Negligent and irresponsible staff at Max hospital Gurgaon

On Saturday, I had a mishap where my one year old daughter accidentally hit me in my eye. This resulted in what is called as “corneal abrasion” – basically, she ended up leaving a couple of scratches on the cornea of one of my eyes. And this was absolutely unbearable – I was in so much pain that we had to immediately rush to the hospital.

As usual, we went straight to Max (we like Max hospital). And at the OPD registration desk, we asked for an appointment with whoever was available in the ophthalmology department. I was in a lot of pain, and the person behind the desk could see that. I was holding a cloth on my eye. He asked me to wait a bit, and then within a few minutes told me that no doctor is available in this department.

I was shocked. For a multi-specialty hospital to not have an eye specialist available during normal working hours was something I couldn’t imagine. It was around 11 am when we visited Max. But this is not even the beginning of what was wrong with this picture.

Anyway, since I had to get some attention very quickly, we got out of that place and went to the Eye-Q Super Specialty clinic near galleria market. One thing I have to say – those guys took one look at me, and got me to jump the line to immediately see the doctor.

The doctor confirmed the corneal abrasion and bandaged my eye, and so on. Overall it was a decent experience there. A couple of days later my eye had healed, but I continued to have a blurry vision, so I wanted to visit a doctor again.

I went to Max again (on Tuesday), this time because the doctor who had been recommended to me works out of Max. Her name is Dr. Poonam Sharma, and I came back with a good impression of her. Well after my checkup, she asked me to come back and see her on Saturday.

Here’s my conversation with her from that point:

Me: “but, doctor, you don’t sit here on Saturdays”

Doctor: “no, Saturday is one of the busier OPD days; I am always here on Saturdays”

Me: “but, you were not here last Saturday”

Doctor: “I was here. I was looking at patients all day”

Me: “but, doctor, I was told at the OPD registration desk last Saturday at 11 am that no one from ophthalmology is available to look at me”

Doctor: “…. “

She was speechless. She asked me to fill out the feedback form. I have to admit, I didn’t. I was in a hurry to get back home.

However, I find it unbelievable that Max hospital denied me medical care,  by lying to me (knowingly or unknowingly) about the availability of a doctor – especially given that I was a in a lot of pain.

But it happened.

I am VERY disappointed in Max Hospital.

7 thoughts on “Negligent and irresponsible staff at Max hospital Gurgaon”

  1. I agree that Max is very unprofessional. I really dont want say but staff at Max will not hesitate to threat you. I came to this blog by searching reviews for Doctor Poonam and I agree that it looks like that she ignores patients as I also went for a checkup to her.

  2. Only good thing of MAX gurgaon is the Doctors available there…There admin staff/reception/nurses are worst hospital staff ever. If you call them for appointment, first thing which will irritate you is waiting time to get to the operator and then highly educated operator will deny all appointments stating booking full…Next thing you will do is contact the doctor directly and strangely she/he will ask you to come for check up… i have follow this for last one year fr normal OPD.

  3. Max @ Gurgaon has “Saturday fever” 🙂 The OPD is generally overcrowded on Saturdays and I feel the staffs are not adequate to handle the crowd.

    I try my best to avoid visiting Max on Saturday..:-)

  4. I understand that Max Gurgaon has emergency department to handle such emergencies and you do not need to go to OPD at all. While I am not pro MAX, but I found that place much better than artemis, especially when I was admitted for a Neurological problem.

    1. Agreed that they do have an emergency department. And I probably should have gone there. However, that still doesn’t change the fact that the staff just was negligent.

      Also, I like Max overall and it is my hospital of choice (as based on other reviews on this website), and I don’t like Artemis at all (again, as evident in other reviews on this site)

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