Pediatrician in Gurgaon – Dr. Siddhartha Gogia

One of the readers of this site (thanks Prabhakaran) wrote in almost a month ago to tell me about a pediatrician that he visits for their baby boy, his name being Dr. Siddhartha Gogia. It took me a while to put together this article based on his recommendation, but here it is finally.

Coincidentally, I have had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Gogia directly as well, so I am including my impression as well after Prabhakaran’s.

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Mother Care store in Ambi Mall

All those people who are preparing to have a baby, already have a new born, or know someone who does and are looking for a gift, here’s some good news: a Mother Care store just opened up in Ambi Mall.

Mother Care is a well known international brand for parenting and children needs. I have often blogged about how limited the choice of stores in Gurgaon is for maternity clothes (a couple of options here and here), and now there is another that you can add to the list. Here’s my quick fire review of the place based on one visit.

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Early Learning for your kids

Science and Psychology has long argued and proven that the earlier you stimulate your children the faster they learn, speak, walk, run, etc. However, how do you know what to say to your 6 month old, and what type of physical activities to engage in. You can either read and increase your knowledge, or trust the doctors (whose theories also differ from person to person), or listen to your mom or grand mom, whose ideas sometimes feel too arcane.

Here’s where an Early Learning Center such as Intellitots comes in. One of the readers of this blog left a comment about Intellitots and how happy she was after visiting them (thanks Anika for pointing them out). Because of her feedback, I decided to get in touch with Intellitots and get some more information about them.

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