A report on Aroma Thai foot spa in Ambi mall

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Yesterday I found myself really yearning for a foot massage. And I then happened to find myself in the Ambience mall in Gurgaon. Well, it just so happens that there is a foot spa (whatever that is) in Ambience mall – Aroma Thai Foot Spa. Off I went to check out the place. First thing first – I am not sure why they call themselves a foot spa. They offer the full range of body massages as well other than the foot massages and reflexology treatments. Anyway, as I said, I was in the mood for a foot massage – so that’s what I asked for.

The bad first

Let me point out the things I didn’t like first, and then I will talk about the things that I did like.

  • The first thing I didn’t like is that the guy at the reception, as nice as he was, kept trying to sell me a body massage service instead of a foot massage.
  • Second thing I didn’t like is that they don’t have a 30 minute foot massage option. The shortest is 45 minutes, and that’s what I ended up asking for.
  • The third thing that I didn’t like is the price for that option, which was Rs. 1,050 – I find this kind of steep, but I am guessing its the location that drives up the price there.
  • And finally, what I really hated was the hard sell on trying to get me into buying a package when I mentioned very clearly that I am not interested when asked the first time.

Now the good part

The good thing is that despite the parts I didn’t like, I really enjoyed myself and would repeat. Here are the good things about the place:

  • Great attitude for the therapist (better courtesy training than most places I have seen).
  • I was given a clean pair of loose slacks to change in – it would have been pretty difficult to get a foot massage done in my jeans as they wouldn’t have rolled up to my knees.
  • The massage was very good and relaxing – I fell off to sleep for a while (thanks to the very comfortable sofas and the good work being carried out on my feet).
  • The noise control – their room where the massage is carried out is behind a separate inner door – there is zero mall noise penetrating the room – that in itself was very relaxing.
  • The location – the mall is the perfect place – you go their often, and your feet get tired. So it is very conveniently located.

So overall it is a good place.

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