Where to go for the best breakfast in Gurgaon if you like pancakes and eggs

It really is. Anyone I have ever recommended this place to has come back singing praises. I am talking about Di Ghent Cafe in Cross Point Mall near Galleria (link goes to the Zomato page for Di Ghent). If you like pancakes, waffles, eggs done in dozens of different ways, shakes, and great coffee for your breakfast then this is the place to go. They have wonderful ambiance – you feel like you can sit there forever (and you can too, they are not going to throw you out for taking your time). They are in a quiet mall, so no unnecessary noises and crowding. Parking is not a problem. The staff is wonderful. Oh, and breakfast is just one part of their menu – they do serve food the rest of the day.

They actually have two locations on the same floor and the kitchens are shared across them both. One is smaller and is connected to their bakery – the other just a little bigger and connected to their restaurant; either one is equally good. They are a bit pricey (2 people will spend around 1500 INR) but well worth the price. The cuisine is supposed to be Austrian and Australian – though just think western. If you are in a mood for some paranthas or puris for breakfast, then this is not the place for you.

If you are looking for a good breakfast option, then not many come better than Di Ghent. Do you have any places to recommend for a good breakfast? Leave a comment.