Restaurant Listings for Gurgaon

While I try to post reviews about restaurants that I visit, there is no way I can cover them all on this site. And till now I have not found too many great options available on the Internet as well. That now changes. A friend of mine pointed me to Foodie Bay.

Foodie Bay is a listing of restaurants based on your locality. So basically, I can simply go to their website and enter the area that I am in (e.g. Gurgaon->Sohna Road). The site then lists all the restaurants in that area, their ratings, their contact numbers, reviews, and whether they deliver or not.

It’s actually a quite professionally done listing just the way I would expect something like this to work (I couldn’t have done better myself). Of course, they do not have all the possible restaurants (and that should change over time), the initial results I saw were pretty good.

You can go and simply search or you can also create a user on the website and get some extra options. For example, it will store your default location so that you don’t have to enter it every time. It will also let you do reviews and ratings.

So, if you are looking for restaurants in Gurgaon (or anywhere in NCR for that matter), head over to Foodie Bay. Now, if only there was a website which would let me order food over the Internet.

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