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Update: since the time of this post, the number of Spas in Gurgaon has gone up by more than 10x. This post is not so relevant anymore (though some of the spas mentioned in here and in the comments are still operating) as there are so many more options available. My only advice for people is to do some checking before visiting a spa since a lot of these spas are not offering superior treatments in terms of massage and body work, but instead are more interested in catering to that segment of the clientele which is interested in something more. There are still some great spas where you can get properly trained professionals. You can see some such spas listed here: Clean, professional spas in Gurgaon.

In the past few years the number of Spas in and around Gurgaon have gone up considerably, with most of them pulling in a lot of crowd. There is nothing more rejuvenating than an hour of massage after a hectic week of work.

Here is a list of all the Spas in Gurgaon that I know about (and there are many more).

  • Sawasdee (website) – this is a new entry (updated Mar 15, 2010) on the Gurgaon Spa scene, and is definitely the best I have been to in NCR. This is located in Ambience mall on NH8. My review of their facility is found here. Update (Nov 29, 2010): while I haven’t been back here, a lot of readers have mentioned that the quality of services has declined. New Update (Jul, 2009): their service quality is top notch once again.
  • Soul Spa (website) – this is a full-fledged spa in Galaxy Hotel located behind 32nd milestone on NH8. They offer a large variety of treatments and massages. Some folks have posted their reviews of this facility in the comments on this page
  • Riviera Spa (website)– this one is located in Bristol Hotel on Mehrauli Gurgaon road. They are more expensive than most when it comes to treatments, and do offer a range of Swedish and Ayurvedic massages. They don’t have an online menu of their treatments, but you can always call them by phone and ask.
  • Body Spa (website) – this is a spa with a small number of massage treatment options. It also offers reflexology treatments. This is located in Grand Mall on Mehrauli Gurgaon road. This was one of the first non-hotel Spas in Gurgaon.
  • Heavenly Spa (website) – This spa is located in the Westin Sohna Resort which is a full-fledged resort and so is a little out of the way. You have to go down Sohna road to reach this. It offers a variety of treatments which you can see on their website.
  • Oriental Senses (website) – This massage parlor is located in Mega Mall and in MGF Metro Mall; they offer Traditional Thai, Shiatsu, and Foot Massages. I have written a review of their services here. They also offer spa services at your home for ladies.
  • Blue Terra Spa (website) – Located in SuperMarket 1, DLF Phase IV. There are a bunch of reviews in the comments by folks who have tried this place. I went here a few weeks ago, and I came back impressed. Highly recommended.
  • Spa Evanthe (website) – This is located in DLF MegaCity Mall (on MG Road). According to one of the reviews posted here in the comments, it is a good place. And judging by their website, it looks like it is a pretty professional outfit. Here’s a review of Spa Evanthe.
  • Seven Seas Spa (website) – This place is located on Sohna road in the Omaxe Wedding Mall. Someone has posted a review in the comments.
  • Tattva Spa Service (website) – These guys are a bit different. They only provide services at your home (as far as I understand). If anyone has used them, please leave a comment with your experience.
  • Levo Spalon (website) – theirs is one of the classiest websites. I haven’t tried them yet. They offer both Spa and Salon services. If I go, I will post a review.
  • Aroma Thai Foot Spa (website) – more than just a foot spa, they have many branches in NCR. There is one in Ambience mall in Gurgaon. Here’s my review of Aroma Thai.

Two other places have received mixed reviews in the comments, and they don’t have websites:

  • Body Nation – in DLF City, Phase 1. Searching the Internet for their contact details reveal multiple numbers, so the best bet is to call Just Dial.
  • Sparsh – This place is in Ansal Mall in Palam Vihar. Once again, the contact details can be had from Just Dial.

There are two others that I know of, but don’t remember their names. One is an Ayurvedic Massage Center in Mega Mall, and another is very new Spa and Fitness Center on Golf Course Road (after the Golf Course).

In addition, almost all of the five star hotels in Gurgaon have their own Spas. I just have been lazy about listing them.

All contact information for these Spas can be checked by calling 011-22222222 (Just Dial).

If you guys know of any other Spa, just leave the name and location in the comments.

List Updated: September, 2010 – I noticed that a number of new Spas have opened up in this area. And so, the list has been updated. Thanks for everyone’s comments.

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  2. I recently tried Chumping..its an at home SPA service..really liked it..they create a mini SPA at your home with candles, frangrace music n all..i found them quite reasonable part was the therapist was very professional and the massage was pretty good..definitely calling them again..

  3. Dear All,

    We have just launched SPA EXPRESS inside Bluo, 4th Floor, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. As the name suggests, we offer express services of foot massage and back massage for 15/30/45 mins and our rates are very very affordable. Starts from Rs.199/- for a 15 mins back massage and Rs.399 for a 30 mins foot massage.
    So if you happen to visit Amby Mall Gurgaon and looking for value for money foot massage, do remember SPA EXPRESS 🙂


  4. Its so strange that Indulge Spa, one of the best and oldest spas of Gurgaon is not on this list. Considering they have received lots of awards also. Is it because they don’t do any marketing?
    I have been going there for more than 3 years and their level of service has not once been below par.

  5. Admin note: I have edited these comments to keep the blog clean – and also to avoid undue attention. But thanks for the feedback

    I visited spa in DT Mega mall yesterday. I was expecting it to be a legitimate one but after 5 minutes of massage, lady asked if I am interested in extra massages. I was shocked to the core as I never expected this and so I said ‘No’.

    1. Dear vishal, this is so true – looks like this is all that they do. avoid these places – evanthe or oriental senses is professional

    2. My god guys try Bodynation spa at sector 29 amazing place very clean hygienic very well trained staff never have a experience like it before its a best spa they charge 2500 60 min but worth it.

    3. There is a SPA on Lower Ground Floor of DT MEGA Mall..its tucked away in a corner and its just close to the RELIANCE STORE…

      I bet this is the best-est spa in Gurgaon….v v professional and the masseuses there know their job well. No HANKY PANKY.

      Must try!

  6. Hi, I heard that The Four Fountains Spa is offering free 30 minute therapy by invitation. Do you know who is eligible for invitation, and how I can get one?

  7. We are planning on opening small ‘day spas’ in office buildings around Gurgaon.
    They wont have full fledged body massages but will instead offer quick dry massages of 15-30 mins for specific parts of the body like head massage, shoulder massage, back, foot etc.

    the idea is to create a relaxation and de stressing zone in offices.

    What do you guys think of the idea ?

  8. Any comments on Indulge Spa at Grand Mall Gurgaon? I guess they have another outlet in DT Mega mall. Is there a comparative between the two outlets?

    1. The spa is good and so is the service. The Grand mall spa may appear small but over all it provides decent comfort. Difference between both outlets is- DT Megal mall outlet is very small with 3 narrow rooms and NO shower 🙂 Avoid.

  9. After trying many spas in Gurgaon listed on this great page, I finally bought membership at Four Fountains. It is a spanking new spa at Super Mart 1, but I had tried them at Mumbai earlier. I like their “Happy Hour” which gives 50% off on weekdays, very reasonable for a regular housewife like me. Love their quality of oil, packs, and decor, and find a personal touch in their services. There is no cross – gender massage there, so I have the confidence that it is a clean and professional space.

  10. I have been in Gurgaon for a week , i tried four spa in Gurgaon , If am talking about the professional quality & clean massage then Leasure Spa & the spa at Leela come at top, if you talking about best interior then Levo & the spa at Leela comes on top! Worst is Blue Terra, the therapist i got does not know about a bit about anatomy. Anyways Gurgaon is changing like a upcoming wellness city!

    1. Hi Abhishek,
      I have tried Leela, Sawasdee, Blue Terra and Aroma Thai.
      Ambience @ Leela was great, therapist was good, but therapy was a bit abrupt. And even with my membership package it cost me a bomb.
      Sawasdee and Aroma Thai are in Ambience. Good places to kill time when wife is shopping. Aroma Thai is too expensive, and mainly for foot massage. Sawasdee is cool, I like their dry Thai but not their oil massages.
      For me Blue Terra Spa works the best. Its close to my place, great value for money. Guys at front desk are great. I generally go for one of 3-4 therapists out there, and experience has always been worth it. Only thing is that I dont like Supermart!

  11. hi i tried Blue Terra Spa and dhamia ..
    my view …
    blue terra is cool , therapist are good and well behaved , ambiance is good . While dhamia if i spell it correct was a bad experience therapist was in such a hurry …. and bath area was not maintained.

    can i know any decent , economical spa … Now i am regular to blue terra but it is bit expensive .

    1. I totally agree with u. Blue terra is d best. I am regular there. However, it is expensive. Even I am looking for similar high quality spa however it should be a little less expensive. Guide me too if u find one.

    2. You can try Leasure spa @JMD Mall, the prices are written expensive, you can ask them for good offer, they are giving upto 20-25% off on demand!

      1. Blue Terra is good. There is another spa in the same complex now called the Four Fountains. Their membership plans are so attractive they difficult to resist – 50% off on week days on an already low base price. They are probably the only spa I have come across who have the price list on their website. Will try them out next week.

  12. Hi

    Wanted to say thanks to Gurgaon Resident for this wonderful blog. On my Bday, my husband was in the US for work. He arranged for a Spa Gift Voucher for me, from Blue Terra Spa, after checking out reviews on this blog.

    I was hesitant to try a new spa but my husband pushed me and reviews out here sounded positive.

    I had a great experience – staff of Blue Terra Spa was very courteous. Therapist was excellent and I really enjoted by birthday spa session.

    Thanks to all for sharing your experience.

    1. Try Spa time in Jmd Mall, Its a great spa. Therapists are good and well behaved. Rooms are good. And they play music very well 🙂

  13. I heard Four Fountains Spa is opening in Gurgaon. Have you tried them in other cities? Any reviews? I have been going to spas in Gurgaon, but want to upgrade the experience without upgrading the money!

      1. I saw their “coming soon” banners at super mart 1 in DLF phase 4 the other day. Don’t know how soon is “coming soon”!

    1. The four fountains has opened in gurgaon at super mart1
      It is really good – I tried it couple of weeks back
      And it was really good – very reasonable priced too
      And good value for money.

  14. I am also want to open a SPA center in gurgaon, so i m keen to get help, all around like, how to choose right place and include what services that are highly demanded in gurgaon.

  15. Went to Asian Saga in Omaxe Celebration…Great ambience combined with outstanding massage by the masseuse. Totally worth the money…1 hour of pure bliss!!!

    1. I have been to 3 spas:

      1. Oriental senses: I got dry massage. The spa is decent. The therapist did ok with her hands.

      2. Sparsh: Its a good and inexpensive place. The facilities r good. The therapist gives u good time, the massage is really relaxing. Its a wonderful experience, highly recommended.

      3. Leisure spa: Decent facilities, nice rooms. Therapists r highly trained. The only problem is that she came late and gave me 15 minutes less. Will not go there again.

      1. So, I visited 2 more spas in Gurgaon lately:

        1. Blue terra: Amazing ambience, amazing facilities. I tried the swedish spa. Trust me it waz amazing. I would say d best in Gurgaon. Its a little expensive though. 1800 for 1 hr..

        2. Asian Saga: Ok ambience, ok facilities and ok spa. Not bad if u have dealsandyou voucher.

  16. i went to bella madonna(galleria) with high hopes,but am disappointed. these guys have a certain attitude and guess,they like to cater to only ”HIGH-END” customers .this am saying because they make you feel really ”dirty” despite charging a might be good,but the way they treat you is absolutely unacceptable,felt so bad !
    ( we go to a salon to relax and have some ‘me-time’ ,but when you are being hurried upon and looked down on,despite paying huge money,it spoils everything )

      1. can’t say much about thr services,but the way you are treated spoils the very mood for taking any service ..

  17. visted this new SPA in DLF 1, Mega Mall ‘alaya’ spa+wellness…. had an excellent experience!! best ambience ever!… highly professional experienced therapists!!…. a must visit…. i belive its 1st day spa by TT FOOTCARE.. which has been the pioneers in foot,shiatsu and thai massage at galleria market for the last 7 years….

    1. Alaya is definitely a very good spa…a small establishment but exptremely courteous and knowledgable staff. I had a traditional swedish massage and it was worth every penny.

  18. My comments after the following visits to various spas

    1. Spa time : Average ambience, Below average therapies, people rush to finish therapy and they keep us waiting. Leakages in rooms etc.

    2. Spa evante : I had a bad time; they did not complete the one hour, the therapist knew no english which is a turn off. They would never achnowledge my requests on customizing the therapy. But nice ambience

    3. oriental Senses : They are gentle, polite and soft. Good ambience, good clean therapists, decent ambience (not the best).

    4. Damai : Professional with best ambience. But they therapists are not the best. Had a below average satusfaction. They rushed thro the massage .

    5. Indulgence: was good and affordable but no wash room! they are crazy! I felt sick and sticky after my oil massage!

    6.Blue terra: Last but not the least. I would rate is one of the best. Excellent ambience and warm and comfortable rooms. Nice therapy and excellent reception and time maintenance. Kudos!

    1. I have good experience with ocean spa,skycity hotel gurgaon.Must visit………
      you can search ocean spa at snapdeal,dealsandyou & mydala also.

  19. I had visited SPARSH SPA DWARKA, last week with a coupon from Khojguru, I could not have imagined that with a discount coupon the services are reduced, also the deal had shower and steam, then told me that their is no Hot water….Consider other places before you decide.

    1. Terrible place. Very unprofessional manager, went on blabbering with people at reception while I was in the first room. They even had a driller at work inside the spa with customers inside! Not going there again even if its free.

  20. Just went to spa time in jmd. The girl from Mizoram I am told had just had on job training and the towels smelled of oil. When I told the reception that , they did not look surprised or concerned.

  21. I have visited three spa in Gurgaon. Firstly I visited to Oriental Senses – The services of this spa are good and comfortable. Secondly I visited Sparsh Spa – Services of this spa are good. Therapist are good. Thirdly in this week I visited Damai – Very Bad Impression of therapist there. On the starting of massage therapist has started to ask for tip. How much i will give tip to him. Very Crap.

  22. Recently visited Oriental Senses in MGF Metropolitan Mall in M.G Road Gurgaon and the experience i had was excellent and amazing.

    The welcoming was really warm by the Manager and her English was excellent.

    The massage was the best i ever had in India and every staff were very kind and polite.The therapist know how to take care of your body. I was refreshed and relaxed after the session.

    I would recommend everyone to go and pay a visit to Oriental Sense and I love the prices 🙂

  23. Wow! This is a good article, covering so many spas in Gurgaon. Are there any more spas in Gurgaon?
    I am a regular to Blue Terra Spa, that’s my favourite. Reasonable prices, excellent therapists, hygienic ambience and fabulous green tea.
    Other than that I like going to Soul in Galaxy. Been to Sawasdee couple of times, its good, but I find it cumbersome to go to Ambience Mall, and little expensive too. I went to one of the spas in JMD Regent Mall(not mentioning the name deliberately), the staff was rude and place was not too hygienic either.
    Thanks to this list, will check out couple of more places.

  24. I have visited many spa in gurgaon also on sohna road, i found Asian Saga Spa in omaxe celebration mall the best spa. i have taken the membership there. they have very good ambience, well trained therapist and very good membership scheme like just pay 22500/- and take the services for 35000/- you can chose the services like hair SPA, Facial, Foot SPA, Body Polish, body massages.

    1. There is one in Ninex mall/shopping center – the one next to the Fortune hotel. It is okayish. A bit over priced for its quality.

      There is one in Omaxe celebrations mall (wedding mall) that is on the circle on Sohna road – never tried it. Do post a review if you visit it in the comments. Thanks.

  25. Hi everyone, Damai is doing a special festive discount of 30% for this month, so charging 1500/- for an hr of massage. I tried the Balinese and flipped out!! Loved the therapist, very well trained. Interiors are so luxurious and very well maintained. Great value for money, definitely the best in gurgaon: Big Thumbs Up!!

  26. i went to indulge spa in grand mall and it is fantastic… hygenic rooms n showers, excellent therapists… they have completely revamped their outlet from before there is also another branch somewhere i dunno in gurgaon only i guess

    i had a discount voucher from deals n you still they treated me so well i felt pampered and relaxed from the moment i walked in

    leisure spa n spa time are pathetic, bad hygeine useless staff spa evanthe is ok ok
    damai is well made but therapist is crap

    hope this helps

  27. hi,
    visited sparsh its bad please dont even think of going there, its filthy masseurs are not friendly. rooms are small and suffocating, no music, towels and rob they give is wet and used its a night mare, even for steam and shower you have to go to another room wearing a towel or dirty rob. A BIG THUMBS DOWN

  28. hi
    i am new to gurgaon and looking for a good spa and salon but also economical .
    we (me and hubby) want to take relaxation therapies but all these options seem quite costly considering full body packages for two.
    so..can you suggest a good and decently priced spa n salon

    1. Hi Nidhi
      If you want to go with hubby, only place I would recommend is Blue Terra Spa, and book their couple room. You can have a massage in the same room, and then can have steam and bath together as well.
      The therapists are excellent and the place is clean and hygienic as well.
      Mind you, 4th Floor on Supermart is not the place where you would expect such a great spa, but then it takes a genius to discover a gem ;p
      Ta, Kalpaya

      1. visited blueterra last week
        really loved it and their facility is amazing.

        have a good experience in SPA TIME gurgaon too …only thing was the massaeur rushed up the massage and did not have a proper manager to complain that. .

    2. @ Nidhi – you should go to one of the oldest salon in gurgaon SONIA HERBAL located in dlf phase 2, i have been visiting der ever since i shifted to gurgaon . decently priced and good staff

      1. @ Vipul…I have heard that Sonial herbal provide spa facilty to womens only..I never been there..

  29. I recently went to Oriental Senses at MGF metropolitan mall and my experience there was mixed. My impressions are as followed:
    Ambiance – good though not opulent but that’s understood given the space constraints but it was nice and clean.
    The clothes given for the therapy (shiatsu massage in this case) was in pristine condition which was very heartening.
    Therapy – was average. Twice I had to tell the therapist to apply less pressure. However I would like to try out a few more services before taking a final call on the quality of service.
    One sore note in the experience was that I had gone there at off peak hours and the AC was switched off. I had to actually ask them to switch it on as I was sweating.
    Prices – reasonable
    Final verdict – good for a quick massage but not the right place if you are looking to indulge yourself as the no. of service is quite limited.

    1. I tried Indulge. But the massage was simply an oil massage which i did not like. My home masseur does a better job at this. However, the foot reflexology with the stretch exercises was really needed for my utterly sore body. The ambiance was not spa like at all with all noise around. So overall I would give a 2/5 to Indulge. My take don’t indulge in Indulge

      1. Hello!


        can you provide me contact details of any good masseur who provides home service in Delhi????

        or else you can text me on +91 9**2 (Edited by admin: please don’t leave your personal contact details in the comments).

  30. I have been to The Leisure Spa in JMD Regent Mall which is very good, It is highly recommended.
    I Also tried Spa Evanthe, I like it and Blue Terra which is good, however If you want them in order
    1- Leisure Spa
    2- Spa Evanthe
    3- Blue Terra

    1. I really appreciate your review , happy to listen, all my efforts to make it a family spa is streaming result now,Thanks from the entire team of The Leisure Spa.We are continuasly working to improve service n standard.

  31. I tried DAMAI Spa at JMD. it is really fantastic, the therapies are experienced and professional, very clean and hygienic . it is really luxury Spa. highly recommended

  32. I am planning in future to visit the following Spas:
    – tt footcare at Galleria Market
    – Indulges at Metropolitan Mall
    – Ayush at Metropolitan Mall

    Anybody had experience on the above Spas

  33. I have been to Oriental Senses in Metropolitan Mall which is good, It is recommended.
    Also I tried Aura at Mega Mall which also good, I like them both, however Aura is quite expensive.

    1. Hi. I have been to oriental senses and indulge several times mainly because I like familiarity but after reading this, i am quite excited about trying new places. Indulge is a cheap spa. It has no acoustic control and you can hear all mall promotions while getting a spa. The masseurs also keep talking to each other throughout the massage.
      I noticed aura last week and it seemed nice. Any comments? I found rates almost comparable to oriental senses. OS is good and hygienic.

  34. Tried in Sector 57, Hongkong Bazar etc..for 500-700INR They all Suck.. very small rooms and the masseur just rushes..

  35. OK… So SPA business has yet to unfold its self in GURGAON. I might open open some day.
    Any SPA with spacious room, male masseur and for 700-1000 INR?

  36. Hi everyone…am looking for a nice spa…a place where i can have a nice relaxing body massage…any suggestions for a good place in delhi or gurgaon…am looking for a comfy 1 hr oil body massage….prefer female therapist…

  37. This is very useful information for many people. Couple of questions – In any of these spas mentioned above, can you choose your masseur? I mean, if you get one allocated by them and you can see that she is going to be unfriendly, is there an option? Also, can you get any of the masseurs for a home massage?

    1. Sanovide (also known as Vivacity) is a pure ayurvedic massage center. Have been there couple of times – first time the abhyangam massage was very good (it was a four hand massage). The only issue was that it was on wood table & they didn’t provide any cushion on knees when I was upside down (which others provide & is very necessary)!

      Second time their shower was not working & was quite disappointing!

      1. Hi any comments on the parlour named Alcor in mgf mall ( where spencer is there) about their services and prices

  38. Damai at JMD Regent Arcade Mall is finally a spa i would recommend to anyone who loves spas as much as i do. With Pevonia products and Thai-trained therapists, its offering much more than any other spa i kno of in ggn. definitely worth a try. Offering a 25% discount for women this month as well

  39. Wow! this is a wonderful compilation..well done blog owner, and thnx for sharing.

    Have been to Sawadee in Ambience Mall, it was ok, bit noisy though…

    Blue Terra in DLF IV was fabulous..the therapist spent 15 mins extra without asking and I loved their green tea! 😀

    VLCC Galleria spa rooms seemed claustrophobic, and staff sounded arrogant – so I did not try it 🙁

    1. All these spas are total time waste. They do not have trained therapists. if you want to enjoy the ambience and luxury, visit trident. if you are going for the first time, spatime in one of the malls at MG road is ok. Therapist are trained but therapy rooms are too small.

      Rest all are really bad. The worst of them is Bodynation. It is not hygienic, the cleaner comes in the therapy room during the massage. The staff is bad.

  40. Levo is most overrated spas you can visit..White paint and neon lighting is all they have and lousy service to back up…I reached on time and was made to wait 30 minutes…So called refreshment offered while booking never arrived…Staff had “get it over with” approach…Please don’t waste your money on Levo and look for better place just like I am…..

      1. i found Levo to be fantastic, i have visited spas in many countries and Levo was of global standard, the lady i got was very good too.

  41. Ditto from me. SpaTime was bad experience.

    I have been to many Spa’s in India and abroad. Services of Day Spa’s here are not up-to mark. Though found Damai OK. And the male therapist there was good.

    1. I have been going to spa in mg road since a year,I recommend only The Leisure Spa & Oriental Sense- who are genuine doing excellent Therapy only. Damai & sawasdee is good.I never been to Levo. But Spa Evanthe,Indulge spa,spa Time,Body spa are fall in same category as you can guess!I m a member of all these spa. The spa climate is going to be polluted , if you people are not writing the right review about there service regularly.

  42. Hey, great job on the list. could you maybe do a similar list for delhi spas as well. i just went recently to Keiken spa in GK1. great interiors, great ambience….most of all i enjoyed the treatment because even though it was for 60 mins….the massage didnt seem rushed and it felt longer than an hour!!!!
    am also keen on trying the services provided by tattva spa. lets see.

    1. Thanks. The list is enhanced because of all the comments that people leave.

      I live in Gurgaon, so it is difficult for me to maintain any listings from outside. But, you are free to leave comments here. Thanks again.

      1. Tried Finesse. Not at all good for Rs 1000/-.
        Even tried Moyn’s, not worth price of 1500/-.
        Looking out for good weekly spa in the range of 300-800 or offers. Would be visiting at least 6-7 times a week!

      1. Thank you so much for your kind reviews on Keiken team, our endevour would be to keep serving you in same fashion while maintaining the standards.

        thanks once again.

  43. ust came back from Ananda and then Ista! What impeccable service. After getting pampered there I realized that VLCC Day Spa is not on power.

    Wasnt too impressed by Blue Terra-cotta either. Masseur had long nails and they started playing hip hop in between. Also it felt she was in a rushed.

    Footcare is okay for Thai but its too small and a lil shady.

    Has anyone tried the spas at Galaxy Hotel or Crown Plaza? Or even Trident?

    And any inputs on Sawasdee Spa ? I want to try that but the thought of going to Ambi Mall for a relaxing experience is quite a oxymoron I am in Sushant Lok – 1

    The best spa in Delhi is Asian Spa Roots but unfortunately its in Safdarjung and not always convenient.

    1. Hiii…dont even think of going to sawasdee…they hv very bad service now tho they used to be very good earlier…blue terra is ok kinds…i did not enjoy my massage there…the massacheur was rushed…am trying a few new ones…will put my reviews here….

  44. I visited oriental spa six months back at DT Mall II, Receptionist was nice and told me about the packages. I put my shoes in the rack near reception. I was taken massage with foot relax. Massage was good and foot relax service was also good. But therapist was not young & charming. Tell someone good spa in gurgaon with charges and location.

  45. Recently tried a couple spa service from Tattva Spa and it was very nice. I stay in Sushant Lok and did not really want to step out of the house on the weekend, so decided to give Tattva a call.

    These people provide mobile spa services and I found the masseurs and front office staff to be very well trained and professional. Their therapists convert your room into a min spa and carry everything (towels, spa bed, aroma, music etc. etc.) so I did not have to do anything at all!!

    All in all, my husband and I totally loved the concept – sheer convenience, decent pricing, excellent service quality.

  46. Tried Soul spa at Galaxy this weekend. Above average experience but not sure if they are value for the money they charge. Quite friendly staff but they double booked me due to which I had to wait for an hour for my treatment.

  47. Hi,

    Got to know about a couple of news spas – namely Aura (DT Mega Mall) and Mystic spa (Arjun Marg, DLF Phase 1). If anyone has tried these, please share your experiences.

    1. Hi see some grate spa review here, I visit Spa Evanthe once(Ambience good,But therapist doing low grade massage, not trained),Indulge again the time pass spa,Therapist are tips oriented),The Leisure spa’s small rooms, but therapist n ambience are appreciated,Oriental sense is again small spa, over all with good ambience n staff.

      1. hi

        try mystic spa at rajouri garden.the spa manager is well expirenced and worked in 5* hotel spa.his regular traning and more skill to the work.

    2. Thanks viewers for all your views regarding our spa, we are trying our best to stand by your love n blessing. It’s day spa which a class apart from its competitor, ‘The Leisure Spa’ offers various western therapies & result oriented treatments in all its outlets, A proud indian spa where a daughter can take her mom along to gift her a massage session & a wife can gift a voucher to her husband,it’s a family spa for all age & gender.

  48. I have seen that the SPA is quiet expensive! SPA treatment is also an addiction. I used to visit a SPA in Sushant LOK C block for Rs 500/- only.. Amazing SPA service, but now it is closed. Looking for a SPA which costs 500-600 per session as I visit almost 6-8 times a month.

  49. Thanks to this blog, I have tried few places in Gurgaon.. must admit that we did not have as much choice in Kolkatta as we have now in Gurgaon.. As a couple we like to go to either Bristol Hotel Spa or Blue Tera in DLF City. Once in a while we visit Heritage Hotel Spa in Manesar.

  50. Took a massage from Body nation last week. Would not encourage anyone to go there. Its a lousy spa with poorly maintained facilities. The therapists are not at all interested in their jobs. They promise the moon but deliver nothing…

    1. Got bday gift voucher of Blue Terra Spa. Went there last week. Initially was hesitant considering cold, shower etc. Pleasantly surprised by heated rooms, warm oil n other small things (not to forget pastry that was served) that made it a very comfy visit. Thanks guys. Great time.

      1. hi ridhi, i am thinking of getting bday gift voucher of blue terra spa to my boyfriend. could you plz tell me how did you like it there? and what are the charges? was it worth it?

  51. The quality of massage therapies in Gurgaon are wide-ranging – even within individual Spa’s. I’ve gone around most of them over the past 6 months and can only recommend a few therapists within Spa Evanthe (particularly Melody – Truly Amazing!!!. Sparsh at Ansell is a mixed bag – decent, low(ish)-cost treatments but poor experience (noisy, small rooms and their therapists have poor English skills) – again, can only recommend one therapist here: Sunita – although she also gave my wife a treatment that was poor in her opinion… The rest of the Spas I’ve visited are pretty mediocre – notably Sawasdee, they’ve seemed to have lost sight of customer service very quickly. My only advise would be to do what I did – go around until you find a Spa and therapist that ticks your box – otherwise, give Evanthe a go. I’m pretty much settled on that Spa at the moment.

  52. hi i took a service yesterday from tattva spa . was amazed by the quality of the service. honestly didn’t really expect much from a home spa. but these guys came prepared with everything… from music to lighting… 🙂 .
    really enjoyed the service.

  53. Bodynation used to be good but not very hygeinic now.. there towels smell a lot. Also, they are not bothered about the customer and do the massage very non chalantly…

  54. Hi guys,

    Im from london just here for a coupla weeks, and I’m looking for a good massage place where the therapists are actually trained!
    Any ideas??

    1. Kay, try Sawasdee in Ambi Mall, or Blue Terra Spa (both linked above).

      Also, you can go to any of the Spas in the better hotels here (Trident, Leela, Bristol, Galaxy, etc.)

      Finally, the Oriental Senses centers are very good (also linked above).

      1. Thank you will check out the websites and try to find one. Leaving soon so would love to squeeze in a treatment!

      2. In recent times I have tried out a couple of the new spas located in JMD Arcade, MG Road. Spa Time — Had mixed experiences. Their Indonesian therapists are very good but the others are not great. Also, their facilities initially were excellent but the last time that i went, found the room very damp and cold, the towels not so clean and the over all experience was not pleasant.

        Damai, the luxury spa is excellent. Right now they have a 20 percent off during week days. Very good therapist.

      3. Agree with Rakesh. Spa Time gets a thumbs down from me. The room was too cold and I was shivering through most of my massage. The towels were damp and smelled of oil. The therapist was inexperienced. Will give Damai a try next.

  55. Body Nation has deteriorated in its quality…their place is most un-hygenic with cheap bathroom accessories, showers not working, no hot water, creaking breaking lockers, dirtiest towels you will ever find and no courtesy about asking guests for water etc. They claim a 60 min massage but the therapist walks in late and finishes the massage in not more than 50 mins. They think they can charge humongous amount of money just because they give cross-massage facilities but their therapists are not too well trained either.

  56. Hi everyone, has anyone seen any changes in swasdee spa from a couple of months? I have been going there for quite some time but for the past 2 months, there are a lot of changes in staff… and the levels of services have gone down considerably. Earlier, i used to be at ease when i entered the massage room but not any longer. it has become tense and the undergarments that they have introduced… please do let me also if i am alone in thinking so… i guess in any case , will change my spa to somewhere else. Please do suggest a good spa(especially where thai/balinese treatments are good) where one does not need to wear those uncomfortable (and who knows even maybe unhygenic ) undergarments…

    1. U can read my post given on October 10. Sawasdee has actually deteriorated beyond comfort.I can never think of going there again. I used to go atleast twice a month. I am also looking for any good massage marlour in gurgaon. Pls let me know if u can find any.

  57. I have been going to Galaxy spa for a few times now. It’s a great place. The therapists know how to take care of your body. I always feel refreshed and relaxed after each session. I think they provide cross-gender services but I have never tried so can’t comment. And wearing undergarments is not mandatory… I never had to wear. They have separate washrooms for men and women. The prices are a bit expensive though only because of the numerous taxes over the base price.

  58. There are a lot more opening up.. Spa Time has recently opened up in the JMD. There is one more opening up there on I guess second floor. Indulge is there in Mega Mall.

  59. tt footcare are the pioneers in foot reflexology,shiatsu and tradional thai massage..very exclusive,very serene and real pro’s in the field for the past 6 years … dlf ph 4,galleria market.

  60. Hi
    I have been to Asian Saga Today.Its a great experiene very good ambience therapist was very professional and looks to be very experienced.

  61. Hi Guys,
    Can you guys let me know weather Bridal facials at blueterra are good?

    And any one tried Body Wraps/scrubs in Blueterra?

  62. Hi Friend,

    Bliss Medi Spa in hauz khas is a ver good option as compare to sawasdee. I have been to both the spas earlier.
    You should go to Bliss Medi Spa Or Dimple Vigour & Grace en greater kailash.

    Yes,Indulge Spa Offers cross gender.

  63. Hi friends…went in to sawasdee spa today and had aroma therapy 90min…

    have been there earlier also but the experiences were very good earlier….

    this time i did not find the staff very nice…now even they ask u to wear disposable undergarments for sure which was earlier not the case…the therapist was also not friendly 🙁 can anyone suggest any other good spa…

  64. Hi,

    I think Indulge Spa is also an excellent option if you’re looking for value for money. They have great therapists who are pleasant and vastly experienced. They also have two outlets – one in Mega Mall and one in Grand Mall.

    Charges are around 1500 for a Balinese Massage for one hour.


  65. Hi Suman,

    Asian saga was seven sea spa, now they have change their name. Yes I have been there therapist are not well experienced & shy (cross gender).

    But have reasonable price.

    Thank you

  66. There are a lot of comments by perverts here like Rohit who cannot think beyond certain things, simple thing like massage can only be a massage.
    Anyway great information provided. Thanks Gurgaon resident.

  67. They have spacious washrooms (separate for men and women) and provide a nice bath rob. When you enter a massage room, they provide disposable underwear. Its your wish if you want to put it on or you may lie naked on the massage you feel comfortable. Therapists are experienced. they made you relax completely. I slept during the massage. they charge 2000 for swedish one…
    they provid good massage herbal and ayur. lick swedish,Aromatherepy,deep Tissue massage,Abhayangam ect.

    1. Which SPA are you taking about, where you have the option to wear a disposable undee or lie naked??? Can you share the address please….

  68. Everyone, as some of you may have noticed, I have deleted a bunch of comments. I did not like the direction they were taking.

    I appreciate the feedback that is being provided by some readers, but please keep the comments in good taste.

    Thank you.

    (I will continue to moderate comments based on what I deem appropriate for this site).

  69. Hey Rohit,

    1) There was no music at Sparsh Spa (Ansal plaza mall).

    2) We can not lie naked and we have to wear the undergarments.

    3)Therapist are not friendly.

    Now suggest any other Spa with reasonable price.

  70. hey guys,
    sorry for the late response…was talking about Sparsh SPa…..real bad situation…not recommend going there…Swasdee at Ambience Mail is far better. Even Blue terra is better than Sparsh…Galaxy is also Good…Although at Westin Sohna, would say it was bad, but wasnt too good either.

  71. Thanks Vaibhav it was wonderful experience at galaxy hotel and the therapist were amazing & well trained. They have provided gud and I would say exotic spa massage. Do you knw any other spa’s (other than which are mentioned here in this blog) ?

  72. @ vikas..Hi Vikas..i don’t think so they couple massage. It’s my suggestion if you are looking for couple massage you should go to galaxy spa…very good spa..highly recomendid..

  73. Hi all,

    Please anyone can tell me little more about the Sparsh spa in palam vihar, Actually planning to go there with my wife, Is that spa is good??????????

    Do they provide couple massage???

    Please advice…

  74. @ashish I am sure i cant be seven seas.. I ahve been thre twice … it is an excelent place ..swidish massage at 1125 post discount.. NVER been to sparsh…pls tell if that is not good palce was thinhing to go to sparsh today…

  75. hi, thanks all for the info…went there…sorry to put it that way but it was terrible…from the basic attitude of the staff to the massage to the massage room and even the amenities kept in bath console…
    Felt cheated….Do not recommend going there…..

  76. @ shree…Seven sea spa is a Nice spa. Prices are also nominal , i mean they give 25% discount on weekdays..great deal with excellent service

  77. hi no of Sparsh spa is 0124 4275131….

    One more spa clled seven seas Spa in sona RODA in Omex Celebration Mall… Excelent place with good ambiance and excellent therapist..They also do cross….

  78. Does anyone have more details on this Sparsh in Palam Vihar? any website or contact number? not able to find it anywhere…even justdial doesnt hv.a quick reply will be appreciated

      1. Hey…Rohit…i am talking about the bodynation which is in DLF. u might have gone there sometime back but now bodynation is a very good place for massage. they have modified there massage room. Great interiors and a very neat and clean place. Yea it’s bit expensive but value for money. they now have trained threapist.

  79. Charges are 2000…. therapist are female and it is in MGF mall 2nd floor. But Sparsh in Ansal Plazza Palam Vihar is better then tht. It provide same massage in 1200..with female therapist. Also providing steam bath.

  80. Hey wat are the charges for massage at bodynation. are therapist are female or male..?? and where is exactly this bodynation is ..??

  81. There is a spa in MGF Megacity Mall called Evanthe. It is very good. The therapists are excellent and facilities very good. They charge around Rs. 2000 for a one hour massage.

  82. @Snigdha
    Thanks for letting us know about Blue Terra Spa. I went with my husband and we really relaxed with their summer therapies. A professional, clean n hygienic place and well trained therapist.

      1. @ Rohit, I do not remember the name of therapist. Yes, they have a couple room, where a couple can have their therapies together.

  83. there is a new spa at ansal mall in palam vihar….they provide decent female therapists…..massage is relaxing….
    1. you can have a choice of music on/off
    2. you are not reqd to wear can like naked and relax…..She wll cover you with a towel
    3. therapists are friendly and smiling.

    complete package in 1200 bucks…and gals are amazing…they make you relax completely.

    1. Rohit,

      Can you give me the name and Tel No. of this new spa in Ansal Plaza gurgaon. Wouls appreciate an immediate response.

  84. Dear ALL,

    There is another very good massage parlour gym and spa at DLF Phase I by the name of Body nation, very good staff , they charge 2000 for swedish massage

    1. Bodynation at DLF 1 is a dirty place. I went for a massage:
      1. the receptionist is rude. No one tries to understand the skin need.
      2. they took 20 mins to serve a glass of water
      3. their rooms are hell lot dirty.
      4. therapists are unhygenic
      5. basically they have huge crowd for manicure and padicure like services; they are unable to manage it.

      Avoid it any cost

  85. Spa at Galaxy Hotel
    I went to spa at Galaxy last weekend. The best time to visit it is on week days as they have a lot of rush on weekends.

    They have spacious washrooms (separate for men and women) and provide a nice bath rob. When you enter a massage room, they provide disposable underwear. Its your wish if you want to put it on or you may lie naked on the massage you feel comfortable. Therapists are experienced. they made you relax completely. I slept during the massage. they charge 2000 for swedish one…

  86. Agree Sunny…Went to Blue Terra last weekend for Ayurveda therapy. Very good experience. Trained therapist, contemporary interiors and affordable…..Recommended highly.

      1. @ Vatsal, think shirodhara was 1500, abhyangam was 1200, I opted for shirodhara + was 2K + service tax for a session of more than 2 hrs..

    1. we had a wonderful exp with the customer service at blue terra. Altough my voiucher date has expired these people still managed to give us the service on discounted price as commited in voucher. Exp was lovely , can compare to any good spa in town. Ambience is really nice.

  87. Another new spa has come up in Supermart – I (DLF Ph IV) called Blue Terra, offering Ayurvedic and Swedish etc.
    I tried Abhyangam with Shirodhara. Truly heavenly. Very good therapists. Modern interiors. Gr8 value for money.

  88. There’s a new spa at Ambience Mall just opened by the name Sawasdee Traditional Thai Spa. The massage was the best i ever had in India and every staff were very kind and polite. Very good interiors too! Highly recommended

    1. Wesin Sohna Resort & Spa offers yoga, meditation and spa treatments. Full spa services. Great Place! 40 min. from Gurgaon…

      1. Has anyone been to the Spa at Ninex Mall on Sohna Road? Secondly can any one tell me where could I get a foot massage from a professional reflexologist? Would appreciate if contact address could be given. Thanks in advance.

      2. @Catherine

        Yes, I have been there several times (ninex mall spa). In my opinion it is over priced for the type of service they offer.

        I only go there because its convenient (a walk from where I live).

        For foot massage – there is a dedicated foot massage place in Ambi mall.

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