Visit Sawasdee Thai Spa for your well-being

Update (July 2014): between when I wrote this post and today there was a period when the service quality and this spa had declined a fair bit (other pages on this site discuss this fact). Having said that, the current level of service is much better (I have visited this spa a few times in this year). They are better than 80-90% of the spas in Gurgaon, I would say (not that I have visited them all). My only complaint with them is that they are still very expensive (more so than almost every other spa in Gurgaon) – at the same time, they are usually booked all the time, which means that there is demand for their quality of services. My recommendation again with Sawasdee is: “Recommended”.

Sawasdee is a traditional Thai greeting which is equal to a ‘Hello’ or a ‘Namaste’. The word is actually derived from a Sanskrit word which means ‘well-being’. And a boost to your well-being is exactly what you get when you visit the Sawasdee Thai Spa at Ambi mall in Gurgaon. There are many Spas in Gurgaon (as I have written here) and some of them are fairly good (such as Oriental Senses). But the Sawasdee Thai Spa takes good to a whole new level – I am sure it is one of the best (at the moment) in all of Gurgaon, if not NCR. Here’s a quick review, and hopefully others who have visited will add to this by leaving comments.

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Haircut in Ambi mall – Hair n Shanti

A haircut is one of those things that everyone needs. And everyone has a favorite salon that they visit. There are people like me who hardly have time (or are too lazy) to make a special visit to the barber, and so if there is a barber in the mall (which you visit anyway) then it really helps.

Almost all malls in Gurgaon have a salon – a lot have more than one. The mall that I most visit is Ambience Mall on NH8, and the salon present in this mall is called Hair n Shanti. I am a regular at this place, as is my wife, and this blog post is a quick review of our experience with Hair n Shanti.

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FresCo Restaurante in Ambi Mall

Fresco literally means “fresh” in Italian. And that is one thing that is true of the salad bar available in this great little restaurant in Ambi mall. One of the biggest complaints I always have when ordering salads (in restaurants around Gurgaon) is that the salad leaves are usually pretty tired looking and not so fresh. But in this place, I couldn’t have asked for better salad when we decided to enjoy their buffet for lunch.

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