Real Chinese Food – The Monk

The typical Chinese restaurant in India will serve you the localized version of Chinese food (think Chowmein with Vinegar). And Indianized-Chinese is very delicious, no doubt. But every once in a while, you want to eat authentic cuisine. This is where niche restaurants such as The Monk come in.

I have eaten at The Monk a large number of times. We just keep going back there (whether its for lunch with colleagues or dinner with friends).

The Food

The cuisine as I mentioned earlier is not Indianized Chinese. It’s much more contemporary. You can order a variety of Sticky Rice bowls (our favorite is one which contains roasted cashew nuts and chicken). I don’t know of too many other places which serve sticky rice. You can order an equally large variety of Teppan style noodles (which are much more satisfying as compared to the regular noodles). Of course, you can have the normal noodles as well as rice, should you want that (but you won’t).

We usually start off the meal with some dumplings (again a good variety of these). And end with some very unique and light desserts (Hazelnut chocolate filled sesame seed covered balls). And if you like wine with your food, you can order from their very good wine list (they share this with Axis – another restaurant nearby). Try the Riesling on the menu (it will go well with the food).

The People

They are very friendly. Seriously. You will see smiling faces and a very eager-to-make-you-feel-good attitude. And they will bring you your coke exactly the way you want it (I usually like lots of ice in my coke, and its amazing how many restaurants get it wrong to begin with) – here they bring a glass full of ice, with a can of coke on this side.

The Ambience

Its a very minimalist setup located in an open air setting (not outdoors – it is located in the atrium of a mall). The kitchen is quite open and you can see what’s cooking. Actually, you can choose to sit right next to the kitchen (bar style) and eat.

The Price

It’s not cheap, but not expensive. A meal for two with soft drinks and dessert comes for less than Rs. 1000.

The Location

The restaurant is located in the atrium of Galaxy Mall (which is behind 32nd milestone on National Highway 8).


Overall, we love the food there and everyone we have invited to the place has appreciated it. It would be a perfect place to take your foreigner client for a lunch. There is even a Cottage Emporium on the same floor should they want to do some shopping (this is tried and tested, it always works).

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