesting to go through this blog. There is a particular pattern. It more seems like an organised effort to promote one or two doctors, rather than a general picture of gynecology practice in gurgaon. I would suggest the readers to be rather cautious before interpreting such reviews.

    1. Dear Ms Shruti…

      Always be cautious of whatever feedbacks you get online.Never trust an online review.Meet the concerened persons.
      When you meet a gynaecologist or any XYZ doctor then only will you know the reality.
      You are very right when you think a person might have his biases in being more supportive of one or two doctors for his own reasons,Maybe just simply the blog writer had a good experience him or her.Visit other sites….look for generalized opinion.Shortlist your doctors.Meet them one by one and choose the one u like best and start giving feedbacks :-).

    2. Shruti, I find it unfair to categorize the effort on this blog as an organized effort to promote one or two doctors.

      This blog is only for experiences that I or my friends have had. So, the original posts are on those experiences – the comments are free for all, so they probably reflect what people’s opinions are.

      I have had comments before which were an obvious artificial attempt to talk good about one doctor, and I have had them removed .

      In fact, if you had taken the trouble to go through the blog, you would find that this blog is not only about doctors at all, and there is much more content about other services that I or my friends have experienced in Gurgaon.

      Having said this, if you would like to share your experience with any doctor, restaurant, service, etc. in Gurgaon, feel free to drop an email at with the review and I will gladly publish it (the only caveat is that it should be your personal experience).


  21. Hi All,

    Im looking for a regular doctor to go to, totally new to Gurgaon so would love to have recommendations. I’m close to Artemis and Medanta and was recommended Dr Ashutosh Shukla @ Artemis… but after reading reviews they dont seem to be the right places to go.

    Originally was looking for Integrative Medicine doc but I’d be happy to go to a reg Doc.

    Many thanks in advance!

  22. Hi Everyone,

    I had been consulting Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee for my pregnancy and I delivered a month ago.

    Let me begin by saying that Dr Dwivedee is by far not just the best gynecologist I know but also the best doctor I have met. She is very professional, extremely methodical and knowledgeable and very confident in handling any case. Whatever few problems I had in my pregnancy was taken care of immediately. Her medical sense is superb and me and my husband trusted her completely. Apart from having a very happy pregnancy, my labour and delivery was also a good experience.

    Many of you know not know but Dr Dwivedee is known for her high rate of normal delivery. Mine was a normal one too. I took the epidural which the team at Max administered with expertise. I had no problem on any account. The emergency room was prompt and as soon as i went into labour, i was assessed and shifted to my room. The rooms at max are good & clean. The labour was not at all a traumatizing experience as it is with many ladies, thanks to epidural and dr dwivedee and her super efficient team Dr Veenu Agarwal and Dr Asmita. The nurses r also prompt and good.

    Dr Dwivedee’s knowledge and expertise helped me with an easy normal vaginal delivery which i recovered from very soon. There was hardly any postpartum unease. The recovery was fast. The nurses in the room also come as soon as u need them. For us the discharge process was also fast and simple.

    All in all I have had a great experience at Max under Dr Kaushiki and wouldn’t hesitate to go to her for anything. She is accessible on email and sms, has a modern and evidence based approach to her treatment and is so calm under pressure than even in the last minutes of labour i did not feel scared at all. Be rest assured that she is one doctor on who you can rely completely and trust that she will only do what’s best for her patient.

  23. Hi All,

    First of all thanks to everyone for this excellent and helpful blog. I am in the 5th month of my first pregnancy. I am a bit confused between Max and Cradle. Can you please let me know which will be the right choice based on professionalism, doctors, cost and facilities.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. BOTH THE HOSPITALS ARE GOOD.CRADLE IS MORE CHILD BIRTH FRIENDLY.I went to yhe cradle till my first trimester.On insisyence of my friend Divya kathuria I went Max to meet her gynecologist.I like her a lot.She was confident ,calm and had a non fussy attitude about my problems.I like her a lot.My gynaecoligist at Max doesn’t visit cradle.So I choose Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee and her team Dr Veenu .who is also very supportive.The rooms and labour rooms are smaller yhan cradle but the doctor at Max was par excellence.

    2. Hi Sonali..

      Which hospital did you choose out of max and cradle. How is you experience with your dr and hospital?
      I am more inclined towards cradle with Dr Preety Agrawal. your detailed feedback will really help me to choose the good hospital for my wife she is now 6 months pregnent.

      Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi,
        Hw was your experience with doctor Preety?
        I am consulting her and currently 7 month pregnant.
        Does she prefer normal delivery?


  24. I want to know about dr
    Bhavna chowdhary at Max hospital, gurgaon
    Haven’t found any good review about her yet
    please share your experiences. I will be greatful.

    1. till yet if u got some exp about dr. bhavna ch. ,max .so plz let me know?
      i m not getting any info regarding her , she is my gyne?
      having confused to be wit her or to change the gyne?

    2. Please share your reviews about Dr. Bhavna Chaudhary. I am 3 months pregnant and consulting her. I want to know about her experience.

  25. can anybody plssss tell me who is the best gynaecologist doctor in gurgaon.i have pco and went to consult a doc in appollo,its now almost 2 years but till now iam not able to conceive….. plsss reply soon

    1. Shraddha.. i am also suffering from pco and getting treated for last 1 yr.. not conceived yet.. am consulting deepa dewan at max hospital.. i also met Priti Tandon and Sabhyata Gupta at Medanta, but they were just tooo professional. I prefer Deepa becuz she is always available during emergency situations and gives lot of time and discuss all concerns

      1. Aditi…thanks a lot for sharing..i had gone to appolo clinic in gurgaon,gone through each & every test everything normal except these pco.i thought of changing my doc. to get some way out…lets hope… will try Deepa… thanks once again…

  26. Mr Vaibhav…..I am taking the Liberty of using your quite popular Blog to update your Blog visitors about a special clinic which will be started and running from 1st June at Max hospital ,Gurgaon.I hope you won’t mind.
    It is Recurrent Pregnancy Loss clinic.If you wish or any of your blog readers are interested I can share further details on your site.

    1. Miscarriages and Pregnancy losses are painful. Recurrent pregnancy loss means shattered hopes and desperation. At Max Hospital ,Gurgaon there shall be delegated clinics for couples who have suffered recurrent Pregnancy losses. With an evidence based approach, trained Gynaecologists, sophisticated Lab and a compassionate attitude we hope to fulfil your dreams of a healthy pregnancy.
      Who should visit us?
      • If you have suffered two or more miscarriages
      • If you had a miscarriage at more than 12 weeks
      • If there has been a stillbirth i.e death of the baby inside the uterus.
      Following a clinic review and appropriate investigation the management of each couple is individualised depending on the cause of their pregnancy losses. The chances of a successful pregnancy with these measures is ~70%.

      1. Dear Dr. Kaushiki
        Needed an opinion from you regarding the ultrasound report writing done at Max Gurgaon.
        I got my follicular study done from Max Gurgaon yesterday for the first time. The report i received seemed to be very casual. It was not on max letterhead. It had no stamp/seal of Max hospital- very casual piece of paper. The radiologist did not write any notes on uterus size/ovary size or lesions. She did not even record LMP, Chlomiphene use. Only unreadable signatures of the radiologist. My previous two follicle studies were done at Medanta and each report was very formally and nicely written. I found that report very strange.

      2. Dear Ms Aditi,

        As you have directed this question to me I will surely answer it.Sorry for a delayed responce as I visited the site after many days.
        In current times good packaging is a must to sell any product and that goes for healthcare as well.Nothing wrong in that.I am sure the report given at Max Gurgaon must not be of any lesser quality than Medanta but the presentation might not be as neat.And I do understand that it won’t cost much time or effort to make these follicular monitoring reports look more presentable.I will convey your feedback to our Radiology department, as well the administrator.

  27. I have just concieved. I need to consult a gynea doctor. After reading many reviews, I am confused between Dr Deepa Dewan and Dr Kaushiki Dviwedee.
    Can any body suggest who is best doctor who can spend more time to explain things, doesnt unnecessarily get tests done and doesnt force us to their own labs for commission.
    Which doctor has good knowledge?

    1. I had my wife treated at Max hospital under Dr Deepa Dewan and we found her very knowlegable and nice. My sister is a gynae doctor in the UK, so I used to discuss about my wifes treatment with my sister as well and everything that i disscused with dr Deepa I used to confirm from my sister as well , I found the doctor very knowlegeable . My sister also appreciated her command on her subject . The best thing that I found about Dr Deepa was that she is very comfortable to talk to and welcomes questions and give enough time to explain. My wife had a very good experience with her and a normal delivery. We are very grateful to Dr Deepa to have taken us through the pregnancy very comfortably.

    2. We had a very good experience with Dr Deepa Dewan. She is very Knowledgable and had a very pleasant personality.

      1. Dr Kaushiki dwivedee is very good. i have been consulting her and have gone to her with solid reference of her patients who have had experience with her. she is very methodical, organised and her diagnosis has always been spot on. plus she is very professional and yet approachable which is really required in today’s high tech fast world.dr dwivedee has done her MD from india and she is further qualified from the UK with experience there. I think any opinion should only be formed once you have visited the doctor

      2. I am glued to the net in my free time.It is a hobby for me.How this hobby started I will share with you people someday.It is infact quite interesting and hilarious as well.
        As of now I came across this trail of blogs.(I frequently visit Vaibhav’s blog for getting an update on Gurgaon in general) Seems like Salman Khan Vs SRK fans!!I am a Salman Khan Fan.
        Friends……There is nothing like the best Gynaecologist.There are good doctors and not so good doctors.Choose for yourself.
        There are no Best or Worst.
        Read this post if interests you.

    3. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!

      I recently had my delivery at max hospital gurgaon with Dr Kaushiki and she is a brilliant doctor. I had shifted to her in my 8th month of pregnancy after having a disappointing experience at sitaram bhartia and she was instrumental in me having a normal delivery. There is a misconception that max is not a good hospital for delivery as the rate of c-secs is high. This is not true!!! I was induced labour as i had crossed 40 weeks with no sign of labour nearing and my induction to delivery lasted 24 hours during which not one doctor suggested or pushed for a c-sec even though my dilation was really slow. The panel of doctors was superb and i was taken care of really well!! I am extremely happy with my experience with max and would suggest u to consult Dr. Kaushiki. I can vouch that u wont regret ur decision.
      Please understand that there is no hospital where 100% people would have had the most brilliant experience but its just that the ones who have had negative one blog it all on the net and others just dont care to mention!

      Hope this helps! Good luck to u!!

    1. There is no second thought about Dr. Deepa Dewan. She is definitely the best. She has been my wife’s doctor for almost an year till the time my wife delivered a healthy and beautiful Baby Boy. It was all because of the correct guidance and caringness of Dr. Deepa.

    2. What I would suggest is to shortlist a few of them,meet them personally and then go by your experience.That is what I did.3 years back I shortlisted Dr Veena Bhat and Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee.I openley told both of them as well that I was having a parallel consultation for few visits.Ultimately I liked Dr Dwivedee better for many reasons and decided to stick to her.I didn’t regret my decision.

    3. It has to be Dr. Deepa Dewan, our experience with the lady was great, she is good listener addresses all your concerns and doubts, explains the diagnosis. I felt that she is not money minded like some other doctors, one such bad example in my opinion was Dr. Geeta Mediratta (Gangaram) whom we were consulting earlier, to our shock she got my wife admitted for 5 days on grounds of low cervix length while ultrasound was telling a different story.
      We are lucky that we reached Dr. Dewan, who not only took utmost care of our case but got our baby delivered normally after struggling in delivery room for 5 hours (when my wife also left the hope), hats off to the Dr. Dewan, we thank her from bottom of our heart.

      1. just have totally opposite view of Dr Geeta. she has managed at least 5 families in our friend circle. over the last 8-9 years. her ability to explain the problem & diagnosis + treatment is excellent. one of the very very few docs who have preventive care in their mind. the time that she spends consulting with one patient is probably equal to 3 patients for other doctors. As usual we all think that we are all more knowledgable than doctors and internet is the answer to everything. Without realising that different doctors may have different opinions and treatment paths on the same issue.

    4. My Opinion is still the same…..take atleast two and if needed even more opinions for somethingas important as your health.There is never a’has to be doctor’ as u willsee ifyou meettwo doctors and compare them and their way of treating you as a patient.Choose your doctors very carefully.I am not telling any doctor is better than other…….shortlist a few explore yourself.Sometimes online reviews can be deceptive.One doctor might work for someone and the same might not be true for you.In nutshell always take two opinions before you settle on any one doctor.

  28. have read so many reviews… confused..plz guide where should I go..this is my 2nd preg…ist month…firsy was one at holy family delhi, dr. shanti jayseelan,perfect..happy and satisfied with her..plzsuggest someone who encourages normal deliv..thanks

    1. Hi Shalu,

      I think u shud go to Dr Witty Raina, she is one of the best gynae at Gurgaon. My best friend got her baby delivered at Cradle just a week back. Normal delivery costs close to 55k and for caeserian you have to check with the hospital only.

      1. our experiences with Dr Witty Raina were not so good.

        She might be knowledgeable but lacks the human touch. Similar experiences were shared by one of my colleague.

        She was performing ultrasound on my wife, which caused some pain and discomfort and she was in tears due to pain

        Instead of supporting her, Dr Raina threw rude behavior and we had abort the ultrasound.

        That was the last day when we visited her

  29. Hi,

    I am facing problem of infertility. we are trying for last two year but no result. mu husbands reports is good, no problem with my tubes. there is some problem of Egg size. pls suggest me who can help me in this case. who is best gynecologist who case handle my case.

    We are very sad as its been more than 3 years of my marriage.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. take help from Dr. Deepa Dewan ,she is very good. I am saying from my personal experience . We had lot of problem to have a pregnancy, we had been to lots of doctors . Dr Dewan helped us a lot. She helped find the reason for our problem and then helped me to get pregnant and have a normal delivery.I think she is a brilliant doctor and a wonderful human being. She is the best Gynaecologist I know.

      1. i went miracle hospital in gurgaon, but they charged double prices. they pretending doing ivfs. my advice never go to miracle hospital in gurgaon

    2. Contact Dr Abha Mazumdar at Ganga Ram. She is one authority in this area. She gives proper advice to all patients and also unlike any other doctors doesnt push/ insist on expensive test just to make money.

    3. Hi Seema,

      I was also facing the problem of PCOD and cannot get pregnant from last 2 yrs. But thanks to Dr Witty Raina, I am now 11 weeks preggy and comfortable. She is one of the best doctors in Gurgaon, sits at Apollo clinic and conducts her cases at Cradle.

      I am telling you after a lot of experience going to all the docs mentioned over here.

      All the best

      1. hi seema,
        i agree with you. I had pcos for 2 yrs and had been trying since then. Luckily with help of Dr. witty Raina i am 16 weeks pregnant and quite confident for Dr. She is just so confident abt every thing and gives you clear picture. 🙂

      2. I am also having this problem of PCOD and she has given some medicine for eggs growth… hope to be a mommy soon 🙂 But after how many months you got pregnant… any IUI done ?

  30. Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee is the best.I had a LSCS 18 months back at Sita Ram Bharatyia hospital and then I found I was pregnant again.On advice of my Baby’s doctor Dr siddarth I met Dr Kaushiki and liked her immediately.She took me out of the stress and trauma of my first delivery.Secondly she supported me in my decision to continue with my second pregnancy which i had conceived within months of my delivery.Finally with her encouragment I delivered a healthy boy without the help of any epidural and that too just 18 months of a LSCS.

    1. I agree that Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee is very good.My wife Renu conceived after infertility treatment under her and had a smooth delivery this month.But Max is grossly under staffed.They have just one delivery bed.My wife delivered on the OT bed as labour room bed was occupied.The OT bed is very narrow and uncomfortable.I felt cheated on that account.

  31. I would like to share my experience here. i have had a very good experience with Dr Deepa dewan at max hospital , I went to her in my pregnancy ,she was very nice during the whole nine months and at the time of delivery i was very scared of normal delivery and labour pains , she helped me to get over my fear and helped me with a painfree normal delivery . I think she is the best Gynaecologist , she would just the right thing for you.

  32. Hi! I am about 7-8 weeks pregnant and am fairly new to Gurgaon esp where the doctors are concerned. I have been to Dr Dwivedee twice and have liked her till now. However, I would like to get some feedbacks about her and on the delivery facilities at Max hospital Gurgaon. Please let me know. Thanks!

    1. Hi Isha,

      Though not personally experienced with her, I have heard good things about Dr. Dwivedee. As for Max hospital, there facilities are good (our baby was delivered there). However, they are not as good as Cradle for example.

      So, you might want to visit cradle to see if you prefer their facilities.

      1. Thanks a ton. I did visit Cradle but was not very impressed by the upkeep of the place. I had also heard great things about the place but when we went to see it, we found it very expensive-and though that is not a concern at all-it didnt seem very value for money. Some shelves in the room were broken and the paint was falling apart, plus I wasn’t sure which doctor is recommended. However, I am open to Cradle if I can find an affiliated doctor that I am comfortable with. In comparison though, Max – even with smaller rooms – seemed cleaner with better access (I live near Galleria). Were you totally satisfied with Max? Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it!

      2. Oh we were very satisfied with Max.

        Cradle must have gone down in quality since it used to be pretty good – some of my friends had their babies delivered there.

        One of the doctors who is affiliated with Cradle and also comes highly recommended is Dr. Nirmala Krishnan. She is very experienced (though she may not click with everyone – again, some of our friends sing praises for her). We have consulted with her before and found her competent.

    2. You must try Dr Chetna Jain at Cradle or Columbia Asia Hospital. No No one can compete her in knowledge and care. She is quite busy though and you will need to reach her through her secretary, but it is worth it.

    1. Hi Asha

      You have to go to the helpdesk at Max and they will give u a list of all costs of the 2 packages they offer – cesarean or normal. I think in the Deluxe room the package is about 63000 for cesarean. (The double and 3-4 bedded rooms r cheaper).extended stay is added n actuals.

  33. I’m in my 8th month of pregnancy & consulting Dr Bhavna Choudhary at max. Though I find the overall services reasonably fine, I recently had a bad experience wherein my USG report carried a statement from someone else’s USG, causing me a whole lot of anxiety & trouble. I’m also considering Cradle for delivery but not really able to make up my mind. Has anyone got any delivery experience with Dr Bhavna Choudhary?

    1. IF its Max guragaon then Dr Kaushiki Dwivedi is the best gyne. Only minus point in Max is they dont segregate baby section from other…labor room is just opposite to ICU and rooms whre baby is shifted are common for all patients…i thinks rooms should be exclusive for babies

  34. Any reviews around Dr Anjali Kumar. This is my first pregnancy and have been visiting her. However do not find her very soothing and caring. She doesnt provide any emergency support on phone either.

    Please let me know if I should change my doc. This is my 7th month. Also, how early do we need to book hospital

    1. Dr Nirmala Krishnan, Privat, Superb Doc.

      I reached her in my 9th month after being harassed by Dr Mukta Kapila of Artimis…

      Highly recommend Dr Krishnan

      1. How were you ‘harassed’ by Dr. Mukta Kapila? I used to consult her for my 1st child way back in 2008 but then left in my 3rd trimester for Mumbai, as my parents were based there. She was pretty ok then. I am pregnant with my 2nd child now and want the best Doc..coz ..well, have a 3.5yr old to take care of, a job and am older :).

        Also which is the best hospital in terms of service and infrastructure and access for the Delivery – I believe Artemis as I live on Sohna road?

      2. @Soumya – You know, in recent times, all I have heard about Artemis is bad. So, I would reconsider that as an option. IMO, Max is about as accessible as Artemis (it is a difference of 5-10 minutes). While Max is not as comfortable as something like Cradle, we had our baby delivered there, and we found it just fine.

        Of course from Sohna road, there is Medicity also nearby, but I am not sure what the facilities and doctors there are like.

      3. Dr. Nirmala Krishnan may be experienced but her attitude sucks. She seems to be a woman frustrated with her life, not ready to listen at all and doent know how to talk to a patient. Complete No No.
        I recently paid her two visits and made up my mind not to visit her again..
        I have heard lots of good things about Dr. Kaushiki at Max, planning to visit her.

    2. I would recommend that you see my doctor – dr Deepa Dewan . She is very nice and caring for her patients, always available in an emergency . She helped me a lot in both my pregnancies. All of my friends who was going to her are also very happy with her. One of my friends who had her delivery last month was very scared of labour pains and normal delivery . Dr dewan helped her through a normal delivery by encouraging her and arranged for a painless normal delivery for her with the help of epidural. My friend is very happy and says I owe my normal delivery to the Doctor – it was only because of her that I had a normal delivery.

      1. Ok so I went back to Dr Mukta Kapila since she did take care of me very well in ’08 and I did not get completely positive feedback on others. My 1st visit to Dr Mukta Kapila this time around put all my worries to rest and she took very good care of me all the way. I developed high blood sugar due to my unrestricted diet though but she scared me enough to enforce discipline at least in the last 2 months. My baby was turning larger day by day though so we had to elect C-Sec only though she took a call on that only in the 36th week. All went well and here I am to put a public note of Thanks for Dr Mukta Kapila.

  35. Hi
    please suggest me and my wife are choosing good doctor in gurgaon we are new in Gurgaon we have heard a lot about Dr. Deepa Diwan. please tell us her work experience.

  36. Hi. I am in my 6th month and i would like to change my doctor as I am currently seeing dr. manvita mahajan. I find her very easy going and casual and does nt take much of interest. I want to deliver at Cradle…….which dr. would u recommend at cradle….anjali bagga or nirmala krishan . please suggest i really need help as this is my first pregnancy and m scared

  37. Hi

    I am consulting Dr. Meenakshi Sahuta, she seems to be a good doctor and seem to understand the condition. Though I find her a bit lathargic & money minded. She chooses not to respond well over the phone though she seems nice when we go and see her at the clinic. As an expectant mother i need a Gynec who can comfort me. Any similar experiences with her? Anu suggestions? I am in my fifth month

    1. You can try Dr. Mukta Kapila at Artemis. She is very good at her work and great with her patients. The LDR area at artemis is also great

  38. hey, is there anyone who has had her pregnancy under Dr. Vijay wali at the cradle….i really need some advice, as this is my first pregnancy and am really paranoid. please help.

    1. Hi Aanya,

      i amalsoconsulting Dr .Vijay wali ..m due in june..but stillnot sure about her .What is yourexperience like with her ? Can someone please suggest a good doctor for normal delivery at cradle,gurgaon ??

      1. Hi Vidhi,iam in my 5th month of pregnancy and consulting Dr Vijay Wali at Cradle.Please share your experience with her.Please advise me as it is my first delivery and which dr. would u recommend for normal delivery.

      2. Dr Vijay Wali is the best Doc in Apollo. I delivered a beautiful daughter in Jan 2010. I am fully satisfied with Doctor and staff and Hospital management.
        The best thing about hospital is They always call you mother and not patient. Mine was a complicated case so i had a Cesarean but she is famous for Normal deliveries. She herself did the Cesarean. WHole staff was very nice. I also want to mention the Dr who gave Anesthesia. He was also Dr Wali. He also make me cheer as i was quite scared with all the process.
        Wish you all the best for life.

  39. My wife was admitted for a week and I ws with her for most of the time.

    The attendant’s sleeping couch is a nightmare. It has a solid broad beam going in the middle which will kill your back in a day or two.

    Junior Doctors are not that knowledgeable so you have to keep them on toe by asking right kind of questions.

    Once we found that nursing station was vacant for more than 10 mins, which quite horrifying if you leave your patient alone and he/she is in dire need.

    There are lot of good things also but I thought to point of what one should be careful about.

    1. Hi Ashesh,

      Agreed. The sleeping couch really is horrible, and you are bang on about the beam through the middle.

      And yes also on the nursing station.

      As you said there are good parts about Max too, but nothing is perfect, and Max has it’s share of shortcomings.

      Thanks for pitching in.

      1. Hi All, I had my delivery in Apollo hospital in Jan 2010. I am very satisfied with the hospital staff and management. Specially the doctor.
        My Doc was Dr Vijay wali. She is the best doctor and remarkable person. She attends me and soothe me during the whole process of delivery like a daughter. I can never forget that experience. I am blessed with a daughter. Now too when ever we go to Apollo to visit the paedetrician, for my daughter we always go to Dr vijay wali to say Hello. I think Doctors are lke Gods for us.

  40. Hi,

    Can some one suggest who is the best/accomplished Gynecologist in Gurgaon who deals with infertility cases? I am looking for some one who genuinely cares about her patients and has the time for them.


      1. Very Well Said.She is really A gem Kind of a Lady.she is just too good in all the go to her your all the worries will be can take tell my name to her surekha goyal.i had my second baby from her in Max.everything went very good.

  41. Hi,

    I am 4 months pregnant and my gynae sits in Paras Hospital. We went for tour in Cradle and really like dit. However my doctor doesnt visit Cradle. I am confused between two choices :1) Change doctor and get delivery in Cradle 2) Continue the same doctor and get delivery in Paras. Need some recommendation. Thanks for help.

    1. Megha, same was the case with our Doctor who wouldn’t visit Cradle (which we liked a lot). In our case, we decided to stick with the doctor, and delivered in Max.

      At the end of the day, IMO, you have to stick with the what you are most comfortable with. If you like the doctor a lot, then stay with the hospital.

      You are still a bit far away from the delivery though, so if you doctor is nothing special, then go ahead and try out some of the doctors that do visit Cradle.

      Just do whatever gives you the most peace of mind. While Cradle is good, the other hospitals do have good infrastructure as well. The positive of Cradle, IMO, is only in the post delivery atmosphere – which is much more open than other hospitals.

    2. Hi Megha, i got my delivery done in cradle and i think i have never experienced anything better than that yet in life, the doctors, the staff, just everyone is too too good, u r too early in your pregnancy, infact u can consult Dr Anjali Bugga, she is really good – i totally recommend her, have a safe pregnancy. God Bless

  42. Thanks Gunjan and Shashifor your kind words.
    Priya thanks for your not so kind words as well as this will help me in improving my practice if I am going wrong somewhere.But to best of my remembrence I don’t have any patient with the name Priya who is expecting in near future.A sincere request….If you don’t trust me please change your doctor as for a good outcome a mutual patient doctor relationship is very important.And am certainly not the most ‘wanted’ doctor of Max Gurgaon.You have plenty of good doctors around. tc and God Bless.

    1. How is doctor deepa diwan. I am consulting her and there are some complecation which i fear she is not dealing properly. I am also thinking oftaking 2nd opinion from other doc. I am 7 month pregnant and my problem is low flow of blood through embilical cord.

      1. Kiran, my wife had her baby delivered by Dr. Deewan, and we were both pretty satisfied with her.

        But if you are not completely satisfied with her analysis of your case, you should definitely consult 1 or 2 more doctors. I can recommend Dr. Nirmala Krishnan, and this site’s readers have recommended Dr. Kaushiki Dwivedee.

      2. you should consult a better radiologist, better to go Dr. Ashok Khurana defence colony and get ultrasound done. Also as second opinion consult a senior doctor in Max Noida or Sitaram Bhartia Qutub Institutional area.

  43. Maybe I am the only one to have multiple bad experiences with Max, but they are too serious for me to even consider Max again

    About three years back my husband was running high fever which was not subsiding for 2 days, we went to Max and met a super specialist in Internal Medicine. He immediately told my husband to get ADMITTED, prescribed nearly 10 doses of IV antibiotics and told us if we went back for a reconsideration, we might not get an opportunity to be back (it was a near fatal situation)…. i nearly fainted….
    We were still not convinced and decided to travel 2hrs to our regular physician in south Delhi, only to be prescribed normal medication ( Paracetamol and anti allergin) and he recovered overnight…

    Next one… I in my fourth month of developed complications and since my gynae is in Delhi and Max was the only one offering ambulance we reluctantly went there only to be told that it was too late and there were no chances of baby surviving…and I should get ADMITTED…. I wouldn’t say more, JUST THAT I AM A PROUD MOM OF A 19 MONTH ACTIVE BOY…..

  44. I guess this particular post has made Dr Kaushkee Dwivedee as most wanted doctor in MAX. After reading this article only, even I went to her and had been showing her since the beginning of my pregnancy. But I don’t know why my experience with her was not that satisfying as far as consultation is concerned. She never spent more than 10 minutes in any visit. She would hardly explain anything or speak anything on her own. Unless you ask her anything particular which would obviously not give you complete information since there are so many things which we don’t know and that’s why go to the doctor to take his/her advice. Probably she is too busy to give consultations and take care. We are still showing to her only since my delivery is very near and we don’t intend to change doctor now. Hopefully all will be fine.

  45. So Finally I did It i.e delivered.Needed a lot of hard work.I had an unstable lie at term.My baby was moving all over the place even at 39th week and cervix had started to dilate.So I was induced by my dear doctor Dwivedee.Had to take epidural.She and her team were very supportive.i opted for LDR.I had a vaccum delivery apparently a difficult one for the doc as under the influence of epidural I didn’t push at all and I had become a little nervous too.But for Dr Dwivedee I would have ended in a c section.Just after delivery Dr ajay karkara scared me by telling that baby had a high TSH,was in shock and had some bleed in head.TSH came normal in repeat test.Baby is doing fine.Now I am following up with Dr siddharth Gogia who is much more considerate.
    Overall a good experience except for some possibley unnecessary stay of baby in nursery.I would recommend Dr Dwivedee,whereever she is Max or no Max

    1. G, huge congratulations from GurgaonWatch. I tried sending you an email for this, but for some reason your email id is bouncing. Once again, I hope your baby boy/girl is doing fine as are you. Have fun with your child.


  46. Hi

    We are looking for a suitable place to deliver my first child; i am inclined towards Cradle as my friend recently delivered her child dere and i loved the place….can anyone suggest a good gyanaecologist in cradle? Can u also share ur personal experiences with cradle (if any)..Also is max a good place to deliver?

    1. Hello Mili,

      One of the most experienced doctors who would also deliver at Cradle is Dr. Nirmala Krishnan (as I have mentioned in the earlier comments).

      Go ahead and read the rest of the comments as they contain some experiences by other people with various doctors here.

      Our baby was delivered in Max, and it was alright (though not as nice as Cradle).

  47. My wife is in 1st month of pregnancy but we are in big confusion which hospital to choose in Gurgaon. This will be our 1st child .we are totally unaware how much does it cost(rough idea) from 1st month of pragnancy to the delivery so that we can plan .can any one guide about best hospital and the rough estimate from 1st month to delivery cost(including doctor visit,test,delivery room rent etc)

    1. Hi VP,

      Cradle is very good – probably the best in Gurgaon. You have to find out if the doctor your wife refers to will deliver at Cradle.

      Our baby was delivered in Max by Dr. Deepa Dewan – we found Max to be pretty decent as well. We chose Max because Dr. Deewan couldn’t deliver in Cradle, and we didn’t want to change our doctor (since we were pretty happy with Dr. Deewan).

      For costing, its best to go to these hospitals and find out about the packages that they have. Most will only have delivery packages.

      For costing from first pregnancy, there are several cost items that you should plan for – ultrasounds, various tests during different stages of pregnancy, dietary supplements for your wife, and doctor’s fees – in fact, this will be the smallest expense.

    1. To best of my Knowledge Paras Hospital and Artemis Hospital have tied up with Delhi based IVF docs to run infertility services in Gurgaon.Don’t know which is best.

  48. In my 25th week of Pregnancy,I visited Max Gurgaon to visit my friend you recently delivered under my doc only (Dr Dwivedee).Again a normal delivery.I am reassured.My friend had her delivery in LDR,the new option of room which Max Gurgaon has come out as an option for delivery.A luxurious room doubled up into a labour room and friend wasn’t shifted to the conventional labour room.I like the room as the price difference between single room delivery and LDR delivery isn’t much.The room could have been a little brighter.

    1. Well the package depends on the type if room you select. I know the package details for a c-sec. They were around 60k for a shared room and 1.2k for a classoc deluxe. A deluxe room (which is just a small single bed room) is for around 80k

  49. Hi. We are in the process of choosing hospital in Gurgaon for delivery in few months. Can anyone suggest some good hospital?

    1. My younger sister delivered her baby in Max Gurgaon. We had a satisfying experience in that hospital. Since my Brother in law was not in India at the time of delivery, I was with my sister during the whole process. Her gynac was Dr Deepa Deewan who is very patient and supportive. She kept my sisters spirit up during the labor pains and inspite of a breech baby, c-section was not required. The peditric doctor was Dr Siddharth Gogia who is very good and I was very impressed by the advice that he gave to my sister after delivery. The nursing staff is ok. As compared to Paras where I delivered my baby, this place was definitely better.

    2. hi Bharti,

      The best place in town is called Cradle. Having said that you should choose where your doctor goes.

      We recently had a baby, and our doctor Deepa Deewan delivers at Max. That is where we had our baby, and we were satisfied with the experience.

      My wife had a c-section, and I requested and was allowed to be in the operation theater with her.

      So, on personal experience Cradle and Max are both good.

  50. Hi My wife is pregnant and it is her 4th month. We are also going to Max Gurgaon and our doctor is Dr. Manvita Mahajan. Any one there who can share his/her experience with her?Thanks..

  51. Dear ‘Gurgaon Resident’

    Now I have some feedback for my current Gynecologist.A friend of my friend delivered under her on 19th March at MAX Gurgaon.Am sharing it on your site so that it can be used by any other expectant mom visiting your site.
    This female had a complicated pregnancy where the water surronding the baby had dried up and baby was lagging in growth by 5 weeks.They were very keen on a vaginal delivery though Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee had told her that she might end up with a c-section.So at 37 weeks her labour was induced and same evening she delivered a healthy baby boy with apparently vaccum delivery as baby was in distress.She is highly impressed with Dr Dwivedee and I am decided too on this front.
    Now coming to baby doctor,initially her baby was seen by Dr Gogia(your site carries a good review of him) and later on by his senior Dr Ajay karkara.Baby was kept in Nursery for 24 hrs as it was a small size baby but was handed to her next day.She liked both Dr Gogia and Dr Karkara as the baby doctors and is yet to zero down with whom she would like to follow up with but would most likely take opinion of Dr Dwivedee as she is kind of mesmerized by her.
    Over all they were happy with the facilities at MAX gurgaon .She was also an insurance patient so her discharge took 5/6 hours.At times she found the nursing staff over worked and took time in responding to her calls but she found it within acceptable limits.
    Food and house keeping – she found it of good quality.
    If I change my mind due to any reason I would certainly be back and happy parenting:)
    BTW if anyone wishes to visit Dr dwivedee’s websit it is A comprehensive site hyperlinked with various informative sites.

    1. G – this is awesome. Thanks for this information. Yes, we have been overall happy with Max too.

      Also, although we liked Dr. Gogia, peer pressure largely has got us to shift to Dr. Shaguna Mahajan – who has a clinic in Galleria. EVERYONE we know takes their babies to her.

      We still like Dr. Gogia quite a bit, and might go back to him once our daughter is a little older (or even earlier).

  52. Thanks a ton for answering. Though your answer didn’t give any opinion about Dr Dwivedee but still it was helpful. I shall keep you posted about my experience so far.
    As I mentioned I had two visits with Dr Dwivedee. In 1st visit she spent almost 45 minutes with us to explain the do’s and don’ts in pregnancy and an over view of what to expect. Then she gave us leaflets on exercise, diet and tests to follow.2nd visit was with reports and she explained the importance of the tests which I was made to under go.
    3rd visit is due next week as I turn 12 weeks with my Level 1 ultrasound Scan and Double marker.Will get back how it goes.
    BTW what did your wife had a normal delivery or a c-section?I am not obsessed with the mode of delivery but my concern is it should not be un indicated c-section at the same time.

    1. Ours was a C-section, but it was because we didn’t want to try normal delivery since there was a cord around the baby’s neck which showed during the last two ultrasounds. Dr. Deewan did tell us that this is very normal and happens in 30% of cases and a normal delivery can still be possible. But my wife and I discussed this and decided to not go for normal.

    2. Hi G,
      It was by chance that I got to do a consultation with Dr Dwiwedee , as one of my ovarian Cysts had ruptured and had a complex anatomy. Dr Dwiwedee was truly a gem of a person. I am so impressed by her that I refered my sister who had been undergong treatments at serveral places for a baby but is not getting pregnant. Dr Dwiwedee could diagnose the problem and my sis is under medication. I had a wonderful experience th the doctor herself and was just wished I had my baby delivered by her.

      Overall… You can trust Dr Dwiwedee..

      1. Dear shashi,

        Thanks for your feedback.I totally agree with you that Dr dwivedee is a doctor with a difference and a very good human being.I had my Level 1 scan and Double marker at max.Radiology department there is good.Dr Ellora performed my scan .She took her time and then she got it double checked by Dr Jai Prakash,the Head of the department.He came across as mild and Knowledgeble person.

  53. I am pregnant and had 2 consultations with Dr Kaushikee Dwivedee at Max hospital,Gurgaon.So far we are satisfied but it is mostly at the time of delivery that you know the real attitude of the doctor.We went to her after a lot of google search and apparently she has very good testimonials particularily her preferance for normal deliveries and good bedside manners.Have you got any feedbacks ?

    1. G, I think what matters is which doctor puts you at the most ease. With Max I have found out that the doctors on their staff are pretty good. I haven’t had any experience with Dr. Dwivedee and nor do I know anyone who does (except you now).

      I always say that you should go ahead with whoever makes you feel comfortable. Then combine this with enough research on all topics related to health on your own. Once you have done this you should discuss all things that cause concern to you with your doctor.

      With our doctor (Dr. Deepa Deewan), we were able to discuss every topic that we had concerns about and she was patient and knowledgeable about everything (we had 3 people in friends and family who are in the field of gynecology, neonatology, and pediatrics), and that helped too.

      So once again, be comfortable enough with your doctor to discuss all your concerns and do a lot of research on your own. If your doctor is of the kind who is reluctant or angry to discuss in detail with their treatment choices, then just drop her and look for someone else.

  54. Hi want to know how is facilities available at Paras hospital for baby delivery?? Do they have advance lab/ facilities to take care of any compications?? who is the best gyane available their?? Do they have competent doctors to take care in night for deliveries??

    1. Hi Soma, unfortunately, I do not have this information available about Paras hospital. One thing that is important is that whoever is your gynae currently (the one you trust) should be available to deliver at Paras. If not, find out from her where she does deliveries, and go there…

  55. Hi,
    My sister has been suggested a surgery of Kidney and though doctor at Apollo has said that it will cost about 40K+ (about 3 days) at Paras hospital, I am not sure how this stacks up.
    Does this cost include cost of rooms, surgery costs, meal expenses and medicines?

    Out of Paras, Max and Neelkanth (they have advanced Uro labs), which one is recommended.

    Is Max gurgaon a good option?

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

    1. Hello Jimmy,

      Although, I have been satisfied with Max overall, it will probably be more expensive than Paras.

      I have heard overall good reports of Paras, so that should be okay as well.

      But I cannot recommend a specific one for the Kidney surgery, since I don’t know anyone who has had to get that done. Please do leave a feedback about your choice by emailing at and I will publish it on this site.

      I hope your sister gets well quickly.


  56. Hi,

    Could anyone suggest a better Gyaen in Gurgaon, my wife needs to undergo a lapro for a cyst on right ovary.
    Also pls suggest Paras / Max ??


    1. You can visit Dr. Vaishali Sharma.

      Dr. Vaishali Sharma, MD Gynae (AIIMS) Practicing as Consultant Gynaecologist

      Areas of Interest :

      Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic Surgeries
      Gynaecological Cancers
      Fetal Medicine
      High Risk Pregnancy
      Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

    2. You can visit Dr. Vaishali Sharma.

      Dr. Vaishali Sharma, MD Gynae (AIIMS) Practicing as Consultant Gynaecologist

      Areas of Interest :

      Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic Surgeries
      Gynaecological Cancers
      Fetal Medicine
      High Risk Pregnancy
      Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

  57. @Meenu..
    Please , Just dont cry over the little cradle thing and their stringent rule … I have had the worst possible experience and the shock of my life at Max,Pitampura..

    My sister had her baby on 3rd May and 2 days later she passed away .. those fucking bastards couldn’t do anything .. anything .. They just keep giving her Pain killers and sedatives when she was complaining pain,shortness of breath , shivering and vomiting right through the night … Those assholes didn’t have a single qualified doctor at night to diagnose the problem and give appropriate treatment … They even ignored her BP dropping to 110/70 which is below normal at 10 pm at night till the situation was out of hand at 7.45 at morning till her BP turned Nill and she was taken to ICU at 8.30 in morning would you believe it!!

    If i had law in my hand i would Hang those killers , they dont deserve to run these services .. She had Developed a complication of Pulminory Embolism for which they did nothing to prevent at first and after it started they were just not willing to Diagnose …It seemed like they were saying “Just make the patient sleep .. Shes disturbing us too much!!”
    Plzz dont go to that hospital ever … They have made our lives miserable!!

  58. @Meenu

    If you compare it to Cradle (from the point of view of having a baby), then there is no comparison. Cradle is a class apart. The rest you are probably right about (though my experience regarding insurance was the other way around).

    Of course, if all that matters to you are qualified doctors (which they do have, as you said, and I agree), then Max is still the place to go.

    One tip is that you don’t give up pushing your doctor to have the baby in Cradle even if she is from Max or any other hospital. Most doctors relent after a while (this happened to a friend of mine).

  59. If u r expecting a place that welcomes you when you buy their services-
    PLEASE DON’T GO TO MAX GURGAON : Competent doctors but terrible hospitality.

    My sister had a baby at Max. Either the staff doesn’t get paid well or they are just unhappy people because they are out to make you miserable. They don’t allow guests over 2 or kids and go out of their way to insult you. They say they do this to keep away infections. I have never known a hospital which will not allow reletives and friends to visit a new born baby. I delivered at Cradle, some people who visited me wanted to have a baby just so they could go through the cradle experience. We had to settle for Max because the doctor we trusted visits only Max. And they wont allow you to carry sweets inside. I thought the hospital is in India and they need to care for some sentiments!
    They try to have stringent rules and implement them with impoliteness and indifference. It is like a military base not a place you want to take your loved ones to heal or nurture.
    Apart from that the attendant keeps telling you how much others tipped her if you try using them for the basic services they are supposed to provide.

    When my sister booked with them, she was told that they have a link up with the insurance they are using, but guess what when we turn up to admit, they say they don’t! Apparently all other branches except Gurgaon are linked. So we rushed to make the huge down payment which is anyway no value for your money.

    There is no feedback mechanism and no body cares for your satisfaction or experience, probably because they are a part of a factory which is a chain of hospitals. They have good architecture, neat interiors, qualified doctors, good on the shelf material, sells anyway.

    Overall clinically ok, purely commercial, impersonal, no concept of service and not worth the brand name.

  60. @J – well, at least our experience wasn’t THAT bad. Also, our doctor did answer the phone while attending to us, but that is the type of job she has. I can’t imagine what I would do if my wife was pregnant, and not feeling well, and the doctor won’t answer the phone because she is talking to another patient. So, as long as a doctor picks up the phone to consult another patient, while she is consulting us, I don’t have a problem.

    The staff may have been incompetent at times, but to us they were never rude.

  61. MAX is not a good hospital as per my experience. The front desk staff is really impolite and do not know the basic things related to their staff. Path lab staff is also quite rude. The doctor I was consulting was quite unprofessional to take phone calls during consultation and by seeing the reports of other patients-just to look busy.

  62. Here’s another experience – I had to go back to MAX to pick up some reports for my wife. The guy who is responsible for these reports took forever to pull out the reports. I don’t think he knew how to use his software very well. I was literally waiting for over 20 minutes before he was able to get the reports printed (through repeated trial and error attempts in his software).

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