Our bad experience with Pentacle Services

Pentacle Services is a service provider for providing plumbing, electrician, computer repair, air-conditioning and other services at a low cost. Although they are Delhi based, but they also have Gurgaon operations.

Somehow, they managed to get hold of our phone number and called us with their offer. Their sales pitch was good, and so we were interested. Here is what they offered:

They would take Rs. 500 and provide 15 free service calls where they will send an electrician or a plumber (based on what you need) throughout the year. There is no labor charge for these services, and you will only have to pay the charges for actual material used.

In addition they will also do 2 free services for the air conditioners.

And they promised a visit in the next 24 hours.

Well, this was the pitch. And we liked it. So, what went wrong? Everything.

After we signed the contract and made a measly payment of Rs. 500, these guys disappeared. Let me put it this way, they were calling us up everyday before we made the purchase, and afterwards, we just couldn’t reach them at most times.

We needed a plumber to visit and do some jobs at home. We called them on the first time and asked for a visit. We were told that a plumber will be available the next day. Can you guess when the plumber showed up? Not for a week. And during this week, we tried several times to call up and ask for a status. But no-one answered their lines most of the time.

And incidentally, when the person did show up, he didn’t look like a trained professional. He spilled a bottle of glass cleaner in the bed room, and our bed room still stinks of the smell.

So, if you are receiving this sales pitch from Pentacle Service, I suggest that you tell them to get lost, and rely on your neighborhood electricians and plumbers.

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  1. I have paid Rs.799 to this company.I am trying to contact them from so many days but there is no reply on phone no .47622999 they have given on there card.cr.10263 that means they have cheated
    me.What could ido now.ONKAR SINGH SUKHIJA

  2. It is just not the bad experience, it is a complete fraud. These I also wish if I could check about these complaints earlier. I paid 799/- for the same and that too very recently. It appears these guys are cheating people for more than one year. They keep changing their addresses, phone numbers, mobile numbers. Their website also works only when they want it to run. The major thing is that they also keep changing their bank accounts after taking out all money so that no one can catch them. Two very important things :- How can a bank let them open bank accounts without much verification. secondly our consumer forum system should also have such complaint sites so that one can read it out there at first instance. In this case even consumer forum complaint can not be filed because no one knows their correct address. Thank god it was just 799 bucks. Lets create awareness because that is the least we can do.

    Sanjay Jain

  3. Pentacle is a bunch of frauds; I have recently taken their services (I wish I had looked at the internet prior to taking their services). The internet is full of complaints against these guys and its a surprise that they continue to fool around people. Serious action should be against such companies. The situation is so bad that they have stopped picking up my phone. Can somone provide me the name and number of the whoever is running this fraud company.


  4. Pentacle services is a big Fraud. I was impresses by there sales pitch and fall into there trap. I have been tryign to call there carpenter for last 10 days but still no response. I spent almost 35-40 min waiting on there calls which never gets picked up (i tried during different times of day and each time after waiting for 5 mins the call gets diconnected). They have cheated lot of people and we should see if we can take an action on them

    1. HI
      Its the same experience with me. They are cheating everyone. I paid Rs 800 and they said that I would get vouchers worth Rs 300/- that I can use at Nirulas, Dominos etc. When I was paying the amount the executive told me, I will get coupons when I will call the plumber/ electrician etc. Now I have been trying their number, no one is picking the phone after waiting for long. I have been trying for last 3 days.
      Its a fraud I suppose.
      I hope no one falls prey to them

  5. Hi All , Tahnks for the timely information!! i also got call from this company guys and was planning to go for the contract…. but now a big NO to these guys. Thanks again

  6. I had very bad experience while using your service very first time. I have been promised to get repaired all my electrical and electronics items except fridge and washing machine. But when the first time I have asked to repair my cooler you said this is not in your brochure.. Though I have explicitly asked for the cooler. Unfortunately I would like to say that help line people are not co-operative and would like to discontinue this service

  7. Hi Divya

    This is Hem and I was facing the same problem earlier with their contact numbers and was wondering about their genuinity. But when I visited their office I found their explanation to be genuine. As a growing company and growing customer base their complaint ratio is so high that their three contact numbers were busy most of the time. However they have installed fifteen more extensions and to update you with the new number is 47622999 and they told me that the new numbers are going to updated to customers through sms.

    Hem Shankar
    HDFC Bank

  8. I paid Rs.499 to Pentacle Services and every time I tried ringing up their customer care/helpline number, the number is always showing as “busy.”

    Amazingly, the number is busy even on Sunday and holidays.

    Either Pentacle Services is the busiest company in the world or else it is the biggest fraud company I have ever come across. Satyam’s promoter is an angel compared to the those running Pentacle Services.


    I have lodged a police complaint against the company.

    Surojit (P.R. No. 1761)

  9. Try emailing them. I have had a better response with emails. In a response to a mail in which I had complained a lot, they said that they got unexpected response to their offer and they were trying hard to meet the demand. They also mentioned that we can book a request via email. That’s definitely better than trying to call them all day to see if they pick up the phone…

  10. I suppose i am too late to read this as i paid the same amount 15 days back with this assurance that they will activate the services within 48 hours. Now when i tried calling them, none of their no’s is reachable. i called on 011-45088112/13 and 45097377. If anybody have some other contact no. pls inform. Thanks.

  11. Hi Vaibhav,
    Thanks for this feed back
    I was about to fall in the hands of this Sales Pitch
    Thanks man Now I would teach them a lesson
    but what i wonder is from where do these ppl get phone numbers?

  12. Manika, sadly no. I don’t know of any services such as this one. When I heard about Pentacle, I was thrilled. However, they turned out to be a big disappointment. And guess what, they of course have a no refund policy.

  13. Hey Vaibhav! Thanks for writing about this…haven’t heard of these guys but I would have certainly fallen for that pitch! Incidentally, do you know of a good service that does this stuff…electrician, maintenance, etc.?

    1. Please refer the email below, I’m having same issue so never go for pentacle services…

      From: Sharan, Shachi
      Sent: Monday, October 26, 2009 1:09 PM
      To: support@pentacleservices.com
      Subject: Plumbing Service – PR
      Importance: High


      I am feeling very bad to say that I’m having worst services from Pentacles services and will not renew for the next year. Also, I was thinking to recommend few more friends to join the services but I’ve postponed the idea as I’m fade up with service.

      I had requested for a plumbing service on Friday (23rd Oct, 09) and the customer care executive told me that I will get the service next day (24th Oct) but I haven’t yet received the service and it has gone 3 days and during taking the service I was told that the service will be provided within 24hrs.

      I tried to contact the customer care several times at different timings but all the time they put my call on long hold and never responded …. I don’t know why pentacle is cheating his customers.

      I would like to publish this experience on internet blog so that others can also see this kind of issues with pentacle and avoid to enroll the services from pentacle.


      Shachi Sharan

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