Mother Care store in Ambi Mall

All those people who are preparing to have a baby, already have a new born, or know someone who does and are looking for a gift, here’s some good news: a Mother Care store just opened up in Ambi Mall.

Mother Care is a well known international brand for parenting and children needs. I have often blogged about how limited the choice of stores in Gurgaon is for maternity clothes (a couple of options here and here), and now there is another that you can add to the list. Here’s my quick fire review of the place based on one visit.

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Another store which has a selection of maternity clothes

I had written about That’s Cute in Ambi Mall as an option for finding maternity clothes. While we did buy clothes from the store, there was only so much selection available. And of course as is human nature, we would love choice. One of our readers (thanks Manika) pointed out a store in DT Mega Mall called Dezine Kids, so we decided to visit it over the weekend.

Let me just say, we didn’t come back disappointed.

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Shopping for maternity clothes?

We are expecting a baby and although the due date is quite far away, my wife has already stopped fitting in her jeans. So we went shopping for clothes for her to wear. Of course, she needed stuff which she can wear to office. Guess what? A million stores in Gurgaon, but hardly any choice available for maternity clothes that can be worn to office. This looks to me like a market opportunity begging to be taken up by any enterprising individual. Anyway, it’s not like it’s a complete disaster.

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