Probably the best venue to host your child’s birthday party in Gurgaon

[Update 8/26/2016]: This venue is now closed. But we have another recommendation for a venue which we used this year. Check my post: A nice place to host a birthday party.

Our daughter’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago and for 2-3 months we had been agonizing on what to do for her birthday, where to host it, what events will be in it, what food, do we get a magician, or a clown, or a puppet show, or an events host… you know how it is if your kid’s birthday is coming up. Also, now that she is 5 years old, she had her own demands and inputs about the party. In the end we decided to do what we did last year. We hosted the party at Stellar Children’t museum (here’s a link to their website). Of course, when we said Stellar’s is where we will host it, she was all for it, since she enjoys going there so much anyway.

Stellar Children's MuseumIf you haven’t taken your children to this place before, you should. It is a great activity place. Best for children under 10, IMO. But, this post is about how it is also the perfect place to host birthday parties. Well, let’s see. What do you have to do to host parties here? You bring the cake. That’s it. Or if there are return gifts for the kids that attend.

They take care of the entertainment. They take care of taking care of the kids. They take care of the food. They take care of the security (not to let kids wander). They take care of the decoration. It is perfect. You see, in my opinion, a kids birthday party is something where children should have fun and adults who attend can relax. Since Stellar museum is setup to cater for kids anyway, the same benefits extend when you are having a birthday party there.

The entertainment that I mentioned is basically a FULL access to the entire museum, with all its activities. Their army of attendants is available to take care of the kids who are participating in the activities there. The food is provided from their cafe (it is very basic and by no stretch of imagination gourmet food) – but it is simple so kids don’t mind (pizza, pasta, popcorn, etc.). I am sure if you talked to them, they would let you bring your own food if that is your thing – though we never asked.

The pricing is simple. It is a flat fee per child who enters (you commit to a minimum number of course, but that number can be low). Adult entry is free and you only pay for the food for any adults that join in. Try it, you will love it.