Pediatrician in Gurgaon – Dr. Siddhartha Gogia

One of the readers of this site (thanks Prabhakaran) wrote in almost a month ago to tell me about a pediatrician that he visits for their baby boy, his name being Dr. Siddhartha Gogia. It took me a while to put together this article based on his recommendation, but here it is finally.

Coincidentally, I have had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Gogia directly as well, so I am including my impression as well after Prabhakaran’s.

Here’s what Prabhakaran had to say about Dr. Gogia:

  • very good experience so far.
  • really good with children.
  • does not give unnecessary medication.
  • responds to your questions very promptly.

Now for my impression of Dr. Gogia. First of all, I have to agree with Prabhakaran overall. Below is our experience with Dr. Siddhartha Gogia, who we met after my wife delivered a baby at Max hospital last week. He was the attending pediatrician during the delivery.

aanyaOur daughter ‘Aanya’ was born with a slight case of fluid in her lungs which caused her to grunt while breathing. This can happen, and usually clears out on its own. Dr. Gogia was very patient in answering all my questions, and thanks to his calm manner, I felt myself not getting overly worried. This is important because a lot of times doctors tend to act self important and not explain properly what the issue is.

To monitor Aanya, they kept her in the NICU for one day. Dr. Gogia visited her regularly and kept us updated on her status. What I liked was his continuous attitude towards not doing unnecessary tests or giving not required medication. They just kept her under observation.

At this stage, it is very safe for me to say that he looks like a competent pediatrician, and I have decided to continue with him for the follow up sessions for Aanya. Let’s see if he turns out to be as good as the initial impression in the long run.

Here’s some more information about Dr. Gogia:

  • he practices out of Max Hospital and his private clinic in DLF Phase IV.
  • his contact details are: 9971799012 and
  • he has a website at – this website contains a collection of articles about various topics related to parenting and child care. On first look, all these articles seem to be copied from various places on the Internet – so these are not his own publication; however, it is still a good place to go to find all this information in one place.

Has anyone consulted with Dr. Gogia – please mention your experiences (good and bad) in the comments.

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  1. Hi,

    You have very beautifully described your meeting with Dr. Gogia. I hadn’t got any chance to interact with him but I would surely like to mention the name which I think is worth mentioning.

    CK Birla Hospital is one of the best hospitals and is known for having the best pediatrician in Gurgaon.

  2. Hi All,

    I would also love to share my experience with Dr. Siddharth Gogia. I came to Gurgaon from Bangalore and was staying in Sector 57 so i preferred going to Artemis Hospital nearby an.d consulted a Child Specialist named Dr. Sarika Raj. She is the epitome of selfishness and a big black spot on the profession of doctors. My 1 year old daughter fell off from the bed directly on back side of head on tiled floor. We were almost dead at that moment and called her. Her response was to go to Artemis emergency. We literally begged her to see our child that time and that we could come to her place but she simply refused saying that its the time she puts her daughter to sleep so she can’t see. I hope all parents can imagine our plight. We rushed to Artemis emergency and got her checked. By god’s grace, she was fine but shocked. We swore that day never ever to see Sarika’s face again and i swear the hatred that i have for her has never ended even after so many years. Even after this episode, she had the cheeks to call us and enquire, why we are not going to her.
    In the meanwhile, we started our search for a better doctor via people and internet and finally we landed MAX to see Dr. Gogia. Truly speaking, i was really very sceptic about meeting a new doc for my kid. But to my amazement, he turned out to be such a polite and learned doctor that i forgot all my worries and i was happy to find him. Now, my daughter is 5+ and he has been a true guiding light all the time. My daughter had some issues with bones so he referred us to an Ortho-Paediatrician. We got the treatment and went back to Dr. Gogia. My daughter has mild bronchitis since birth and Dr. Gogia guided us to nebulize her from year 1 itself. Be it her allergies, viral or ear infection, he would recommend best action and no useless medicine and would try to explain us by drawing a diagram of human body. Which doctor takes so much pain???

    Once i asked him that other doctors prescribe antibiotics in fever. His response was clear that antibiotics should be given if the fever is related to bacterial issues. That’s what antibiotics are for. They cant affect virus so why to give these unnecessarily for viral fevers. It will create other issues with body getting immune to antibiotics or irritating the good Lacto bacteria present in human beings.

    I know the response got a bit bigger and many might think that i am a doc myself. No!!! i am a software engineer however recalled with Dr. Gogia what i had read till 12th.

    He is truly amazing.

    1. Be careful with him
      we decided to go to Dr Gogia after reading nice comments about him online and avoid unnecessary medication and tests.
      I agree with the fact that he does not give un-necessary medication and tests. But for my son he missed necessary medication and tests.
      Due to which he was hospitalized. I don’t feel such situation should arise when you are regularly consulting with doctor.
      In our case doctor has not prescribed any antibiotic till the date of hospitalization.Though my child was uncomfortable and i was regularly visiting the doctor. Doctor assured me my son is well and nothing to worry.

      In hospital my two year son need to given hard antibiotic and other medicines.

      So for the reason which i went to Dr gogia initially to avoid unnecessary medication and test proved costly to me.

      So my humble request is be careful.Don’t trust blindly.

  3. hi.dr siddharth gogia is a gem of a person..m consulting him for my daughter since she ws born…dr. gogia is very very efficient and polite doctor. his blunt and frank nature makes him unique.he never prescribes uncessary medicines and tests.I completely trust him .altough i hav been shifted from ggn…still i consult him and he always replies to my queries.

  4. I had been thinking to write my feedback about Dr. Siddharth Gogia for long. But this time I couldn’t stop myself to write about him. He is the best doctor for my kid, who is 2 years old. I have been visiting him since my child was 2 months. The amount of satisfaction we get is amazing. Whenever my child falls sick, i don’t wait even for a day to visit Dr. Gogia’s clinic. I don’t want my child to suffer even for a minute. I know that he would not advise too many medicines for him. going to his clinic and meet the doctor itself takes away half of my worries and other half is being taken care by the medicines recommended by him.
    At times, if I am not able to visit the clinic and I need some suggestion, I send him a text and I get a very satisfactory response from him within 5-10 min and at times even lesser than that.
    He is an amazing doctor and an amazing person. He comes across as a very pleasing personality and very soft spoken.
    Last but not the least – He knows his job very well and performs it with utmost interest.
    I wish him “All the very best”.
    Thank you Dr. Siddharth Gogia for being with us always 🙂

    Ruchi Vijay Bansal

  5. After reading this my blog I took my little one to Dr Gogia. My son had continous fever for past 6 days and I took him to two doctors before visiting Dr Gogia.

    All the medical tests (Typhoid, Malaria, Urine, Ultrasound) reports were negative and doctors were not sure of the cause of the fever.

    Dr Gogia immediately diagnosed that it’s Typhoid which is causing the fever even though reports were negative. He also assured us that the we need not change the medicines as it will take two more days for fever to go away. My son took exactly that much time to recover.

    He was very assuring, answered all our queries patiently. I would definetely rate Dr Gogia as very very good professional who knows his job.

    And yes though he charges Rs 600 as a consultation fee but spent around 30 mins patiently listening to all our queries much better than other doctors who charges Rs 300 but will not spend more than 5 mins with your kid and will bombard you with all the tests and antibiotics in this world.

  6. Dr. Gogia is one of the finest doctors that I know. He has been treating my son Rudra for the last six and half, ever since he was born and Dr. Gogia has always put my worries to rest. He is very good with children and truly loves them. My son also is very fond of Gogia uncle, initially he used to get worried at the thought of going to a doctor but if its Dr. Gogia he is always ready to meet him. Dr. Gogia gives his patients ample time and is ready to answer any type of questions and understands the worries of todays day parents very well. I would highly recommend him.

  7. hi,

    Dr. Gogia is really very competent and experienced doctor. My son Param is now 6 yrs old. He is autistic. He is very soft spoken and guide you in best possible way.

    1. Hi.. Dr. Gogia to me personally and for my son who is 3.5 yrs old now, is a gem of a person. His most striking quality is his blunt and frank nature of diagnosis and giving advice. He answers all questions very patiently and has no air about him(he is very busy although), he always manages to take his patients’ call and highly approachable at all times . He is never keen to prescribe big list of medicines or antibiotics and understands and treats the psych of his patients very well.. I would highly recommend him to all .

  8. Does anyone have any opinion about Dr. Ajay Karkara at Max Hopsital/Ardee City? I’ve just moved to Gurgaon and I am seeing him for my 2 daughters. It would help to know his reputation in the area.

  9. Hi,

    I stumbled upon this blog by chance and I am amazed to read such wonderful comments about Dr. Gogia. Well, I would definitely like to share my experience now. My daughter who is 5 years old now and doing well, was suffering from a mild form of dust allergy and had developed bad sinuses and had permanent cough when she was 2 years old. We took her to so many doctors that I lost count after a while. Her pediatrician was Dr. Suresh Keshan at Shivam Hospital where she was born. After reaching no conclusion with him I moved on to other doctors, I was recommended Dr. D. Dutta who has his own practice in DLF Phase I and he was wonderful. An extremely patient listener, he put our doubts to rest and with his medicines we saw improvement in our daughter. Well, after a few months we saw considerable change in her and she was definitely getting better but due to certain reasons, I was unable to take her to Dr. Dutta later on. I then took her to Max Hospital, Gurgaon and even Paras Hospital but none of the treatments worked. Then I researched online and read about Dr. Gogia and decided to visit him. My husband and I went to see him on 7th Oct, 2010. We waited for an hour as he does take time with his patients and we didn’t mind, we thought he may be able to help our daughter. Well, he checked our daughter and said that certain allergy tests and Sinus test as well as an X Ray need to be conducted and recommended us to Max for the same. And then as he was writing this down, his comment to which I cannot forget till this date shocked me. He said that if it turns out to be a dust allergy then “no one can do anything, Only God maybe able to help her then.” Then what did I go to him for, I thought. I should have spoken to God in the first place. It was horrible and such nonsense that I didn’t know how to react. We went to him with such hope and he recommended GOD…It had been a terrible year with our daughter’s health declining and we weren’t able to do anything no matter how hard we tried. Then by God’s grace we found Dr. Reeta Saha at Uma Sanjeevani, DLF in 2011. She is an angel, she recommended nebulization, which till then none of the doctors had done and after a few treatments of the same coupled with some meds, our daughter was fine. No allergy nothing, imagine that. Till date, she has had no reason to visit the doctor for any reason.

    So much for Dr. Gogia and his thoughtless and stupid remarks. I wouldn’t recommend him to anyone.

    1. Dear Mrs Zoya,
      I thought for a while before responding to this particular post.My brain directed me to ignore this comment.But then I think though unrelated to me I will try to give a fairly unbiased opinion.
      Dr Gogia is a Good doctor.Once or twice when I needed an opinion regarding my son I took his advice.Being a person who works in the same hospital and system I know that he is well read,ethical and knows his job.
      To his comment if it turns out to be dust allergy only God can help…..shows his helplessnes. Believe me as doctors we try our best to help our patients but at somepoint we have to accept that there is a power much more supreme than our medical science.say for example there are so many miscarriages which take place and as a gynaecologist I just find myself helpless.Nothing helps.So even I pray to God for these patients of mine.Doesn’t mean that I am not applying my medical knowledge for their treatment.Before any Major surgeryI remember God…..doesn’t mean I don’t trust my surgical skills.
      And I am sure your baby’s current doctor is also very good.
      I might not agree with all the reviews on this blog about Max Hospital or it’s doctors or healthcare in general but I do agree that Dr Siddarth is a good doctor.
      Lastly no doctor in the world can satisfy all their patients.
      Cheers :-)and take care!!

      1. I agree here completely. My son, now 4, has been seeing Dr. Gogia ever since his very first week into this world! I think he’s a brilliant doc. knows his medicines and quite frankly is bluntly honest with parents. he doesnt believe in medicating kids unless required and is really very good with kids. of course he’s busy – really busy, specially when you visit him at Max. Otherwise at his clinic, he is alot more accessible
        But here’s an advise… no matter how brilliant your doc is, Always have a backup!!!

    2. I had a similar experience. Dr Gogia wrongly diagnosed my kid with normal cough and cold which led to our complete inaction for the next 2 days leading further to complications resulting in Bronchitis. This is just an honest feedback so that parents like me don’t have to suffer below quality specialists. In case anyone would like to reach me, mail me keshain at gmail.

  10. I ‘ll definitely recommend Dr Raktima, she is just amazing. She sits in Apollo clinic sector 56 and also at her own clinic in Vatika city shopping complex.

  11. You can visit Dr. Raktima. For my kid she has just do the wonder. She is available in Apollo clinic sector 56 during day time and her clinic is in Vatika city first floor above needs gourmet, where she is available in the evening and sunday morning.

  12. I’ve been reading the rave reviews on Dr Gogia and I agree wholeheartedly.
    First time mothers are often plagued with worries and I find that Dr Gogia has all the answers and not once has he been impatient or rude. He always answers his phone and on the occassional chance that he does not, he returns the call. He doesn’t give unnecessary medication and is never liberal with antibiotics.

  13. Hi..Archana here..i also live in sohna road…very helpful blog as i am new to gurgaon…Dr Gogia is the excellent and amazing pediatrician in gurgaon…he listens and response very clearly to our questions..Attends whener we call to his mobile, thats amazing…For me Dr Gogia is 200% excellent doctor…..

      1. I think your best bet may be to visit someone like Dr. Gogia. From there, you can ask for recommendations for someone who specializes in Children Genetic Problems. Best wishes for your child.

  14. I was looking for a Paediatrician for my 11 yrs old in Gurgaon, I checked Dr Gogia’s timings on this blog, it says mostly late afternoons or evenings only. Does someone knows any good doctor available in mornings.

  15. I stay outside India but want to review my sons health with indian doctor as he falls ill often.

    I hhvae been referred to dr arvind taneja from max health.

    any views on him are most welcome.


  16. My 3 year old baby boy has been suffering from Dry cough. We have already visited many hospitals in gurgaon, but in vain. Now, after reading about Dr Siddhartha Gogia we would visit to him.

  17. While looking for information about Dr. Gogia and his own website I happened to see this long thread of experiences people have about him and it was worth reading-for a simple reason that it is always a very happy/contended feeling that there are people who’ve felt and experienced exactly what we have been through and how we feel.
    Dr. Gogia, is indeed the best paediatrician I’ve come accross. He was the doctor assigned to my kids in Sitaram 3 years back. Being a parent of 2 boys(twins), he was and continues to be a blessing to us. Currently, we live in Pitampura (N. Delhi) however, we continue to consult him for our kids for any ailment/vaccination and believe me its WORTH IT. We have tried different doctors around our area however, we’ve had a bad experience with Max Pitampura, Fortis Shalimarbagh, private clinics and each time we had no option but to take the kid(s) to him in Sitaram, Rockland, Gurgaon.
    A doctor is a person licensed to practice medicine, as a physician, surgeon, dentist, or veterinarian, however, what makes each doctors stand apart as a good doctor is his personal approach, his vision to understand a situation-especially when the subject is óur kids’ we tend to go safe. Dr Gogia is a wonderful person which makes him a thorough professional.He is patient, calm and the most important is he’s still not gone “commercial”…he does not gives you runarounds, prescribe 10,000 tests and answers his phone in case of emergency. I call him the “bestest”and recommend him for kids as a parent who likes to be safe and sure.
    For people like Ajay (name mentioned above) I’d just like to say you have to be a parent to realize how parents- “aware parents” would like to go about finding a good doctor for kids or maybe a good school. As well informed parents you have all the time to share your experiences, find references, go through recommendations. Also, the remark specifically was made towards Dr. Gogia (about the contents of the blogs). Let me just make an effort to clarify that the chain of blogs mention Dr. Gogia’s routine (he practices at Rockland, Max Gurgaon and has his own clinic)….he has no dearth of publicity and I’m sure no time for self praising blogs…!Also never withhold an appreciation- yes it doesn’t stands good for people who believe to be paid for every act….!!

  18. Just a day before I had wrote on the same blog that this blog must have been written by Dr Siddharath Gogia. But I was wrong, because the same very day I visited him for a second opinion on my daughters health. I must agree,that till date he is the best Pediatrician I have come across. He gave my daughter 35 min to examine, & guided me about her diet & precautions. He explained me exactly what I wanted to hear past so many months. Tirelessly I had surfed the internet to understand about infants food guide or atleast on the nutritional facts of infants food. He patiently explained as well as answered all my queries. His consultation fee is 400/- but I would still visit him next time if it was even more than this. Because as any parent , I don’t mind spending on my child, when I am confident that the my child is in caring hands.

    Kavita Gupta

  19. I completely agree this reviews have been written by Dr Gogia . I didnt find any other Dr’s blog as this one. Well Doc you are commercial right 🙂

  20. My husband and I too had a good experience with Dr.Gogia.We were blessed with a baby boy in Oct 2010.Initially we did consult Dr Devesh Agarwal who sits at Galleria( Apollo Clinic ) – which was nowhere positive,since he use to dismiss everything and wrap things in few minutes.As a new parent you definitely want that your baby’s doctor should give time to you and make you feel comfortable.Dr Gogia came across a very experienced , patient and a calm doctor for our baby and we have been visiting him for all our baby questions for over 5 months now.Hopefully he’ll be our regular pediatrician in future 🙂

    1. Hi, My son was 6 months old and developed stomach infection. as a new mother i was terrified. i took him to Colombia Asia. Unfortunately i don’t remember the doctors name.this is about 4 yrs back. coming from a traditional family i was feeding him cows milk as the other substitute. while i sat with the doc and my son crying outside, i told my mother in law to give him milk and sit outside while i consulted the doc. He looked up at me and blamed me for his condition. That becus i fed him cows milk and that too in a bottle. he said, he has loos-motions right now, then blood will start coming, then he will develop fever and then i’ll have to admit him…. Who says that to a new mother. Nevertheless i was recommended Dr Devesh Agarwals name. I know this blog is mostly about Dr. Gogia (unfortunately i didnt need to change my doc therefore cannot commend on his practise) but Dr aggarwal was extremly helpful. He was calm, calmed me down, listened patiently and prescribed the cure. My son, now 4 1/2 yrs old still prefers going to him happily. I would ANYDAY recommend him.

      1. I strongly suggest not going to Dr. Devesh Aggarwal. he knows nothing. For 6 months he always would say nothing wrong with my baby and when things go out of control he would recommend to consult other pedtericians. My baby is suffering today because Dr Devesh did not diagnose problems in time. Keep your baby away from doctor if you want good health for him/her.

  21. Its amazing to go through these blogs. Any fool would also understand that half of these are written by the person in question himself. I mean who has got the time to give all these commercial details about some one else!!!

    1. Hi Ajay,

      I am the owner of this blog, and I can assure you that these have been written by me. I would be more than happy to talk to you on the phone to confirm this.

      As you can probably see in the comments as well, people do want to share their good and bad experiences with others. And so time is not a factor.


      1. Hi, Thanks for sharing the experience. No one will ever value the importance until they have met Dr Gogia himself. He is the best i have met for my child. He always give details which help reduce the unnecessary worry. I always recommend his name to my friends. God bless him for all his guidance.

      2. People do take out time to give good or bad comments,but you post favourable stuff for those who in some way compensate you.Not long back I shared my experience about a doctor who is favoured by your site,Dr Deepa Diwan.My experiences were horrible .My two other friends had equally bad experience.My sister lost her baby totally due to her fault.If yours is a unbiased blog you should not have deleted my post but you did so within minutes of posting it.It is too sombre an occassion for us to write about a death in the family.I found your site favouring her blindly and I did not wish anyone else to undergo what we did.
        The lady who has a leaking intestine and has developed a fistula is still moving from one hospital to another.It is all in the records of Max hospital ,where this happened.
        You may still decide not to put this post,but then it just proves what Ajay has to say .

      3. Here’s the problem as I see it. First of all, you assume that I am being compensated for things that I have posted on this blog. That is something that doesn’t go down well with me. But that is besides the point. Let me explain why your comment was unapproved. I personally know many people who have been visiting Dr. Deewan and have been happy. All of my wife’s pregnancies were handled by her as well, and we didn’t for one moment think that she is incompetent. On this blog, I have only heard good things about her.

        So with this background, suddenly I get a comment which is about one individual who knows about 3 separate incidents where Dr. Deewan has caused a problems. I think to myself, what are the odds of that?

        In the past, I have had many comments on this blog which have been totally fake and I have had to handle them. You can read about this here. Your original comment seemed very fake to me, and I am still skeptical for the same reason. However, I am going to let this comment stay. I request you to drop and email to me at with more detail on your bad experiences. If I am convinced, then your original comment (which is only unapproved, and not deleted) will be put back on.

    2. Mr.Ajay Bhatia,

      Your doubt is genuine, because we are living in the arrogant living conditions that too in city of Gurgaon.. 🙂 No offense meant!!!

      Many including myself writes only the bad experiences to vent off, but no one appreciates or takes time to write any good experience. Who got time.. huh!!!

      When I moved to Gurgaon 4+ years back I have no one to guide me about this, and stumbled upon this blog once, I was desperately needed some medical help. I mailed the Blog owner and to my surprise the blog owner Mr.Vaibhav called me anbd helped me great extent with his experience and with his friends network. THERE ARE ALSO GOOD HEARTED PEOPLE IN THIS ARROGANT WORLD MR.AJAY!!!

      Later I was sharing my good and bad experience and being father of two I have struggled down to find a reasonable pediatrician,and finally having better experience with Dr.Gogia, I requested Vaibhav to publish my good experience.

      Mr.Ajay, you believe it or not, there are good hearted people in this world who are willing to sacrifice their time to do some helping hands to others.

      1. Look I don’t have to give any evidences to you nor I wish to prove anything.Was has happened with us is a gross negligence and ofcourse we are fighting it out medicolegally.I shall let you know when the verdict comes.

  22. I have personally visited Dr.Gogia at two occassions and found him a a great guy apart from being wonderful with the kids.

    He rememebered the name of my son who visited him twice.

    Best wishes

  23. Dr Siddartha Gogia is one of the finest doctors\pediatrician that i have come across. I have changed couple of doctors as i have been very finicky around every pediatrician that i met. In the process of switching doctors, I came across Siddharth gogia in Sitaram when my son Namann was 7 months old. Since then he has been our only doctor and we follow his prescription to the T. Amazingly patient, shares details, describes the problem, the cause, the outcome and ofcourse the medication\solution. He moved from Sitaram and is now currently in max, rockland and also in his clinic. Though we are resident of South Delhi, we do not give a second thougt in rushing to Gurgaon. I am glad to have found a perfect pediatrician for my son. He is now 2 years and 3 months and it’s a long journey ahead. I stubled upon this site and was glad to read the opinion of others on Dr Gogia. A gem in every way 🙂

  24. Among the pediatricians mentioned above, only Dr Sanjay Wazir and Dr Siddarth Gogia are good. Have met others as well for my 5 year old daughter (who develops repeated wheezing). Only these two provided information about the problem and were patient enough to talk in detail about the whole thing. Since I stay in Palam Vihar, I am sticking with Dr Wazir although Dr Gogia is equally good. As for Dr Marwah, the less said the better.

    1. Hi Richita,

      My 7 year old son has recurring wheezing problem. I am in the process of changing my existing pediatrician. If possible, can you please send me your contact # at my email address , so I can get your advice before going to the pediatrician.


  25. Hi all,

    I am new to Gurgaon and this has indeed been a very helpful blog. I have been recommended Dr. Purnima Marwah for my 2 yr old daughter – any feedback will be useful.

  26. I also took my daughter to Dr. Gogia about a month ago for what turned out to be a viral infection. He was indeed very calm, patient and thorough. He was also very detailed with his explanations which I greatly appreciated – this is something I found lacking in some other doctors.

  27. A very good paediatrician on Sona road is Dr.R.V.Goswami who is consultant doctor in Umkal(Max) hospital Palam vihar & his private clinic is at Badshapur on Road side by the name of Sanjivini Hospital.He prefers a very few medicine and diagnosis is very accurate and his clinic is also not so expensive.

  28. why don’t u see Dr. Sanjay Agarwal residing in Jacob Pura Ggn . he is a marvellous doctor, prescribes medicine with calculated dose, and not hard at child ihave been seeig him for 12 years and have no complaints as yet.

  29. I was looking for Dr. Gogia’s details and accidentally stumbled upon this thread. Though we are currently in United States, he wasd my son’s doc for almost 2 years since he was born. He is an amazing doctor and we used to look forward to the monthly check-up. My son has never fallen sick (touch wood) thanks to his recommendations. We have never had to give any medicines other than vaccinations to my son. He is absoultely an amazing doctor and a wonder with kids. Am glad that he has a private practice. Makes it easy to trace him 🙂

  30. Hi

    Does anyone know of a good child specialist in old gurgaon. Probably in columbia asia hospital.


    1. I agree with Prabhakaran as even I have heard good things about Dr Sanjay Wazir.Down to earth and good in his work.

      1. he is more than intelligent at his work, very understanding, good listener, very responsive and good help

    2. hi vineet
      there is a doctor in sector-14,Dr. Premlata,she is really good and not at all money minded.
      she is available at her residence-1057/14
      mon-sat, 9-11am and 6-8pm
      contact no-9818323822,0124-2324800

  31. Hi,

    I have been taking my son to Dr. Gogia since the past 3 years and in my opinion he is one of the finest doctors for kids in gurgaon. He is calm, collected, knows what he is doing and doesn’t unnecessarily prescribe any medication. Does not believe in giving antibiotics right away and feels sorry when has to prescribe one for your child 🙂 It’s been three years and I still wouldn’t switch him for any other doctor. That’s the level of comfort he has with most of his patients.

    1. I was earlier going to Dr Mahajan for my 3 year old kid, but now I am seeing Dr Gogia. Even after following my child for 3 years, Dr Mahajan was unable to detect that my child had mild autism. When I first met Dr Gogia for my childs behavioural problem, I was not certain at all about his diagnosis. But he was very sure of his opinion and advised me to take a second opinion from a child psychologist. I went to AIIMS to get a second opinion and they confimed that it was autism. I felt very bad when they told me that it should have been detected before 2 years of age.

      1. Pooja,

        Actually, that is the reason, for why I ALWAYS visit two doctors. ALWAYS.

        No one doctor can be perfect, however good they may be. So, one should also have another good doctor that they see.

        I hope your child and you are coping well with him being autistic, now that you are aware of this.

  32. Hi and congratulations! Hope you’re all doing well:). I’ve also taken my kids to Dr. Gogia a couple of times though he’s not our regular pediatrician and I agree with you – he’s very nice. He does make you feel pretty calm and confident about your kids and comes across as a really smart guy.

    1. My 5 year old son was being followed up by a pediatrician(I would not take any names) who was very happy prescribing antibiotics every month for cough and cold. I had gone to a couple of child specialists to take a second opinion about these repeated episodes, but they also were keen only on changing the antibiotics. I met Dr Gogia in Max where my sister had delivered. Found him to be good and decided to take an opinion from him as well. He talked in detail about the problem and felt that it was either sinus infection or adenoid enlargement and asked me to get xray of face done. It was found that the sinus on right side was filled with fluid which was causing the repeated episodes of cough and cold. He asked me to see an ENT specialist. I was happy that at least my childs problem was diagnosed properly. I had expected him to treat the sinus fluid also because even the ENT specialist felt that no surgery was required but I was disappointed when Dr Gogia asked me to follow up with the ENT specialist. Arent pediatricians expected to give the medical treatment for these problems.

      1. //Arent pediatricians expected to give the medical treatment for these problems.//

        Nope, Pediatricians can do only certain extent and they are like General Physicians but only for babies and kids.

        In you case, I feel Dr. had done adequate initial investigations and measure before simply asking you to go for ENT speialist.

        My son had similar issues too and needed ENT specialist intervention after certain extent.

  33. Thnx for info. Are there any good paediatricians around Sohna Road? We have found Dr Shaguna Mahajan (Galleria Towers, PLF IV) to be very good. She avoids antibiotics unless absolutely necessary and is quite thorough in her approach

    1. Shaguna Mahajan is the most recommended pediatrician in Gurgaon, IMO. And even though we live on Sohna Road we don’t know anyone on Sohna road who is a recommended pediatrician.

      1. You are right.. everyone recommends Dr Shaguna.. even I do.. but many a times I wish we had a good paediatrician closer to Sohna Rd.

      2. you can try Dr Goswami he is very good child n newborn specialist on sohna road his no. is 9899365230 . he sits in sanjeevani hospital on sohna road

  34. 🙂 Good to see patient’s taking out so much time to give full info including visiting hours,hospital and clinic Dr Gogia visits with landline and cell numbers.Amazing!!

  35. Vaibhav, Good to hear about your own positive experience with Dr.Gogia.

    Here’s Some additional info about Dr.Gogia. He do consultation at:

    1) Max Gurgaon : Wed and Friday 2pm – 8pm.
    For appointment, Call 0124-6623000

    2) His own clinic at 7110, DLF phase IV, Gurgaon (near SuperMart II) : Mon,Tue,Thu and Sat 5:30pm to 8:30pm.
    For appointment, call 9899977935

    – Prabhakaran

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