How well Uber works in Gurgaon and NCR

I wrote about Uber two years ago (see post) when it had just launched in NCR. I am happy that it is becoming better in terms of availability each day almost to the point that you can rely on it (as I frequently do). If you want to sign up to Uber, you can use this invitation link ( to sign up. This will give you some free credit and if you end up using it, then some free credit to me too.

Uber X
The Uber X

This was my wife’s Uber ride today. First the driver was very proactive in using the Uber app to arrive at the exact location that she had called the cab to – was very courteous on the phone when we were telling him where to come. Once she was in the car, the AC was on, and he asked her if she would like to listen to some music. She said yes, and he turned on his sound system on a decent volume. Then she received a phone call during the ride, and he voluntarily turned the music volume low. All in all, a nice ride experience. This is the best that Uber can get (or sometimes better, some drivers will have the newspaper for you in the morning, and others will offer you a bottle of water).

If you use any of these radio cabs today, there is absolutely no reason not to use Uber. It is as safe (if not more) than any of the other options available. It is certainly cheaper than them. It is cheaper than an auto – try taking an auto from Sohna road to Udyog Vihar for less than 150 rupees. With an UberGo, you can do it in less. With UberX the cost is less than 200 rupees. For this money, you get an air-conditioned car, more often than not in a good condition, with a driver, who is more often than not well dressed and well behaved and pleasant to talk to. No parking hassles, no driving stress, easy access to transportation.

I use Uber instead of my own car quite a lot. The whole no-cash mechanism of working makes it so much hassle free. You get to your destination and you walk away. All you have to do is open you app, press a button, and wait for the cab to arrive (typically less than 20 minutes).

Power tip: as soon as you are assigned a cab, call the person to let them know where to come. This confirms to the driver that you didn’t accidentally book it, and some drivers are not good at using the map to find your location and so will appreciate directions that you can give them.

There are 3 variants of the service available in the NCR: UberGO, UberX, and UberBLACK. With UberGo the cheapest with the smallest card and UberBLACK the most expensive with the largest cars (typically Innovas). Here are the prices shown for each one in the Uber app (in Gurgaon).

Uber Go
Uber X
Uber Black

I will continue to be a regular user of Uber, and if you haven’t tried it out yet, I suggest you do. Again, use this invite link ( to sign up to receive some free credit in your account.