Punjab Grill at Ambience Mall

It seems that the only place we go to these days is Ambi mall. What can one do? The other places are way too crowded, and it is much easier to get here because of the highway. Although, I have to say that every time we go there it seems more crowded that before. Well, this time around, we had gone to watch Jaane Tu (finally) and decided to try out this new restaurant in the food court called Punjab Grill.

Well to begin with, you have to be lucky or patient to get into this place. I remember coming here in a party of three and being told to wait for 30 minutes before we could get a seat. That day, we decided to skip it. However, this time it was just the two of us, and a table for two was available when we walked in. For bigger groups, the wait was 45 minutes.

They have in-door sitting, as well as open sitting (remember, its not really open, since we are still in the mall). Anyway, to us it didn’t make a difference, though I guess it might have been slightly quieter inside. The people serving you are very polite and friendly and that always sets the tone for a dinner.

The menu looks exciting (the dishes are all explained in great detail and get your juices flowing). As the name suggests, its all Punjabi North Indian style food. A good thing is that they have enough variety of both Vegetarian as well as Non-Vegetarian food. We ordered some seekh kababs and their house speciality dal along with garlic naans. I can say, that we were happy with the food. And judging by the comments overheard by the patrons around us, they seemed happy with their food as well. So, the food looks fine overall.

The only problem I had there was that their plates were too shiny, and where I was sitting, the light from the lamps was reflecting off the plate onto my face (which almost gave me a headache). To their credit, when I asked them to get a non-shiny plate, even though they didn’t have different plates, they tried to accommodate me by bringing over a small slab on which they serve sizzlers to be used as a plate.

Anyway, the overall experience was good and we don’t mind recommending this place. We would be going back for second opinions. To find the place in the food court, just find McDonalds. It’s to the left of McDonalds when you stand facing it.

Have you eaten at this restaurant? Leave a comment with your impressions.

13 thoughts on “Punjab Grill at Ambience Mall”

  1. Dear Harsh,

    Thank you for showing interest in joining hands with Punjab Grill. However, for your information, currently all our restaurants are Company Owned and Operated.

    Having said that, you could get in touch with Ms. Rekha Ghosh, Business Head at rekha.ghosh@wrapsterfoods.com for the same.

    Warm regards,
    Communications Team

    1. I wanted to book tables for our corporate dinner and tried to contact on all the nos. I could found through net. Either your nos. were not getting connected or no one is picking the phone (specially 9311520735, the person had disconnected the phone whenever I tried). It was really very much frustrating. I customer wants to have lunch / or dinner in your restaurant and wants to book table prior to visit, but restaurant is not interested getting business. Its really very funny and disgusting.

  2. I am looking to open up a franchise of Punjab Grill in Mumbai. I would like to know the name & cell no. of the owner of Punjab Grill. Thanx.

    1. the owner name is mr.zorawar kalra(93********)

      the manager is mr varun puri(93********)

      the chef is mr zahir khan(93********)

      Blog Owner’s Note: I have edited the above comment to remove the phone numbers that have been presented in this comment. I was requested by representatives of the restaurant to do so, since the numbers were being misused. I found the request reasonable, and hence I have edited this comment.

      1. Hello,


        i would also like to know if any franchise opportunities available with the resto.

        Lookng foward you kind reply.
        U can get in touch with me on harsh_2100@yahoo.com.

        Waiting for a positive reply.


  3. The food is indeed grt. Another place I recommend is the coffee shop of Radisson Suites is Sushant Lok B Block. The buffet is one lavish spread and completely worth the 899 per person price. Even the vegetarian stuff is fantastic. Since its new, you can also ask for a discount and promise to be a regular thr.

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