Some days its better to stay in bed.. or in office

It was one of those days. I love rain, but sometimes it can be such a killjoy. I love my fellow human beings, but sometime they can be such asses. Today, both my loves conspired to make it one of the worst days in recent memory. So, what do you get when you combine rain and people acting like idiots? Yes, you guessed it – traffic. We are anyway not the best at following road etiquettes around here, but for some reason, when it rains we go into hyperdrive.

I left office around 6:30 pm. Usually it takes me between 20-25 minutes to reach home (from Sec 18, Electronic city to Sohna Road). As soon as I was out of the office and on the road – BAM! I was stuck in traffic. This was no slowly creeping-moving traffic. This was makes-you-feel-like-you-are-in-a-parking-lot traffic. And what is infuriating is this: here you are standing in your lane, waiting for the cars in front of you to move. While some guy comes from behind and overtakes you using the opposite lane where oncoming traffic would pass. Well, you have just effectively created a deadlock. And we descended into chaos.

So, how long was I stuck in traffic? Let me put it this way, it took me 2.5 hours (150 minutes) to travel a distance I normally cover in 5 minutes. So, I got home in nearly 3 hours. I guess I should have stayed in office, or never left home in the morning.

What’s irritating is that most of this traffic is caused by inconsiderate driving. The only way we got out is when some policemen came carrying big lathis, and started regulating traffic on that stretch.

Well, while I was fretting away, I took some pictures of all the action (or non-action):









You see that zero on the dashboard? Well, that was my speed most of the way.









And it became dark pretty soon. This picture was taken about 20 meters from the one above. That’s all I had moved in such a long time.









This one was taken about 30 minutes before I finally broke free of the traffic and raced home.

Some days, it’s better to stay in bed.

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