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Problem in your bones?

It is about time I did another review of a doctor that I have mentioned earlier in a different context, but have visited several times since then. The doctor that I am talking about is Dr. Rajesh Bawari, an orthopedic surgeon who consults out of the Max hospital in Gurgaon several times a week.

Dr. Bawari has become more of a family doctor to my family now – by this I mean several of my relatives have now taken consultation from him and come out very happy. So he is the doctor I recommend without a thought when someone asks for a good Orthopedic doctor.

My cousin had some problem in his foot which was being incorrectly diagnosed for a very long time, which left him in a lot of trouble. However, Dr. Bawari finally correctly diagnosed it as Bone TB and treated it successfully. My sister-in-law had problems with her wrists with some cysts, and she also went and saw Dr. Bawari and is much better now. My mom consults him as well.

I recently had problems with my ankle and went and saw Dr. Bawari and am undergoing treatment for it.

The best thing I like about Dr. Bawari (aside from his medical expertise of course) is that he is a calm-headed doctor who is not given to theatrics (as some doctors are). He comes across as intelligent and has never induced any fear or panic in me or people I know who have consulted him. I think part of the job of a doctor is to give the patient a “peace of mind” such that the patient should feel that he/she is in good hands and there is nothing to worry about. This is something that Dr. Bawari does very well.

I would recommend Dr. Bawari with no reservations. If you are looking for a good Orthopedic doctor or surgeon in Gurgaon, do visit him at Max hospital. And do come back here and leave comments on how your experience was (good or bad).

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  1. I would like to recommend Dr. Ravi Sauhta, he is one of the best orthopedic surgeon in Gurgaon.

    His main interest is Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery and providing solutions in failed Joints by Revision Joint Reconstruction

  2. Dr. T Sringari would be a fruitfull choice if you are looking for a well experienced Orthopedic Doctor.

    Dr. T Sringari is a profound orthopaedician with exceptional surgical & medical precision. With over more than 15 years of elaborate experience in treating patients with orthopedic defects, abnormalities, trauma and replacements. He is considered as one of the best orthopedic doctor in gurgaon.

    To know more you can visit – http://drsringari.com/

  3. Cant help you guys with which dentist is good in Gurgaon, but can tell you who to keep away from.
    Dr Khullar at Khullar Dental Center, DLF 3, Gurgaon ranks as the worst dentist I have been to. First, he had me get two root canals which were not warranted. Second, he is not able to fix one of the root canals, and it takes EIGHT painful sittings with him, and my tooth still hurts. I am now getting it done from a dentist in Delhi, someone who I know is good. Even though I am travelling an hour just to get to him, at least I know my tooth will be done.
    And oh yeah, did I mention his outrageous charges – 6K for a root canal,1500 filling it above 2x of what I am paying in Delhi.

  4. i am looking for the pediatric orthopedic surgeon who specialises in hip osteotomy in delhi and physiotherepy centre for my child who is just 8 years old having hip subluxation >50%ih both hip .i am also confused about the procedure which will be followed for the surgery as some docs say both hips will be treated at once and some say only one hip at atime what is right/wrong pls guide as he needs to be treated very soon

    1. Dr. Manoj padman is the best pediatric ortho surgeon as available at fortis gurgaon
      My no. Is 9958315483

  5. HI, I am looking for good and experience UROLOGY Doctor in Gurgaon. I have pain in test since last one month and for that I have visited three different doctors in Gurgaon along with some well known hospitals. But I am not satisfied with the treatment as the pain still persists.

  6. I would suggest everyone to consult Dr Anurag Awasthi for any orthopedic problem. He believes in offering the best possible treatment, and involves the patients in decision making process. He will explain your problem in detail, and even tell you the expected outcome, before suggesting treatment. I recommend Dr Anurag Awasthi, and believe that he is one of the best orthopedic surgeon in Gurgaon

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