Shopping for maternity clothes?

We are expecting a baby and although the due date is quite far away, my wife has already stopped fitting in her jeans. So we went shopping for clothes for her to wear. Of course, she needed stuff which she can wear to office. Guess what? A million stores in Gurgaon, but hardly any choice available for maternity clothes that can be worn to office. This looks to me like a market opportunity begging to be taken up by any enterprising individual. Anyway, it’s not like it’s a complete disaster.

We did come upon ONE store which specializes in maternity clothes. And although there is little choice (they were having a clearing sale at that time), at least there is choice. The place is called That’s Cute and is in Ambi Mall. You can find it on the second floor towards the end where the Reliance store is.

The good thing about the store is that they have a fairly interested store owner who gave us a lot of attention and helped out in general. We did choose a couple of items for my wife, but both needed fitting out and they were more than willing to carry out the customizations (this wasn’t just normal length alteration). You can visit their website to take a look at their catalogue by clicking here. You can even purchase online, although for clothes I suggest visiting the store.

They will be having a new line of clothes soon, and we will surely be going back for checking it out again. Do you know of any other places in Gurgaon that sell maternity clothes? If yes, then please leave a comment.

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  1. Hi

    I recently came visited another store called MumsNMunchkins in Galleria market in DLF Phase 3 it has very good collection of maternity clothes at very reasonable prices. Would suggest you guys to also try it


  2. Hey…. there is another place you can visit for maternity clothes, its called Mamamia located in Cradle Hospital(Apollo), sec-14. Open all days except sundays, from 10am-5pm.
    I have’nt been there as per the feedback they are a bit expensive.

    You can also try bigger sizes(stretchable material) available in lifestyle. I have majorly picked up maternity stuff from there and the stretchable churidaars from “W” are super comfortable.

  3. Hey! Congratulations on the baby. Dezine kids in DT Mega Mall also keeps maternity clothes. Haven’t used them myself, but a friend who went there recently recommended them. You could check them out if you’re in the area.

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