Visit Sawasdee Thai Spa for your well-being

Update (July 2014): between when I wrote this post and today there was a period when the service quality and this spa had declined a fair bit (other pages on this site discuss this fact). Having said that, the current level of service is much better (I have visited this spa a few times in this year). They are better than 80-90% of the spas in Gurgaon, I would say (not that I have visited them all). My only complaint with them is that they are still very expensive (more so than almost every other spa in Gurgaon) – at the same time, they are usually booked all the time, which means that there is demand for their quality of services. My recommendation again with Sawasdee is: “Recommended”.

Sawasdee is a traditional Thai greeting which is equal to a ‘Hello’ or a ‘Namaste’. The word is actually derived from a Sanskrit word which means ‘well-being’. And a boost to your well-being is exactly what you get when you visit the Sawasdee Thai Spa at Ambi mall in Gurgaon. There are many Spas in Gurgaon (as I have written here) and some of them are fairly good (such as Oriental Senses). But the Sawasdee Thai Spa takes good to a whole new level – I am sure it is one of the best (at the moment) in all of Gurgaon, if not NCR. Here’s a quick review, and hopefully others who have visited will add to this by leaving comments.

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Haircut in Ambi mall – Hair n Shanti

A haircut is one of those things that everyone needs. And everyone has a favorite salon that they visit. There are people like me who hardly have time (or are too lazy) to make a special visit to the barber, and so if there is a barber in the mall (which you visit anyway) then it really helps.

Almost all malls in Gurgaon have a salon – a lot have more than one. The mall that I most visit is Ambience Mall on NH8, and the salon present in this mall is called Hair n Shanti. I am a regular at this place, as is my wife, and this blog post is a quick review of our experience with Hair n Shanti.

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We may build the swankiest of malls, but…

Earlier this week, we had gone to watch a movie at the Ambience Mall (and as if the price wasn’t high enough, they have hiked the PVR Gold tickets to Rs. 750 a piece). Anyway, the movie was nice enough, but it all went downhill from there.

Personally I feel that Ambience Mall is the best one around in Gurgaon. It’s big, spacious, has a large variety of stores, has enough entertainment and food outlets, and is classy (which other mall has a BMW showroom in it?). But, then something would happen that reminds you that you are in India. Here’s what happened:

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