The best dry cleaner and laundry in Gurgaon

I have always been struggling to find a reliable Dry Cleaning shop. I have always had just a few requirements from a dry cleaner:

  • Pickup and drop-off from my home
  • Meet delivery agreements (so, if you promised to deliver on Monday, it shouldn’t go beyond Monday)
  • Take good care of my clothes and send them back properly

And that’s it. Of course, I do expect them to clean the clothes properly. I have tried a number of options, and I actually like more than one dry cleaner (in terms of quality of work done), but there is one that takes the cake. It is called Guardini.

So, what do I like about them? I can start by saying what I don’t like about them There is only one thing – they are very pricey (for instance, dry cleaning a suit cost Rs. 500). So, quality does come at a cost. I wish they had some mechanisms where they offered some discounts for regular customers. But, aside from that one thing, I like everything else.

I mostly use them for laundry – I don’t like the quality of wash I get out of my home setup for my shirts. The collars are never cleaned enough in the machine wash, and somehow there is always that old feel to the shirts. So, I decided to start getting them laundered instead. And this is where Guardini came in. The shirts always look as good as new when they come back. And one big difference from another laundry that I like (Four Seasons) is the way they are packed before returning. They are actually sealed in a plastic bag (unfortunately) – and by sealed I mean they are sealed from the bottom as well. Four Seasons in comparison leaves their plastic covers opened on the bottom. Another big difference is that they attach a plastic collar shape holder (just like you have on shirts when you buy them new) on the shirts. This is great because it ensures that the shirt collars don’t collapse.

This level of attention to detail is everywhere in their work. On the other hand, shirts that came back from Four Seasons, a couple of them didn’t have their collars folded correctly and they were ironed on the wrong fold. Another example, when I gave my suit out for dry cleaning, Guardini returned it in a suit cover instead of plastic. I just have been liking their quality of work quite a bit.

Actually, I am not the only one. A very good friend of mine is also all praises for them and is a regular customer. Everything is expensive in Gurgaon, and things are over-priced usually. However, with Guardini, at least the price matches the quality that they delivery (I would still like them to be a bit lower though). But, if you have a need for a good dry cleaner, you should look no further. Guardini is the best you will be able to get for your money.

They have a website which lists there numbers and also list a form which you can fill out to book your order. Very efficient. The website is

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